Happy Birthday to Me!

I know that is right! So why not enjoy the journey and keep it moving!:

Happy Birthday to Me! No, this is not how my outfit looks today. It did make me laugh.   It reminded me of that “leggings” post that I posted and all your “wonderful” comments! HA!

I picked this picture due to the quote for it pretty much sums up my motto about life! Make the most of it. Yes life can definitely throw you curve balls at times. I been there, I still am in the midst of some of it! The thing is I am also in the midst of joyful times and that is what I will celebrate today. When I reflect on this year, I can’t deny the struggles, but I smile at the many times of happiness as well. Made new friends that have become like family, found out some exciting news that I will share on here fairly soon, and the list goes on.

Do we ever get to old to celebrate our birthdays? NO! At least we shouldn’t. We all are special and that deserves a special celebration every year. This world wouldn’t be the same without you. Makes me think of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life!’

So to help celebrate my special day I asked some friends how they would describe me in 3 words or less. I was touched by the responses. My heart was warmed and I laughed to. There were some words that kept being repeated. Try it with your friends. Give yourself a smile! You don’t have to wait for your birthday.

I could list all the words but my cheeks would flush too much if I did that. The older I get the quicker  my cheeks flush and the quicker  tears come. I can get choked up over the littlest things, over happy things and sad. Yes, I can cry over books, someone else out there does to, right? Anyway, I am getting sidetracked. Back to the words that my friends gave me. I will only  list the most common phrase and the most common word.

The 1 phrase  was  Tiny but Mighty

The word was Funny…or it was said in different ways as well. Good Sport, Humorous, Mischievous.  🙂

To sum it up I believe you all did a pretty good job, but honestly I was surprised that not 1 person said the I word…Innocent! Apparently I should have asked different people, LOL

Have a Great day everyone! I will! As the above quote says, I will only turn this age once. No Christina I am not in my 80’s! But I am looking forward to that Peppermint Mocha that you are bringing me to work 🙂


63 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Announcement! As it is Carolyn’s (aka Joy Roses) birthday today, so let’s all sing a rousing chorus of HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ready? 1… 2… 3


    Okay… c’mon… Jodi, I can see your lips moving but no sound is coming out. Meg… a bit more enthusiasm from you would be nice. Okay? 1… 2… 3


    Hi Amanda and Linda. Nice of you to drop in (albeit late). Ready? 1… 2… 3


    Ameena, I know you are half way around the world but I am sure that you can sing louder than that! Judy and PJ? A bit louder also please! Ready? 1… 2… 3


    Hi Meredith and Sue. what’s up? You want to sing a harmonizing melody? Whatever! Ready? 1… 2… 3


    (Watch the candles guys. They’re bigger than she is!)


    Beautiful! Well done everybody, and Happy Birthday Carolyn…. big hug! 🙂

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  2. Colin , you forgot to include a few people in your song , myself being one of them. I’m feeling a little left out over here, but since this day isn’t about me and it’s about our dear friend I will overlook your faux pas this time.

    And Carolyn you’re not the only one who cries over books. Happy birthday

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  3. Happy birthday sis! (I was singing too, but you probably couldn’t hear me over that deep bass voice that was standing in front of the only microphone) 😎 so I’m a little late with my words to describe you (and 3 little words can’t begin to do so)….but…..here you go….SHORT IN STATURE….TALL IN HEART….DEEP COMPASSION THAT FAR OUT MEASURES YOUR SMALL BODY SIZE…SLIGHTLY ZANY…SOMEWHAT FORGETFUL…..POSITIVELY UNFORGETTABLE….NOT AS INNOCENT AS YOU MIGHT PROCLAIM….LOVING SISTER….FOREVER MY FRIEND.

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    • Hi Karen – You are not telling the whole truth are you? You didn’t show up for our sing-song, and nobody in the group had a bass voice, and there was no microphone. Nice try but, while you expressed some lovely thoughts towards Carolyn on her special day, you should have been more honest! 🙂


      • No microphone, indeed Colin…really? Do you intend to pretend that the whole microphone incident never happened? While the general public may believe such a story, those of us in attendance saw the whole thing. We all saw Ameena step up to the mic for a solo on the second verse. And we saw you lunge for it knocking the mic and poor Ameena to the ground as you went sprawling out on all fours. And of course you didn’t see or hear Becky and I singing….that’s only because we were doubled over laughing!!!….but hey, way to try to save face on that one Colin. 😎

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    • Before I forget, your words did really touch me! Well MOST of them at least 🙂 The Zany and “not as innocent”, awww..really! Not even my darling sister will proclaim my innocence! 🙂 ❤ you, even if you get me choked up at times 🙂

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  4. Happy Birthday, Carolyn! There is definitely cause to celebrate each and every year. 🙂 I am blessed to have you in my life. You’re positive attitude has brightened more days than you’ll ever know! I hope you have an awesome day!!

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  5. Happy Happy Birthday! No, innocent is not a word I would use for you very readily, but you are so much more, as I wrote to you last night. Always my friend, always sincere! You are a sister to me in heart and I cherish you always. Have a wonderful day, BEST FRIEND EVER!! ❤

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  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am curious, though, why you didn’t ask me to describe you in 3 words. Evidently you were paranoid about what I’d come up with, eh? 😉

    Anyway, here are 46 candles for you:

    i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i

    Don’t worry, the 46 smacks plus a huge extra smack to grow on are coming later on! 😉

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  7. You really are Carolyn’s sister! If you could see Ameena do anything, then you have such incredible eyesight that you should offer yourself to the medical profession for research purposes. Anybody who can see across the Atlantic Ocean is… well……. worth studying!


  8. Presume that “punctuation doesn’t rate real high!” should be “punctuation does not rate really high!” or (even better) “punctuation does not rate very high!”. Of course, as “high” is a very subjective term, it would make so much more sense if “high” was clarified i.e. “punctuation does not rate as high as grammar!” 🙂


  9. Happy (belated) birthday my dear!!! ❤ I hope you had a day as awesome as you and I wish you nothing but a year to match!
    (I feel like I'm that person who's half a verse behind in the song when everyone else stops singing – but it's the thought – and enthusiasm – that counts, right? 😳 )

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    • Thank you my sweet friend!! My day was GREAT 🙂 Just wish it could have lasted all week 🙂
      NO you are not behind, you just came in to do a solo! Just don’t let Colin steal the mic from you! That’s what he did to my sister and why she didn’t make it in. Did you see her comment to him? 🙂


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