Daily Prompt: Missing

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I know that I probably shouldn’t use this quote, it is bound to get me into trouble. In fact this whole post probably will, but…since when has that stopped me? Why start now?  When I saw the word Missing, this is the quote that came to me right away.

Hey I have good excuses for missing my brain! First of all, long ago, I was pregnant.  You know what they say. You lose brain cells when pregnant. Truly, it is a fact! Then you have the wonderful bundles of joy that turn into toddlers, The terrible 2’s, the Preteen stage which turns to the Teen stage in a blink of a eye. Suddenly you have gone from knowing EVERYTHING in the eyes of your 5 year old to totally knowing nothing. You are busy trying to figure out how that happened. The answer is simple. Insanity is Hereditary Free Printable

Now I don’t want to place all the blame on my kids for me  missing my mind. I do have a husband as well. He has helped to contribute to the cause, and all the women reading this say in unison in loud voices  “AMEN!”

Our anniversary is coming up soon. 21 years! He has been good at putting up with my missing mind for so long! Then again, it may be due to the fact that he has lost his as well! Not due to me at all of course! Happy Early Anniversary Honey, you know I love you <3!  You also know the hard time you have given me  about what you do know that I don’t know. How you have added to my suspense all week, along with Colin (oh did I say his name!) Yeah, he didn’t know about this post either. You  thought you knew everything! You  guys  think you are so wise, knowing how to give clever responses. While the only purpose the clever responses serve is to drive me more crazy! 

I can’t forget how my dear friends contribute to me missing my mind also. Some more than others.  My dear friends who love to see how easily they can confuse me, and be successful at jokes they pull.  It is a HARD job. Yes, anyone is  welcome to AGREE with me on that statement.

Add that to the normal day to day craziness that life brings and the reason for me choosing that first quote is obvious, isn’t it?  Maybe I should post an Ad in the paper’s Lost and Found section.

I do have to thank my sister. We help each other out, she is missing her mind most days too. So we share with each other the little that we each have left. Some days we Amaze each other, some days….well lets stick to the Amazing days 🙂

If you can identify with this post, Welcome to the Club! If you can’t , don’t worry your time will come! I will be glad to offer my assistance in helping you get there faster if you want it 🙂 If missing your mind gets you down sometimes, don’t fret. Think of this quote and smile, you are in good company!


Free Alice In Wonderland Quote Print:


28 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Missing

  1. FOUND: One mind. Very confused and no owners manual to figure it out. Has moments of revelations, but more time seemingly spent dormant. Can be manipulated relatively easily, but then has spasms of totally erratic behavior. Language scripts apparently English, but use of same is often irregular. Program covering courtesy, respect and other social behavior traits appears to be corrupt. One lady owner. Price negotiable.


  2. Oh, dear, I’m sorry to have to inform you of this, but you can’t lose something that you never had. Also, without a mind, you have no way to comprehend that mine is still perfectly intact. Anyway, you’re very fortunate to have had my help for 21 years. 😉

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  3. Oh my dear friend. You really have lost your mind to write such a tempting story for your audience! How could you not expect the responses that followed? Happy Anniversary! ❤

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    • LOL! OH I was well aware of what the 2 clowns would have to say! BUT I also knew that my good friends like Ameena and Jodi and you would be nice 🙂 So see, it equaled out. I even got Ameena to say a “Amen” about men causing trouble 🙂
      And the real truth…..I needed to post something and because of how my brain was messed with this week, its all I could think of! 🙂


      • WOW! You actually are commending Becky on her statement,, even though you don’t agree with it! You are admitting that it is a very good statement! Yes, I am in shock. I am trying to count the number of times that you have said that about comebacks that I have made. Hmmm…… NO matter how many times I add I keep getting the same answer! ;p!
        Becky you better pat yourself on the back and savor this moment. Trust me, it probably won’t happen again!

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        • Wow! You actually seem happy with her comment that insinuates that you were already mindless when you chose a spouse! You’re inadvertently acknowledging what I had said above! 😉 Just think of what you could’ve ended up with, and that should make you thankful that you just so happened to luck out in your choice. 🙂 Ain’t love grand? 😉


      • Hey , don’t go twisting things around Bradley! YOU were the one insinuating that I was mindless. She was just pointing out your FLAW for saying that. For then you are saying that I was mindless when I chose to marry you, which what does that say about you? Ha!
        Luck has nothing to do with it, I knew what I was doing when I chose you, because I am not like the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz, I do have a brain 🙂 Though that brain thinketh you could be in trouble!


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