Coming in 2017!

Good Morning! I don’t go to work until later today, so it has been nice relaxing this morning. I am making Pumpkin Bread to bake  in the oven and I am  just thinking. It is only a couple days until we welcome 2017! What things are you looking forward to in the New Year? I already have 1 date blocked off on our calendar. The day that my wonderful niece gets married! So happy for the both of them, a beautiful couple. There is something else I am looking forward to in 2017 as well. Dare to try a guess? I will share it on here, just not quite yet. Yes, being the one that knows suspenseful things and not the one in suspense is so much nicer! 🙂

A BIG Summer SPECIAL is coming from Rodan+Fields.......... and because of that they are holding all Preferred Customer orders due to ship June 1st and 2nd until the 3rd so that everyone can have the opportunity to take advantage of this great promotion! Any customers enrolled in my perks program by May 31st will also be able to take advantage of this awesome surprise.   Stay Tuned I will let you know as soon as I do! There are so many NEW and EXCITING things happening over th: L-Tune 'Stay Tuned' album cover artwork on Behance:

18 thoughts on “Coming in 2017!

  1. Me thinks it at tad bit presumptuous to assume that others will actually be in suspense to find out what else you’re looking forward to. 😉

    Regardless, I must say that it’s strange to think that we’re getting ready to say goodbye to 2016. It seems like just the other day that we welcomed in 2016. Where has the time gone?


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