In The Beginning…Part 2 (Jaxon’s story)

It is the day before Christmas, are you ready? I still have cookies to bake and still waiting on Santa’s sleigh to deliver 2 packages to my front door but I am ready for the wonderful time of celebration with family. If you are still hustling about getting last minute things done, grab some hot cocoa and rest a bit.. Rest as you  enjoy Part 2 and 3  of Colin’s creative story. How did Jaxon and Odessa meet the man-servant? Read In The Beginning…. first if you haven’t already.

Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! May your heart be warmed by the true meanings of the season; Love, Joy and Peace! If you have snow, go out and make a snow angel! How long has it been since you have done that? Embrace the simple joy that children can display so well. Keep that sparkle in your eye and have  a “Holly Jolly” time as you celebrate the “Most Wonderful time of the Year!”

Jaxon’s Story…Part 2

It was a really sunny morning when the man-servant and Dewey finished their breakfast and agreed to go outside. It had been Dewey’s suggestion which rather intrigued the man-servant. It happened just after the man-servant had tidied up and washed the dishes. He was just folding the towel that he used for drying them when Dewey came up to him. “When you’ve finished there,” he said ”Perhaps you would like to join me in a walk over to the barn?” The man-servant looked at him “Of course Dewey, but it sounds like you have something to show me in there.” Dewey just ignored him and carried on over to the barn and in through the entrance.

When they were inside, Dewey took the man-servant over to the neat pile of straw in the corner. “Allow me to introduce Jaxon!” he said. The man-servant looked at the indentation in the straw. “Who or what is Jaxon?” he asked Dewey. Dewey pointed, with his paw, to the indentation. “That’s Jaxon!” he said.

The man-servant stepped back and scratched his head, and looked at Dewey “There is nobody there Dewey” he said. “Of course there is” said Dewey “Can’t you see the shape in the straw?” “Well… yes” said the man-servant “But that is all I can see. A shape in the straw.” Dewey gave him his best exasperated sigh and said “Well a shape is not going to create itself is it? Are all you humans this slow in grasping the obvious?”

The man-servant did not know quite what to say but, while he was contemplating these events, Dewey suddenly said “Okay Jaxon. You can show yourself. All is well!” Jaxon appeared in the straw much to the man-servants surprise. “How did he get there?” he turned and asked Dewey. “He has magic powers!” said Dewey. The man-servant was again sitting on the floor as he processed the events of the morning.

He was just wondering, out of all the questions that he now wanted to ask, which would be the most productive one, when Dewey interrupted his thoughts “Jaxon is a Jackalope, who some believe to be simply a mythical creature in North America. We know that is not the case however, his magical powers can be a little odd at times. You tell him Jaxon!”

“Well” said Jaxon, “My magical powers are very good when instinctive. Just like when I knew that you were coming to the barn, I immediately disappeared. I can also use my magic powers for reasons other than self-defence, but it involves words and twitches and things. The problem is, if I get them wrong, say do a twitch in the wrong place, then the outcome can be a little unpredictable.”

“Oh my” said the man-servant, still sitting on the floor and in total disbelief. “So I am now sharing my farm with a talking cat, and a mythological Jackalope who has magical powers?” Jaxon hopped over to stand next to Dewey, and they both looked up at him. He looked at them and smiled “Well I must say that I was not expecting this. Here I am, only been here a few days, and already I have two furry friends. Do you guys like adventures?” Dewey and Jaxon looked at each other and with broad smiles said “Yay… we love adventures!” “Okay” said the man-servant “Let’s call ourselves the three adventurers! What do you think?”

Dewey and Jaxon wandered off together and away from the man-servant and were clearly discussing something. They eventually came back and Dewey look straight at the man-servant. “We are the four adventurers!” He proudly announced. The man-servant looked around “But there are only the three of us.” He said. Jaxon and Dewey turned away slightly and started giggling “Man-servant” said Dewey, “There is somebody you have yet to meet!”

Meeting Odessa..Part 3

(in reading this again I laughed once more. Dewey and Odessa can be so sassy to the man-servant…or wait…not sassy, just telling the man-servant, how it is. 🙂 His life will never be quiet and boring again!)

