In The Beginning….

Good Morning friends! Dewey and his friends have been on many adventures now and you have been such faithful readers in going on their adventures with them. Hope you have enjoyed the ride! I thought I would share with you this morning how it all began, how did Dewey come to live with the Man-servant? Did you ever wonder?

Thankfully it is something Colin wondered about and he sent me this story awhile ago. It hit me this morning that I had never shared it with all of you, so today is your lucky day. Now all your questions can be answered, if not, just ask! This personally is one of my favorites.Β  I love how Dewey…. well just read for yourself and see πŸ™‚

In the Beginning

Joshua Jeremiah Jonathan Jacob Jackson Pebblestone had worked pretty much all of his life and was now retired and living his dream! He had bought a small farm out in the country so that he could enjoy the sights and sounds of rural life. He had been planning for this moment for many years, and now here he was… living on his own little farm.

It was not very long before he noticed odd things happening in the farm house. One morning, he walked into his living room and the cushions that were on his sofa had gone! He found them all piled up in the corner ofΒ the room very close to the fireplace. He shook his head and thought “I don’t remember putting them there. Why would I put them there? Oh well, I’ll put them back on the sofa.” which he immediately did. When he woke up the next morning, the sofa cushions were on the floor again and, again, near the fireplace. “I must be moving them while I am asleep” he thought to himself.

Β He was also rather puzzled by what he saw in the little barn that was just across from the farm house. The barn had clearly not been used for a considerable time, and yet one small area in a corner was very neat and tidy. There was some straw there which had an indentation in it as if some small person had been laying there. He also noticed that, on the other end of the barn, there was pile of smallΒ bones on the floor as if dropped from above. He looked up, but all he saw was a large wooden beam which helped to support the roof.

One night, he woke up rather earlier than usual and heard a sound from downstairs. He quietly got out of bed; put on his slippers and, by the light of the moon, he slowly went down and into his living room where he quickly turned on the light. He saw that not only was there only one cushion on the sofa, but he also saw a cat near the fireplace with another one in its mouth!

He thought it looked friendly so he bent down and said “Who are you ?” The cat turned its head to face Joshua and said “I am Dewey. Who are you?” Joshua was clearly in shock as he was not expecting the cat to talk. “Ummmm…. well I am Joshua Jeremiah Jonathan Jacob Jackson Pebblestone and I live here.” he said. “So do I” said Dewey, “But I was here before you!” “Well” said Joshua “Perhaps we can find a way of living together? I wouldn’t mind some company and I can do a better job of looking after this place than you.”

Dewey looked at him very seriously for a moment. “Can I keep these cushions?” he asked. “Of course you can” said Joshua “I’ll get a couple more for the sofa. Is there anything else that you would like?” Well, said Dewey, I like to sleep on your cushions, but a little blanket or two would be really nice for those cool nights”. Joshua was really enjoying the conversation, although he really believed that it was all a dream so agreed readily. “Of course Dewey. You just help yourself to anything that you need.” Dewey started purring and wagging his tail and then said “Anything that I need? Really?” “Yes of course” said Joshua “Anything.”

Dewey considered for a moment, and then said “Would you give me my breakfast every morning, and my dinner every evening? Will you keep my home nice and clean? Will you always let me in if the windows and doors are closed? Will you give me treats every so often? Will you take care of all my needs?” Joshua was laughing now and said “Dewey, it will be my great pleasure to share my home with you, and do all those things for you.”

Dewey looked up at him, still purring and wagging his tail, and said “I have only one more request. Only one and it is really simple.” Not a problem” said Joshua, still laughing and really enjoying the moment “Go ahead and ask. What is it now?” “Well” said Dewey “I am going to have difficulties calling you Joshua Jeremiah Jonathan Jacob Jackson Pebblestone. I need something simpler and, as you are doing so much for me, how about I just call you man-servant?” Joshua laughed even more. He had never had a dream quite like this before “Of course Dewey. You can call me man-servant!”

Joshua was now feeling really tired and decided to go back to bed. Dewey went over to his cushions and curled up into a little ball.

The next morning, Joshua went downstairs and saw a cat curled up on his sofa’s cushions, which were again on the floor near the fireplace. He made himself a cup of tea and then, remembering his dream, walked over to the cat and said jokingly “So Dewey. I guess you are going to be living here with me then!”

Β Dewey stretched his legs; flexed his front claws; looked directly at Joshua and said “Of course I am. We agreed that last night. Don’t you remember?” Joshua dropped his cup of tea; his mouth dropped open, and he slowly sank to the floor in disbelief. He just sat there and looked at Dewey. Dewey however, just got up and walked over to him “Now look here man-servant. I have to go outside for a brief visit and, when I come back, I would really like my bowl filled with some breakfast.” He then headed for the door but, just before going out of the room, he turned around and said “By the way, I hope you’re going to clean up that tea you spilled. Remember … we both live here now!”

21 thoughts on “In The Beginning….

    • Thanks Sue! I am sure your 4 furry family members appreciate you! πŸ™‚
      Colin did do a great job at showing how the man-servant is definitely a servant to Dewey, a special cat πŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed it!


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