Once upon a Time….(Part 1)

For all you faithful Dewey readers who have fallen in love with Dewey and Jaxon and Odessa, have you ever wondered how the 3 friends found each other? Apparently my clever friend, Colin, (aka the man-servant) has. Enjoy Part 1, it is a creative, fun story. Now as to Part 2, I have no clue.  Yes this is once again me posting a story on my blog where I don’t know the ending! How do I get myself things like this? You see where Dewey, Jaxon and Odessa get their tricks from? I will give you a clue, it starts with the letter M 🙂

Once Upon a Time!

Once upon a time many years ago, and while the Creator was populating earth with creatures, there was so much work to be done that an Apprentice was eventually trained. Creating creatures was very skillful work and the Apprentice gained a lot of experience, and was certainly very good at it when directed by the Creator.

He decided, however, that he would work late one night and make himself a creature. He knew this would have to be a secret as the Creator often made it quite clear that all possible creatures must be pre-approved, and then only created under direct supervision.

The Apprentice decided to combine the jumping ability and agility of a jack rabbit, with the tenacity and weaponry of an antelope.  The unfortunate result was a small creature with limited agility because of its horns, and any show of tenacity would have been scorned by other animals due its small size. The jackalope broke the Creator’s first rule, which was that all creatures had to have sufficient skills to ensure their survival. The Apprentice knew that his jackalope would not survive very long in this new world.

Much as he wanted to keep his creation a secret, he did eventually decide to tell the Creator what he had done in the hope that the Creator could save his jackalope. As can be imagined, the Creator was very disappointed that the Apprentice had made such a selfish decision to make himself a creature, and posed the questions “What right do you think you have to create life without understanding all that is involved? What right do you think you have to create this poor creature who cannot possibly survive in this environment?”

The Apprentice was very ashamed of what he had done. He had wanted a creature for himself, but had not considered the possible problems from not knowing all that was necessary… and now he looked at the poor little jackalope and cried, because he saw no future for it. The Creator saw that the Apprentice was punishing himself sufficiently to be pretty certain that he would not do it again, and so he rested his hand on the Apprentice’s shoulder and said “Your jackalope will live. I have a plan. You go home now as I have a lot of work to do.”

The Creator studied the jackalope for a long time, and decided that to change its physical shape would be very risky. He needed to use his magical powers if this was going to be successful, and the first thing he did was to give the jackalope the power of communication in whatever language was necessary. He then confronted the jackalope. “My friend” he said “You were created in a manner which should never have happened, and for that I apologize. Your survival abilities are very questionable so I am going to give you magical powers. You will be able to understand all creatures as they talk to each other (so you will know what is going on), and you can make yourself invisible if necessary. You have many other powers my dear jackalope however, there are some things which you must understand. Some of your powers can only be used once, so always ask your inner self about any intentions to use magic, and listen to the answer carefully! Your ability to communicate, and to disappear as necessary, are permanent powers that you have. Be careful with using any other magic!”

The jackalope looked up at him “Can I ask you for something else Mister Creator?” The Creator looked down at the jackalope “What is it my friend?” The jackalope turned a little to one side with some obvious embarrassment “Mister Creator…  can I have a name?” “Well of course you can” said the Creator “Your name is now Jaxon! Adventurer… forever!” Jaxon looked up at him “Forever?” “Yes” said the Creator “You are the only jackalope that will ever be created, and so you must live forever.”

11 thoughts on “Once upon a Time….(Part 1)

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  3. Very cool introduction to Jaxon and the creation of a Jackalope. I think he would be quite a handsome creature. And I love his magic powers. Of course, he would need them to survive made from an antelope and rabbit. I’m wondering why there is only one of him, no partner? Maybe that’s a story to come? One to Part 2 🙂


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