Odessa Makes Her Mark!

Happy Saturday my friends! it is hard for me to get going this morning, any of you having the same problem? I thought if you are that perhaps another Dewey story would help wake you up! This one is nicely done by Colin once again. Though I am not too sure that Dewey  would agree about it being nice. You may find yourself saying, ” POOR Dewey!” as you read, but I won’t give any more of the story away. Grab your cup of coffee,sit back and enjoy the story. it is a very good story, in spite of feeling a little bad for POOR Dewey! 🙂

Odessa Makes Her Mark!

It had been raining at the farm continually for five days, and was showing no signs of letting up. The yard seemed to be permanently under water so Dewey spent most of his time in the farm house. Jaxon didn’t leave the barn, and even Odessa was not comfortable flying in the rain so she too stayed in the barn.

Suddenly, the rain stopped and, while everywhere was extremely wet, at least they could all go outside. Dewey was the first one to go out as he had not explored the area for so long as a result of the rain. The man-servant then went out to check that so much rain had not damaged anything. As went over to the barn, he met Jaxon coming out. “Hi Jaxon” he said “It’s nice be able come out again isn’t it.” Jaxon just smiled and hopped over to the grass against the barn wall and started chewing it.

It was probably about five minutes later that he heard the familiar whoosh whoosh as Odessa flew out of the barn. The man-servant looked up at her as she flew overhead “Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping now? he said. “Too excited” said Odessa “I just have to get out and spread my wings!” and with that, she climbed up high into the sky. The man-servant watched in awe and thought how wonderful it would be to be able to fly like that.

During the course of day, the man-servant had finished patching a small hole in the barn roof, and had drained off a number of pools of water when he saw Jaxon coming towards him and looking a little concerned. “What’s up Jaxon?”  he said “Have you seen Dewey?” said Jaxon. “No” said the man-servant “He went out earlier to explore since the rain had stopped. Why are you asking?” ”Well” said Jaxon “I know where he usually goes and I went there to explore with him, but I couldn’t find him.” The man-servant looked at Jaxon. Don’t worry, he said, “Dewey will be back soon as it is very close to his meal time.”

Later, the man-servant filled Dewey’s bowl with food, but there was still no Dewey to be seen. He went out to the barn where he saw Jaxon and Odessa talking. “Jaxon” he said “Did you ever find Dewey?” “No” said Jaxon. “Perhaps we should look for him before it gets dark?” Odessa looked at them both. “How long has Dewey been missing?” “For a few hours now” said the man-servant “and he has not shown up for his dinner.” Odessa looked very concerned “Do you think he might have gone down to river?” she said. “Why?” asked the man-servant. “Well… when I was flying around earlier today, I noticed that the river had flooded its banks and was flowing quite fast. It would be pretty treacherous around there.”

 The man-servant said “Okay you two. Let’s all go over the field to the river and see if we can find him. Odessa! Why don’t you fly over there as you will get there much quicker than us, and you’ll see so much more.” Odessa took off and headed over the field towards the river, while the man-servant and Jaxon walked there as fast they could.

 They knew they were getting close to the river because they could hear the rushing water, but there were no signs of Dewey. Jaxon was getting really concerned because they were now walking in water and he was wondering just how close to the rushing water he was. Suddenly they heard Odessa overhead “I’ve found him” she shouted down to them.

 The man-servant and Jaxon turned in the direction of Odessa but, after a few steps, the water became deeper and both of them stopped. The man-servant turned to Jaxon. “Jaxon” he said “I am going to carry you now because this water is getting deeper and it is flowing quite fast so we  can’t be far from the edge of the river, and then it will get really deep really fast. We don’t want to go there!” The man-servant bent over and picked up Jaxon, and put him in his big jacket pocket. “Thank you man-servant” he said “This is a lot nicer for me because my feet will soon be dry again, and I can see out over the top of your pocket and look for Dewey!”

