Looks can be Deceiving

Good Morning! I thought for my post today I would do something that i did months ago. Write a story around a quote. I chose the quote today, but will be glad to take suggestions from my readers for other quotes to do stories around.  I received good suggestions  before, so I know you can do it again! Any quote will be fine. You can choose one that I have used in my weekly quotes post or one of your own. Leave the quote in the comment section below and Thanks!

Don't trust everything you see. Even salt looks like sugar.:

Not everything is how it appears. Cindy felt like she was constantly learning that lesson. Her parents had  tried to tell her that when she was looking for a new car. That there was more important things to car besides the way it looked. But Cindy was young and she wanted to be cool and that sharp looking convertible had her name all over it! Much more then the Station Wagon that her parents were tying to talk her into. It was a reliable car they said. Perhaps, thought Cindy, but the convertible sure looked reliable as well and in a much cooler kind of way. She day dreamed about cruising down the highway with the breeze blowing in her hair, off to exciting places. She thought about all the looks that she would get from other envious drivers. She was wearing the biggest smile  as she went that day to buy the car. Her amazing adventures were about to begin.

Her adventures began alright. They began at 3pm that day , stranded on the roadside because her lovely car had decided just to stop. People flew by giving her looks , like what she had day dreamed about. The only thing is they weren’t exactly envious ones, more like pitiful ones. Her Dad picked her up and was nice enough to not say anything as they went to the shop to fix it up.

2 days later Cindy was driving down the highway with the wind in her hair not having a care in the world. That is until the sky suddenly grew blacker and blacker and she started feeling some sprinkles of rain. She pushed the button for her top to go up, but nothing was happening. She pushed it again and still nothing. By this time the sprinkles had turned to big drops that were rapidly falling. Cindy gave the button a really hard push and the button popped right off in her hand. She glared at the button as the showers of rain came down. Home  was still several miles away she grudgingly thought as she kept driving. Once again she was getting looks from other drivers like she had dreamed about. Except these weren’t envious looks either, they were more like  perplexed looks. Why would someone be driving in a rainstorm with the top down in their convertible? What kind of crazy person were they?

Cindy slammed the door when she came home, not wanting to hear a word out of her parents! She has seen their amused looks as they were watching out the window and saw her pull into the driveway.

She took a nice, long, hot bath and had changed into comfy clothes. Cindy was feeling better as she joined her parents for supper. At the table she grabbed the sugar to put into her cup of Peppermint tea. Her Mom started to say, “Cindy..don’t ..” but Cindy stopped her. “Mom, I know you think I put too much sugar in my tea, but with the kind of day I had, Please don’t say a word!” Her Mom gave a little smile and shrug of her shoulders and said not a word as she watched Cindy put 4 teaspoons of sugar in her cup of  tea.

The tea came flying out of Cindy’s mouth as she sputtered out the words, ” What is wrong with the sugar”?  Her Mom was having trouble replying. Laughter had overcome her. Her shoulders still were shaking as she said to Cindy, ” That was salt my dear, you know not everything is how it appears.”



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