What were they thinking?

As I prepare for work today, I wonder. I wonder if one of my adorable tiny tots will be wearing her favorite pair of shoes. Will I be lucky enough to have her NOT wear them?

Confused? Let me explain. I work with 1 and 2 year olds. Peace and quiet is not something that abounds at my job. You have the crying, whining, and the happy squeals and yells. It is Okay, my co-workers and I know that those noises are typical when dealing with tiny ones. What we didn’t expect was the way a simple pair of shoes can make us cringe!

“Squeak, squeak, squeak!” My adorable cherub looks up at me with her bright smile . “Like my shoes?” She proceeds to do a little jig as she waits for the answer. “Squeak, squeak, squeak!” My co-worker and I look at each other. Our eyes saying the same things! “Who would buy shoes that SQUEAK for a toddler?”, “What was the person thinking who invented them?” and “I bet Grandparents bought them and the only place she gets to wear these “delightful” shoes are at daycare.”

Yes, they are what you call squeaker shoes. No lie, they are LOUD! Imagine a rubber squeaky dog toy. Or one of those :”cute” toys that toddlers have and parents threaten to take out the batteries.Β  Shoes unfortunately don’t have batteries! And every single step she takes is like you are squeaking the dog toy. She has learned that if she dances in her shoes they squeak even more.

You can hear her coming from the other end of the hall! I volunteer to carry her. She cries, “I big, I walk!” My co-worker and I just shake our heads as the squeak sound follows us down the hall.

What invention makes you say, “What were they thinking?”


23 thoughts on “What were they thinking?

  1. Giving a young child a drum set without parental permission can be a disaster too. I always wanted the shoes that flash colored lights when you walk. They didn’t make noise. Fast forward 10 years and that child will not want to be heard as she sneaks around!

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  2. Lol – I so know those shoes! I was seriously contemplating getting a pair for my niece as a bit of a joke with my friend (someone has to be the awesome auntie that gets her the things she shouldn’t have…). In the end I decided I didn’t need that karma though and moved on to something else, which now I’m really glad about. I hadn’t considered all the people that might suffer from my “fun!”

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