Once Upon a Time…(Part 2)

If you haven’t seen Part 1 of how the 4 Adventurers met, here is the link. Once upon a Time….(Part 1)  Enjoy Part 2, another creative tale! Eager to see Part 3? Well that will be coming. Having “technical” difficulties. To the readers that have been with me for awhile and know about the banter between Colin and I, I am sure you understand. 🙂 Oh yes, there could be a book written called, “Behind the Scenes of the Dewey Stories!”…

Once Upon a Time..Part 2

Once upon a time, a Barn Owl laid 4 eggs in a fissure in a cliff.  All 4 hatched satisfactorily and, as is inevitable, one of the chicks (a female) showed an immediate and perhaps premature interest in learning to fly. She could see out of the fissure and wanted so much to go out and explore this world that she had been born into. Her Mom had been trying to persuade her to wait until her wings were a bit stronger, but it was useless. This young owl had a mind of her own, and had every intention of exercising her wings at the earliest opportunity.

One evening, a short time later, when her Dad was out catching food for them all, she looked around the nest and saw her Mom and 3 chicks all asleep and snuggled together to keep warm. There was a storm coming and the air was getting cooler, but that was not going to stop our intrepid adventurer from leaving the nest!

She crawled out of the fissure, and saw the whole world all around. She could not resist and jumped away from the cliff face and started frantically flapping her wings… but she kept falling. She was watching the ground below, coming up to meet her, when her wings just seemed to start working at the right time to allow her to land on a sandy beach. She had no sooner turned to face the cliff when the storm arrived. There was a blinding flash of light, immediately followed by thunder and, as she looked up at the cliff, she saw the area around the fissure disintegrate and huge pieces of rock started to fall onto the beach. Soon the fissure was no longer there. She knew that the nest would have gone down with the rocks and, although she spent a lot of time looking for her family, they were nowhere to be found.

She flew off and sheltered in an old disused house, which became her home for quite a while. There she knew that she had to ponder her future. She eventually decided that she didn’t want to live in the area where the cliff had collapsed and so, after eating whatever she could find, she headed out over the sea to find a new place to live. She had been flying for seemingly a long time and, although was now much stronger, was starting to get tired but could not see anything except water, and she could not land on that! She was just starting to feel rather desperate when she saw a small boat in the distance. Within a few minutes she was over it, and so started her descent. She had noticed that the boat was empty, and was just dropping down to land when she saw a bundle of fabric at one end. Just as she was landing, it moved!

She quickly jumped to the other end of the boat and watched as a small furry creature with horns crawled out from under the fabric. She had never seen anything like this before and, just as she was about to ask what it was, it said “Where did you come from? What are you?”

Well that is what it said, but the owl only heard odd sounds. The creature then appeared to be in a conversation with itself, and then repeated the sounds but this time, the owl magically understood them! “I’m an owl” she said “So what are you?” The little furry creature with horns said “I’m a jackalope, and my name is Jaxon! What’s your name?” The owl just looked at him rather puzzled. “I am trying to find my new home. Can you help me?”

Jaxon looked at her for a few moments. “As you don’t seem to have a name, I will call you Odessa!” The owl was still looking a little puzzled when Jaxon continued “Odessa is Greek and reminds me of The Odyssey which tells a story of a human who is trying to find his home. It seems to fit you very well.” “Odessa? Yes I like the sound of Odessa” she said “But I have to leave to find a home, so do you know which direction I should fly?” Jaxon suddenly looked very serious “Is there any chance that you could take me with you? You see, I took shelter in this boat when a storm broke a long time ago, but the boat started floating away and I cannot swim. I do have some magic powers but I’m not comfortable trying to use them to leave the boat just in case I end up someplace worse! “

Odessa looked at him. He was about half her size, and she was quite strong now. “Well neither of us can stay here Jaxon so, yes, I will take you with me when I leave. I can see some seagulls so perhaps they will know where the nearest land is.”

Land was only about a 15 minute flight away and so, with Jaxon hanging on to her legs, Odessa took off and both were soon once again on firm ground. Jaxon was very impressed with her flying ability and thanked her for getting him out of that boat. Odessa said “Do you like having adventures?” Jaxon became very excited “Oh Odessa… I love adventures, but why do you ask?” “Because I also love adventures too, and I don’t know anybody else in this world…” said Odessa “… so perhaps we should stay together. We can be “The Two Adventurers!”

Jaxon looked up at her in admiration “You are one really cool owl Odessa” he said “I would love to be your friend, and fellow adventurer! The Two Adventurers! I like that!” Jaxon was clearly happy as he jumped around in circles. “I have an owl for a friend, and I am one of The Two Adventurers! This is so exciting!”

9 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time…(Part 2)

    • Well I would love to say that I knew about the Odyssey but no I didn’t . The name Odessa just popped into my head. I liked the name and thought I had heard it before but couldn’t recall where. It made me think of something that had beauty. 🙂 Now with Colin’s explanation, it was obviously meant to be 🙂

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  2. Poor Odessa losing her family, but its great great she found Jaxon and now they are friends and can have adventures together. I never imagined Jaxon to be so small, as he is only half of Odessa’s size and she wouldn’t be that big herself. Good thing she loved to fly so she didn’t die too.


  3. I do feel for Odessa losing her family like that – talk about narrative timing though! It’s fun to see how the group’s coming together 🙂 Well done Colin!
    There’s an Odessa Owl pattern in sewing that’s really popular, part of me wondered if that’s where the name came from. But the Odyssey relation works out perfectly as well! Clearly the name was just meant to be. Now off to read part 3!

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