Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning! It is the last Tuesday before Christmas, can you believe it?  Remember to breathe and soak in the Christmas moments. Don’t let Christmas pass you by with you wondering where it went! Christmas is going to come whether you finished baking all the cookies or getting all your cards sent. Take time to appreciate the moments of Christmas. Take time to snuggle on the couch with your loved ones by the lights of the Christmas tree, to enjoy the beauty of the snow and feel snowflakes on your tongue. To share laughter as you wrap that one gift that is hard to wrap and it comes out looking so different from the lovely wrapped gifts that you see on TV. To remember that Love can’t be wrapped, but it can be celebrated. Merry Christmas!

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Looks can be Deceiving

Good Morning! I thought for my post today I would do something that i did months ago. Write a story around a quote. I chose the quote today, but will be glad to take suggestions from my readers for other quotes to do stories around.  I received good suggestions  before, so I know you can do it again! Any quote will be fine. You can choose one that I have used in my weekly quotes post or one of your own. Leave the quote in the comment section below and Thanks!

Don't trust everything you see. Even salt looks like sugar.:

Not everything is how it appears. Cindy felt like she was constantly learning that lesson. Her parents had  tried to tell her that when she was looking for a new car. That there was more important things to car besides the way it looked. But Cindy was young and she wanted to be cool and that sharp looking convertible had her name all over it! Much more then the Station Wagon that her parents were tying to talk her into. It was a reliable car they said. Perhaps, thought Cindy, but the convertible sure looked reliable as well and in a much cooler kind of way. She day dreamed about cruising down the highway with the breeze blowing in her hair, off to exciting places. She thought about all the looks that she would get from other envious drivers. She was wearing the biggest smile  as she went that day to buy the car. Her amazing adventures were about to begin.

Her adventures began alright. They began at 3pm that day , stranded on the roadside because her lovely car had decided just to stop. People flew by giving her looks , like what she had day dreamed about. The only thing is they weren’t exactly envious ones, more like pitiful ones. Her Dad picked her up and was nice enough to not say anything as they went to the shop to fix it up.

2 days later Cindy was driving down the highway with the wind in her hair not having a care in the world. That is until the sky suddenly grew blacker and blacker and she started feeling some sprinkles of rain. She pushed the button for her top to go up, but nothing was happening. She pushed it again and still nothing. By this time the sprinkles had turned to big drops that were rapidly falling. Cindy gave the button a really hard push and the button popped right off in her hand. She glared at the button as the showers of rain came down. Home  was still several miles away she grudgingly thought as she kept driving. Once again she was getting looks from other drivers like she had dreamed about. Except these weren’t envious looks either, they were more like  perplexed looks. Why would someone be driving in a rainstorm with the top down in their convertible? What kind of crazy person were they?

Cindy slammed the door when she came home, not wanting to hear a word out of her parents! She has seen their amused looks as they were watching out the window and saw her pull into the driveway.

She took a nice, long, hot bath and had changed into comfy clothes. Cindy was feeling better as she joined her parents for supper. At the table she grabbed the sugar to put into her cup of Peppermint tea. Her Mom started to say, “Cindy..don’t ..” but Cindy stopped her. “Mom, I know you think I put too much sugar in my tea, but with the kind of day I had, Please don’t say a word!” Her Mom gave a little smile and shrug of her shoulders and said not a word as she watched Cindy put 4 teaspoons of sugar in her cup of  tea.

The tea came flying out of Cindy’s mouth as she sputtered out the words, ” What is wrong with the sugar”?  Her Mom was having trouble replying. Laughter had overcome her. Her shoulders still were shaking as she said to Cindy, ” That was salt my dear, you know not everything is how it appears.”



Dewey and Friends solve a Christmas Riddle

Excitement was brewing on the farm. It was the week before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring….not even a mouse! Dewey was rather upset about that ,for he was craving a midnight treat

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care but wait there was one stocking filled to the top.Filled so high that it was overflowing! The socks weren’t supposed to  be filled until Christmas Eve when Santa came. The man-servant’s sock was the only one full. Now that hardly seemed fair.