 After a few more minutes, the man-servant decided not to go any further as it was just too dangerous. He called to Odessa who was flying in circles a short distance away, and over some tree branches that were laying in the water. “Odessa! Can you come back here as we need to talk?” Odessa flew back and, in the absence of anywhere dry to land, she perched on the man-servant’s right shoulder. The man-servant winced a little as she landed “Odessa. Do you have to hold on to me with your claws?” She turned her head and looked directly into his eyes (which were only about 6 inches away). “No of course I don’t! If I had only remembered to put on my running shoes this morning! OF COURSE I have to use my claws man-servant otherwise I would fall off your shoulder! Anyway, why did you call me over? Dewey is out there and is stuck!”

 The man-servant looked across the river. “I don’t see him Odessa. Where is he?” “Can you see those big branches in the middle of the river?” The man-servant nodded. “Dewey is on one of those branches.” Jaxon had been listening intently, and was really concerned as he knew that Dewey could not swim, and they could not walk out and get him as the water would be much too deep.

 The man-servant turned to Odessa who was still on his shoulder. “Odessa” he said “You are the only one who can get to those branches. Is there any reason why you cannot fly there; pick him up, and bring him back here?” Odessa looked at him and blinked her big round eyes “Are you sure that is what you want me to do?” The man-servant answered “Yes. I am surprised that you, being such a smart owl, would even question the idea as we appear to have no alternative!” Odessa repeated “Are you sure that is what you want me to do? Like… you want me to fly over there and bring Dewey back here?” The man-servant just said “Go Odessa! Go!”

 Odessa stayed perched on the man-servant’s shoulder and just stared at him “Man-servant, for me to do that, I have to take off from your shoulder!” “Oh Odessa… just go!” and with that, she dug her claws deep into the man-servant’s shoulder and she jumped as high as she could in order to start flying.

 It was not long before they saw her heading towards them carrying a quite large bundle which was, of course, Dewey. As Odessa got closer, she flew down and circled the man-servant. “Man-servant” she said “Brace yourself!” The man-servant was just about to question why, when Odessa placed Dewey on the man-servants left shoulder. Dewey of course had to use his claws to ensure that he did not fall off. The man-servant’s immediate reaction was to reach over to his left shoulder to sooth the needle-like pain he was feeling, but before he could do anything, he felt a greater pain once again from his right shoulder. He looked and saw Odessa sitting there! “I warned you” she said!

 The four of them headed back to the farm. The man-servant had Jaxon in his jacket pocket; Dewey on one shoulder and Odessa on the other. Dewey was rather wet and did not talk too much about his experience until much later and after he had eaten. He had apparently been following some really interesting scents which took him closer and closer to the river. He reached a point where the water was over his feet, which made him nervous, but the scent was just so interesting that he jumped up onto a large fallen branch and tried to follow the scent further. Everything seemed to be going well, but then the branch moved and soon it was floating away. It did eventually get trapped by other branches in the middle of the river, and that is where Odessa found Dewey.

 As happened very often in the farmhouse at night, the four of them sat around the nice warm fire and recounted their latest adventure before separating and going to their respective beds to sleep. As Odessa was just going through the open door and into the yard, she stopped and turned. “Man-servant” she said “You had better have a good look at your shoulders and treat them as necessary before going to bed.”  The man-servant looked at Odessa “Thank you Odessa. I will…and thank you for your help, even if it was, and still is, a little painful!” “Always pleased to help” said Odessa “and if you’d like me to sit on your shoulder more often, you only have to ask!” The man-servant watched as she turned and then flew over to the barn. He was sure that she was smiling when she left!


4 thoughts on “Odessa Makes Her Mark!

  1. I love the friendship between the man servant and Odessa, it’s different and quite refreshing to read. I don’t know if I mentioned this Joy, I really enjoy reading these Dewey stories out loud and sometimes I have to pause due to the laughter, like the time when Odessa dropped Dewey onto the man servant’s shoulder 😂

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