13 thoughts on “Friday’s 6+ word stories

  1. What’s an “Eve Eve”? Do you know somebody called Eve, and your Post is only for them? Why aren’t all your friends included? Because they accept Rudolph only as a children’s character while you see him on your roof every Christmas?
    Out of courtesy, I will also wish Eve a Merry Christmas Eve however, to all your other friends and Followers… I shall wish them a wonderful time over this imminent holiday, and may all their dreams for the New Year come true! (Sorry Eve, but I don’t know you.)


    • My oh my! I always find myself having to explain things to you, don’t I ? Wonder why!
      My post is meant for everyone which I believe my readers understand. Maybe that is because they are smart and you are not. 🙂
      You mean that you are gullible enough to believe that Rudolph is only a children’s character? You can’t see our rooftop from your house, so how do you know that Rudolph is not on my rooftop on Christmas Eve? Santa would not be happy with you not believing in Rudolph, that coal just keeps stacking up my friend , but maybe out of courtesy Santa will give you a break 🙂

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      • Nice diversion………. but you have not explained who Eve is? You did not say “Have A Merry Christmas Eve Jodi!” or “Have a Merry Christmas Eve Colin”, or even “Have a Merry Christmas Eve Ameena”! What you did say was “Have a Merry Christmas Eve Eve”!

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      • OH Dear…. I didn’t know ti would be that difficult to understand, then again look who I am talking to!
        I believe you should ask Brad, you know how you call him the smart one. Why don’t you let him help you out,, considering that it was his words!! Yes, his email to me this morning was titled Merry Christmas Eve Eve 🙂 I am sure that he can explain it in simple terms for you. As could Jodi or Ameena once they see this post.

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      • Really cannot see the point given your answers so far however, for your general interest:

        Wikipedia: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a fictional reindeer, created by Robert Lewis May, usually depicted as a young calf who barely has antlers, with a glowing red nose, popularly known as “Santa’s ninth reindeer”.

        Not only is he FICTIONAL (a big word I know), but the 9th reindeer is RUDOLPH and not TI! 🙂


      • OH what would I have done without you pointing that out! Always so “helpful”.
        .To think that I almost bit my tongue and didn’t reply before about “Ti”. I could have saved you the trouble of having to go to Wikipedia. :p!

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