This troubled Dewey so he decided he would consult his 2 wise friends the next night. They would meet at the big Oak under the stars that would shine bright.

The night was silent, as the 3 wise friends traveled afar to gather under the Oak and the shining stars. They had  to discuss the man-servant’s full sock. Dewey put down the 3 things that had fallen out of the sock in hopes that Odessa and Jaxon would know what they were.

What were these round things that were as black as the night? They were hard so definitely not a treat to eat. The 3 huddled together in deep concentration. So still was the night that they jumped in fright when seeing and hearing a crazy sight!

They heard 2 yells and screams and saw the most ridiculous sight! A sleigh driven by 2 elves. It was the sleigh that looked so strange. The sleigh was surrounded by giant like cushions and some big bar. Nothing like it had they ever seen.

The 2 elves were squabbling not aware of any listening ears around The wise friends caught their names , Jinx and Jangle. Strange names thought the friends. They were curious to talk to them to see how strange they really were.

Jaxon spoke first as Jinx just stared ,mouth ajar but no words could come out. Dewey spoke next making Jangles lose his balance and falling against Jinx. That  made them both land face first in the snow!

Odessa shook her head feeling hopeless about getting any help from these 2 cuckoos. She decided to try anyway , as she flew over to them with some of the round,black things.

After recovering from their shock over the talking animals the elves were actually pretty nice to talk to. Most importantly they told them what the black things were. Now it was the 3 friends turn to be in shock at what they heard!  It was coal , what was given to people on Santa’s naughty list!

Dewey told them the man-servant’s name and oh how Jinx and Jangles laughed. They said how they had heard of him and all the pranks he pulled and how Santa planned to pay him back in full. The stocking full of coal was just the beginning of the fun. 

They talked for awhile but then it was time for the elves to leave.They got in their sleigh and yelled a early “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night,”as they disappeared out of sight.

As the friends walked back to the farm they couldn’t help but smile and giggle with glee. This sure could be fun to see what Santa had up his sleeve.

The friends were tired , it had been a long night. Odessa wrapped a kerchief round her head and Jaxon put on his nightcap. As they both settled down for a long night’s nap.

Dewey also laid down and closed his eyes while visions of sugarplums danced in his head.

Not a creature was stirring….well except for a mouse. He knew Dewey was sleeping so he calmly walked right by stealing the cheese from Dewey’s bowl. He carried the cheese right into his hole. Now he could sleep with his belly full.

Not a creature was stirring , not even a mouse.









Thoughts have been running through my mind today on what to post. Thinking about the weather, we were getting sleet earlier mixed with a little snow. Winter has come! The temps were Freezing the past couple days and very windy.  Thankful for a warm house!

Thinking about how I need new friends….. Just KIDDING! 🙂 I just need some friends that can do a better job at  writing poetry. A better job then 2 other certain friends  If you are confused you will have to see my post from yesterday. Friday’s 6 word story!  See the comment section to find the poem.

My dear hubby informed me that he guesses I haven’t learned how to appreciate the art of fine poetry. Yes, that made me laugh!  This coming from a guy who really doesn’t read poetry! Though somehow he suddenly became an expert yesterday in what “Fine Poetry” is. At least in his mind 🙂

Just be watching my blog. You never know when you might see a creative response to the poem that was posted  by my” dear”  friends.

The main thing that has been on my mind is the movie that my husband and I saw last night. Collateral Beauty. I don’t  usually blog about movies for I know everyone has such different taste but this one just grabbed my heart and so I wanted to share. I really don’t want to say too much of  what it is about, for I don’t want to ruin it. It is a drama and be sure to have tissues handy!

It is a movie about time, love and death and how the 3 collide. Here are some quotes from it. “We are here to connect. Love, time and death. Now these three things connect every human being on earth. We long for love, we wish we had more time, and we fear death.”

“I felt you every day when she laughed, and you broke my heart.”

I was there in her laugh, but I am also here now in your pain.”

I’m time, I am a gift and you are wasting it!”

Did I spark your curiosity? If the movie is showing near you, go see it, I really don’t think you will regret it. If you do go see it or you saw it already,  let me know what you thought!

