Dewey and friends make a resolution!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! This isn’t your typical reflection of the past year post. I feel like I have done that throughout this year. I think it is no secret that I am very ready for 2017. One wonderful thing that did come out of  2016 was how Dewey and his friends, also known as The Four Adventurers, found me. They added craziness to my life for sure, but it has been fun. So in that aspect it makes sense to celebrate the ending of 2016 with them! Don’t worry, they are coming into 2017 as well. A year of new beginnings for them just like you and me. 🙂

The sun was shining through the window as Dewey slowly awakened. He saw Jaxon standing over him with a big smile. “Time to get up my sleepyhead friend!”. Dewey moaned a little as he stretched, he was so comfy. Oh but what was that? He caught the aroma of carp being fried in the kitchen. That was all the motivation he needed to become instantly awake.                                         .

He and Jaxon started chatting as they were waiting on the man-servant to finish with the  fish. Dewey’s stomach was rumbling. “A little slow this morning, eh?”Dewey spoke rather loudly to Jaxon so that the man-servant was sure to hear. ” It is so hard to find good help these days, isn’t it Jaxon? ” Jaxon laughed, as he looked at the man-servant. He could tell he had heard, but the man-servant was giving  no response.

“When you are done frying my fish, my pillow could use some fluffing ”  Dewey said. “Oh and the couch pillows are getting a little flat as well. It appears a lot of the stuffing came out. Could be from the holes that was made by my claws. You will need to put some more stuffing in and sew up the holes. While you are at it, my rug by the fireplace needs cleaned.” Dewey felt like he was on a roll, but he stopped as he and Jaxon shared another chuckle.

The man only nodded as he kept frying, showing that he did indeed hear.  As the man-servant put the fish into Dewey’s golden bowl he said, ” Always so glad to assist you in whatever you need Dewey.”Dewey smiled as he took a bite of the fish. WHOA! OH what had the man-servant done to his precious fish? His mouth was on fire. Cats do not like spicy hot food!

Dewey wondered if he had used the whole bottle of red pepper on the carp. He  quickly went for his water bowl. It was EMPTY! Dewey could barely choke out the words “Water!” as he looked at the man-servant just standing there with a smug smile on his face. He poured just a tiny bit into his bowl. Dewey gave him a piercing gaze that said, “OH you did NOT just do that!”  The man-servant laughed as he poured in more and Dewey was gulping it down.

When he was finally done drinking Jaxon gave Dewey a nudge,  he said, ” Next time I would highly suggest that  you save your comments for AFTER the man-servant is done cooking your fish. Dewey really didn’t need that bit of wisdom pointed out. He got the message loud and clear as he looked at Jaxon, who had now joined the man-servant in laughter.

Dewey was ready to leave. Who knew what today would bring, but it could only get better, thought Dewey. His tongue still had a tingling feeling to it. OH Dewey would NOT forget this, the man-servant’s time would come.

The 3 friends had been out enjoying the woods for awhile, but it was getting cold so they gathered back in the barn. They were talking about how they kept hearing the man-servant talk about New Year resolutions. They weren’t exactly sure what he meant.

They did figure out that a New Year was beginning which was exciting. Time had flown this past year as they were meeting each other and having adventures.Think of how many more adventures they could have this coming year! Gee. who knows, they may  have enough to fill a book.

The barn door creaked open and in walked the man-servant. He was bearing a tray of Hot cocoa and a a large bowl of popcorn to share. They sat in a circle as the man-servant explained what resolutions were. All of them were lost in thought for a bit.

Dewey thought about making a resolution about not being as curious or being so easily filled with suspense. Then again the man-servant did say that your resolutions should be attainable. Hmm.. maybe Dewey should reconsider that one.

Jaxon said he would stop eating jellybeans. That brought much laughter for they all knew Jaxon’s love of that treat. “Jaxon perhaps you could start by just cutting back on how many you eat?” suggested the wise man-servant. He agreed that cutting back sounded like a better way to start.

Odessa fanned out her wings as she said, ” I have a resolution that I know we all can keep!”They all waited to hear, and waited, and waited. “What are you staring at man-servant?”, said Odessa. “At you, for we are all waiting to hear your resolution!”. “Oh, yes my resolution, you wish to hear it? “, “Yes!”, shouted Dewey as he threw a handful of popcorn at Odessa. Odessa jumped back as the popcorn hit her in the face, “So rude!”, and she fluffed her feathers. “Anyway my resolution that we all can keep is that we just keep on being the wonderful friends that we are!”:They all agreed that by far that was the Best resolution to make! Friendship is such a special thing and they were so thankful for each other.

The hour was growing late and the man-servant told them that if they went to the top of the hill that they may be able to see fireworks being set off. A way to celebrate a new year coming. They all were eager to do that and left the barn.

As they walked out the door squeaked again. “Man-servant, you may want to oil this door to take the squeak away”, said Dewey. “Oh and remember after the fireworks to come back and pick up the tray with our cups and bowls so that you can wash them.” Dewey said all this with a smirk on his face and Jaxon and Odessa were all ears to hear the man-servant’s response. “Dewey”, said the man-servant, “One question for you…was your carp hot enough this morning?”

Jaxon started laughing and Dewey quickly responded, ” On second thought, barn doors are meant to squeak and since tonight is a special night you can have the night off of washing the cups and bowls.”

The man-servant smiled, as the 4 friends trudged up the hill. His life certainly had become very interesting in meeting Dewey, Jaxon and Odessa and he wouldn’t change it a bit!






28 thoughts on “Dewey and friends make a resolution!

  1. This was a great way to wrap up 2016! (I did read it on NYE, I just don’t like commenting on my phone so sometimes I have to save them up!) Love and friendship seems like an excellent theme for 2017 – for these guys and all of us 😉 Happy New Year!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Funny story JR and a nice New Years piece for your characters. I’m happy the manservant made Dewey’s carp a bit spicey. You’d think the manservant wasn’t Dewey’s friend, but his maid lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed it!
      LOL about being happy that Dewey’s carp was spicy! Poor Dewey! Let me just tell you that the man-servant isn’t as innocent as he may appear. Dewey usually has good reason for how he treats him, but yes he is his good friend 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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