Dewey and Friends solve a Christmas Riddle

Excitement was brewing on the farm. It was the week before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring….not even a mouse! Dewey was rather upset about that ,for he was craving a midnight treat

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care but wait there was one stocking filled to the top.Filled so high that it was overflowing! The socks weren’t supposed to  be filled until Christmas Eve when Santa came. The man-servant’s sock was the only one full. Now that hardly seemed fair.

This troubled Dewey so he decided he would consult his 2 wise friends the next night. They would meet at the big Oak under the stars that would shine bright.

The night was silent, as the 3 wise friends traveled afar to gather under the Oak and the shining stars. They had  to discuss the man-servant’s full sock. Dewey put down the 3 things that had fallen out of the sock in hopes that Odessa and Jaxon would know what they were.

What were these round things that were as black as the night? They were hard so definitely not a treat to eat. The 3 huddled together in deep concentration. So still was the night that they jumped in fright when seeing and hearing a crazy sight!

They heard 2 yells and screams and saw the most ridiculous sight! A sleigh driven by 2 elves. It was the sleigh that looked so strange. The sleigh was surrounded by giant like cushions and some big bar. Nothing like it had they ever seen.

The 2 elves were squabbling not aware of any listening ears around The wise friends caught their names , Jinx and Jangle. Strange names thought the friends. They were curious to talk to them to see how strange they really were.

Jaxon spoke first as Jinx just stared ,mouth ajar but no words could come out. Dewey spoke next making Jangles lose his balance and falling against Jinx. That  made them both land face first in the snow!

Odessa shook her head feeling hopeless about getting any help from these 2 cuckoos. She decided to try anyway , as she flew over to them with some of the round,black things.

After recovering from their shock over the talking animals the elves were actually pretty nice to talk to. Most importantly they told them what the black things were. Now it was the 3 friends turn to be in shock at what they heard!  It was coal , what was given to people on Santa’s naughty list!

Dewey told them the man-servant’s name and oh how Jinx and Jangles laughed. They said how they had heard of him and all the pranks he pulled and how Santa planned to pay him back in full. The stocking full of coal was just the beginning of the fun. 

They talked for awhile but then it was time for the elves to leave.They got in their sleigh and yelled a early “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night,”as they disappeared out of sight.

As the friends walked back to the farm they couldn’t help but smile and giggle with glee. This sure could be fun to see what Santa had up his sleeve.

The friends were tired , it had been a long night. Odessa wrapped a kerchief round her head and Jaxon put on his nightcap. As they both settled down for a long night’s nap.

Dewey also laid down and closed his eyes while visions of sugarplums danced in his head.

Not a creature was stirring….well except for a mouse. He knew Dewey was sleeping so he calmly walked right by stealing the cheese from Dewey’s bowl. He carried the cheese right into his hole. Now he could sleep with his belly full.

Not a creature was stirring , not even a mouse.








7 thoughts on “Dewey and Friends solve a Christmas Riddle

  1. Good to see more of the stumbling and bumbling elves, and the mischievous mouse was the perfect ending. I always like how you weave the different stories together — fun!

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  2. Oh this one was good! I like the way it was written – very Christmas-y 🙂 I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I almost feel a little bad for the man-servant on this one. It seems like the karma amongst these guys is pretty well distributed these days, so I’m not sure he deserves to be on the truly naughty list. But who am I to argue with Santa? 😉 Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!

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