I am a avid reader, LOVE books! I love them but I don’t talk about them much on here either for once again we all have our different tastes. A friend dared me to read a book, saying I wouldn’t be able to put it down once I started. He was right. I only put it down because my eyes were getting blurry from needing sleep. I then was up much earlier then I usually am up on a Saturday morning so that I could finish the book! It was worth it.

I don’t want to say too much about the book , it will move you. At least it did me. It drew me in and I felt the heart of the characters in the book. Yes, you should keep a box of tissues handy for this book to. My eyes got a work out this week-end!

The book is called So b it. by Sarah Weeks. It follows the journey of a young girl who lives with her mentally disabled Mom and a dear neighbor who helps to take care of them. Heidi, the young girl is on a search for who she really is. She has questions she longs to be answered, but she finds that sometimes not all questions can be answered.

The book grabbed my attention from the first couple lines. Heidi talked about what color she would name the crayon if Truth was a crayon. I promise you that you won’t guess.

So as the winter winds blow and you need a good book or movie to lose yourself in for awhile, look these 2 up. Also feel free to suggest some of your favorites in the comments below. I am always looking for new books to read.



Friday’s 6 word story!

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Yes,  I know this isn’t a 6 word story, but yet check again. Look at #1 and all you need to do is add 1 more word to it. Here you go.  “The wife is always right…TRUE!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yes, it is our 21st Anniversary today and these rules are why we have had such a Happy Marriage! LOL! Kidding,  well maybe 😉  My poor hubby, he is going to wish he had his own blog. Ha! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY To the One who still HOLDS my HEART! ❤ ❤

Now for one of my 7 word stories.  …. Fell for you once… still falling now!

And here is a 6 word story…. Restaurant, wedding, party….Intrigued, I knew.

To explain my 6 word story a little more. We met at a Rehearsal Dinner for the wedding for mutual friends.  It was a New Year’s Eve wedding and I  went to a  party with him after the wedding. Before flying 500 miles away back home the next morning. As I flew back home I felt like I was 10 feet tall and walking on the clouds. I knew I had met someone very special and 21 years later I am still RIGHT! Refer back to the top of my post, to the Number 1 six word story 🙂

Do you Dare?

I Double-Dog Dare You to Be Happy Today | margaretfeinberg.com:

Had trouble thinking of a post today, but then saw this picture and had to smile. Figured I would pass it on!

Remember being a kid and being Double Dogged Dare to do something. Where did that saying come from anyway? Anyone know?

When you are dared to do something, what is your response? Are you quick to jump in with both feet feeling that surge of , ” I will show them!” or a little more hesitant perhaps?

I will admit that I usually can’t resist a dare, which can lead to trouble at times! I seem to have a knack for setting myself up.  Now I do have my limit of what dares I do  though. You can dare me as much as you want to go bungee jumping or sky diving and well it is just NOT going to work! These feet stay on the ground, unless I am seated in a plane.

Yes those dares are easy to resist. Others not so much! Don’t dare me to push you in the pool if sitting by the edge  or to dump the big ice pitcher of water on you that I may be carrying. Yes, I know, there are consequences that follow, and that usually is the reason for the dare. They want to see if I will get myself into trouble… and yes I usually do! BUT you never know, sometimes my resistance can be strong : )

No matter if you give in easily or not, this dare is one I think we all can rise to the challenge of. How can you resist that boy’s Happy face?  HAVE A HAPPY DAY today my friends and hey if someone dares you to spill water on them, go right ahead. They asked for it ! Plus you will get to have a laugh for a few seconds at least. After that I suggest you run!

Sounds of the Season!

Happy Wednesday everyone! As I said in my quotes yesterday, music touches the heart. I thought for today I would share some songs with you. I don’t say favorite, for its impossible for me to pick a favorite Christmas song. These songs do all have special meaning though. I hope you enjoy and go about your day singing. Singing  makes your heart happy! 🙂

This first song is from a CD that my dear hubby got me for my birthday. I used to have the cassette tape of it and wore the tape out listening to it. The CD is Once Upon a Christmas by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton and the song is “The Greatest Gift of All!” I am so thankful for my husband’s love! With the curve balls that life has thrown at us over the past couple years, his love has been a constant and that is a gift that can’t be bought.