It had been a really stressful few days for the man-servant. He had met Dewey, a talking cat, who had introduced him to Jaxon, a jackalope with magical powers, and they had both made it quite clear that they had another friend that he should meet. They would not tell him anything else, except that she was bigger than them and extremely smart!

The man-servant kept asking Dewey when he was going to meet this other friend, but Dewey kept responding with “Later man-servant. Later”. The man-servant couldn’t decide whether to be excited, or a little afraid. “Bigger than Dewey and Jaxon, and very smart? What could that be?” He thought. An hour or so later, he saw Dewey wandering over to the barn again. “Hey Dewey! Is it time yet?” Dewey stopped and with a slight turn of his head, said “Man-servant. You must be more patient. What is your problem?”

The man-servant turned back towards the farm house, and then had a stroke of genius! “Hey Dewey! When would be a good time for me to meet this other friend of yours?” “Good question man-servant” said Dewey “You’re learning! You have to ask the right questions otherwise you will just get rather confused and frustrated! After dinner tonight, when it is quite dark. She is usually asleep right now and, believe me, you do not want to disturb her sleep!”

Dinner was a silent time as Dewey just ate his food without saying anything. He was wondering how the man-servant would react to their other friend, and also how she would react to him. The man-servant was slowly eating his dinner while deep in thought. “I know a talking cat that has a jackalope as a friend. Who or what could their other friend be? Why can we only meet at night?” He kept pondering those questions when suddenly… he heard Dewey!

“C’mon man-servant” he said “Let’s go and meet my other friend. Just finish eating and then we’ll go. Don’t worry about cleaning up as you can do that later before you go to bed!”

As they stepped outside into the night, the man-servant could just see the door opening into the barn. Dewey went through the opening first and the man-servant followed, but then decided to stop right in the narrow doorway. He heard a voice, which sounded like Jaxon saying “Man-servant. It would be better if you came right into the barn!” “But I can’t see anything in there said the manservant.” Dewey then added a little more seriously “Man-servant. It is not a good idea to stand in that narrow doorway.”

The man-servant was thinking that this was all very strange when heard a faint whoosh whoosh sound of something far away, and it was getting louder. He listened intently as the cause of the whoosh whoosh sound was getting closer, and closer, and closer, and then something hit him on the back of his head and knocked him over. As he was trying to regain his balance he heard a new voice.

“What happened back there? Who was in my doorway? Why were they there? What happened to my flightpath? Why didn’t somebody warn me?” Then the man-servant heard Dewey’s voice “Odessa meet the man-servant. Man-servant meet Odessa” Just then, a small light came on and the man-servant saw Jaxon, who was holding a small light. Next to him was Dewey, and then he saw a huge owl. “You must be Odessa… I guess” said the man-servant.

Odessa turned her head a few times, and then focused totally on the man-servant. “You guess?” she said. “You guess? What part of Dewey’s introduction did you not understand?” “I’m sorry” said the man-servant, but I just couldn’t fit the name Odessa to an owl.”  Odessa looked at him for a minute, and then said “What is wrong with Odessa? Would you have preferred me to be called Natalie, or Genevieve, or some other name?” “No” said the man-servant “I just didn’t think that an owl would have a name.” Odessa walked around for a minute and then confronted him “I have a name, and it is Odessa. I ask you to remember that, otherwise you and I are going to have problems!” All went very quiet.

Dewey then interrupted the silence “C’mon guys. We all like adventures, and we’re all allowed to use the farm as our home, and it will be maintained by the man-servant. Let’s celebrate our little group… the four adventurers.

Odessa looked at the man-servant. “I hope you’re smarter than your first impression. Remember that I can move faster than you; have claws sharper than yours; can fly very high; can find my way around at night most of the time, and will look after my friends Dewey and Jaxon. I will be watching you very carefully!” She then flew up to the roof and rested on a large wooden beam. The man-servant watched her as she rested on the wooden beam, and then happen to look down, and saw all those little bones. He then understood where they came from!

7 thoughts on “In The Beginning…Part 2 (Jaxon’s story)

  1. Odessa certainly is protective of her name — as well she should be, since in so many fantasy stories, names are power! As for Jaxon instinctively disappearing, that sounds like it could be pretty useful if (when) he gets in trouble.

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