The next song is a more lively one and it is from the same CD. It brings a smile to my face for I remember my Dad singing it at home as he would dance a little jig. To other parents out there, you really would be surprised at what your kids will remember about you 🙂 My kids have already surprised me by some memories that they have shared. It really is not as much about the big things as you think. You never know what little thing you do that might be making a forever memory.

Last one for now is one of my favorite Christmas Carols. This song fills my heart with peace and I sang it to my precious children from the time that they were babies. Would sing it at night as they fell asleep numerous times, not just around Christmas, but at the times that they were sick or scared as well.  I may not do that anymore at their bed, as they are teenagers now.  But the memory is there when I hear the song. I wish all of you peace this Christmas!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning!  Christmas Shopping done? I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner soon. Our Anniversary is even more around the corner. 4 days! Ready for that Tropical Island escape! No, we aren’t going to a Tropical Island, nice to dream about though 🙂

I need to get my Christmas cards written. I don’t think they are going to magically transport themselves to the mailboxes that they should be in without my help. Have a great day everyone and remember to enjoy this season! It is not about rushing around to get that perfect present. It is about ENOYING the Present and spreading the JOY of the season.

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8.get your notes off me or you are asking for trouble!!( Yes Julie, Amy wrote that!!): Still touched by the all the love songs Brad put on tapes for me while we were dating. Am always touched by Christmas music. So many kinds of wonderful music that touch the heart!

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Being Someone’s Wings

Friends make us laugh, they drive us crazy, and they  give wise advice. If we choose to follow the wise advice we can be rewarded at times. This post is about one of those times.

I was encouraged for awhile to share my family struggles with you, my readers. Encouraged by a dear friend to be more real and that is what led to my “Real” posts recently. I was touched by the responses I received and some of the emails of those who had been struggling as well. How it helped them to see that they weren’t alone. I felt my purpose for writing the posts had been achieved, not only did it touch others, but it was a good release for my heart to.

This week-end the unexpected happened from sharing my story, from learning how to be more open. I wanted to share about it. I feel there  is an important message in it for  all of  us. One that I am still learning.

I have a dear childhood friend.  Over the years we have stayed in touch ,but due to distance we haven’t seen each other in quite awhile.We didn’t really share the deep things about our life anymore with each other. We still cared about each other, but we weren’t sharing from the heart. A few days ago she messaged me, wanted to know how life was going. I didn’t reply right away, I didn’t know how. Before I would have just given a typical,vague kind of answer, but this time I felt different. I felt I couldn’t do that anymore. My friend’s advice kept shouting in my ear.

I had openly shared with you, my readers the struggles in the past couple years and I have shared with many of my friends that live close by. But there were still those that didn’t know. Ones that I just wasn’t as close to anymore.  Yes you don’t have to share your struggles with everyone, but.. with this friend I still felt a connection.  There was a large part of me that  felt compelled to  share my heart. The question was how, and do I dare?

Her life seemed to be going so well, why should I burden her with my problems?  Then again, she asked, why shouldn’t I be honest? The words of my friend were shouting in my ear again. Saying how do you know who may need to hear your story, and who may be helped by it if you don’t share it. You don’t know who out there may feel alone in their struggles. Who you could be helping by opening up about your struggles.

How did I go about it though? I felt like I was dropping a bombshell on her. Another wise friend suggested this. Let her know that your story has a lot to it and its not all roses. That  if she still wants to hear it though, that  you are willing to share.

I liked that and it is what I messaged back to her. Well my friends, here is where the goose bump part of the story comes in. She messaged me back that she is so sorry that I have had to deal with some hard things apparently, but she wants to hear it. She cares about me and if I am willing to share, her heart is ready. She added that if it would make me feel better, and be easier to share that she would start by being more honest as well. Her life hasn’t been as great as she has let on. They have been through struggles. The most recent one she had been dealing with, was  their dear child facing the battle of anorexia! It has been over the past 2 years! Is your jaw dropping like mine? Are you seeing the reason for my post now?

Not only did my jaw drop but yes the tears came. You all know that I shared that I am an emotional person. I cry over books, so you can understand what this did! Here my friend was sharing about a struggle that she had dealt with that I could so identify with! Here we had been going through not only the same struggle  but over the same time! Our Mom’s hearts were torn  up over our precious children and the battle they were going through and we could have sooo leaned on each other. If we would have only been open and honest, if we would have only known.

Instead we were up in the wee hours of the morning messaging each other. Now pouring out our hearts to someone that we knew understood.  I sent her the anorexic story that I had  blogged.The REAL Story!  Her reaction was the same as mine, jaw dropped, tears came. The words, ” I could so identify with how you said that in your story, I so remember feeling that way” came from both of us as we shared our stories.  Distance may still separate but we have bonded once again, over shared pain.

Humans were created to need and help each other.By shutting out parts of our lives which we think are too painful to share we don’t know what things we may be missing. By putting a wall around our hearts, we aren’t protecting ourselves like we think. We are possibly keeping ourselves from being touched in a special way by someone.

I am not saying to go unload your pain on everyone you see, the grocer, the post office man,etc No, use some judgement. What I am saying is that we need to get over feeling like we need to hide our pain. Feeling like we are going to be judged.  That everyone else’s life is so much better and that they couldn’t possibly understand. Yes, there may be people that don’t understand, but we can’t help that. That is not our fault. What about the people that would understand if they only knew?  What about the people that not only can help you, but that you can help simply by sharing your story. Simply by letting them know. By saying. “Hey, want to know a secret.. my life isn’t perfect either. Maybe we can be each others wings.”


Birds with broken wings often try to help each other fly. - Matt Baker. quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.: Friends are angels that lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble…:

Daily Prompt: Missing

via Daily Prompt: MissingMagnet Tiles Quotes: Of All Things I Miss

I know that I probably shouldn’t use this quote, it is bound to get me into trouble. In fact this whole post probably will, but…since when has that stopped me? Why start now?  When I saw the word Missing, this is the quote that came to me right away.

Hey I have good excuses for missing my brain! First of all, long ago, I was pregnant.  You know what they say. You lose brain cells when pregnant. Truly, it is a fact! Then you have the wonderful bundles of joy that turn into toddlers, The terrible 2’s, the Preteen stage which turns to the Teen stage in a blink of a eye. Suddenly you have gone from knowing EVERYTHING in the eyes of your 5 year old to totally knowing nothing. You are busy trying to figure out how that happened. The answer is simple. Insanity is Hereditary Free Printable

Now I don’t want to place all the blame on my kids for me  missing my mind. I do have a husband as well. He has helped to contribute to the cause, and all the women reading this say in unison in loud voices  “AMEN!”

Our anniversary is coming up soon. 21 years! He has been good at putting up with my missing mind for so long! Then again, it may be due to the fact that he has lost his as well! Not due to me at all of course! Happy Early Anniversary Honey, you know I love you <3!  You also know the hard time you have given me  about what you do know that I don’t know. How you have added to my suspense all week, along with Colin (oh did I say his name!) Yeah, he didn’t know about this post either. You  thought you knew everything! You  guys  think you are so wise, knowing how to give clever responses. While the only purpose the clever responses serve is to drive me more crazy! 

I can’t forget how my dear friends contribute to me missing my mind also. Some more than others.  My dear friends who love to see how easily they can confuse me, and be successful at jokes they pull.  It is a HARD job. Yes, anyone is  welcome to AGREE with me on that statement.

Add that to the normal day to day craziness that life brings and the reason for me choosing that first quote is obvious, isn’t it?  Maybe I should post an Ad in the paper’s Lost and Found section.

I do have to thank my sister. We help each other out, she is missing her mind most days too. So we share with each other the little that we each have left. Some days we Amaze each other, some days….well lets stick to the Amazing days 🙂

If you can identify with this post, Welcome to the Club! If you can’t , don’t worry your time will come! I will be glad to offer my assistance in helping you get there faster if you want it 🙂 If missing your mind gets you down sometimes, don’t fret. Think of this quote and smile, you are in good company!


Free Alice In Wonderland Quote Print: