The Little Things….

We hear often how it is the little things that matter. That is such a true statement! And no I am not talking about myself πŸ™‚ I am talking about the little things that happen throughout our day, the things we say and do.

Last night my daughter came home from work and handed me a Strawberry Banana Smoothie. It made my night. Little surprises to let me know I was thought of just make me smile. I smiled even more as my hubby was sitting on the couch beside me wondering where his was! My daughter told him it wasn’t his birthday. He said how it wasn’t mine yet either, BUT..mine is tomorrow. My daughter was just starting the celebration early.

Earlier that evening my youngest asked me to do a small favor for them. I did and in response I got a “Thank you” and a “I love you!” . Yes, “I love You’s” can still melt my heart.

My friend and I were talking earlier this week and talked about the importance of physical touch. How hugs and just a arm on your shoulder can mean so much. I remembered how when my hubby had to be away 3 months for work . Those affectionate touches was one of the things I missed the most. The hug, the little kiss as he walks by, sitting on the couch and holding hands as we share a blanket. I realized how accustomed I had got to those sweet things and what a void they left when he was gone.

What little things have made your day. There are so many! A text,email or call that makes your heart smile. I found a list on Pinterst of things, can you relate to any of them? What would you add?

things that make me happy =)

The best ab work out EV-ER! little-things-that-make-me-smile:

I adore this! It makes me feel good to know I cross someone's mind now and again- what is even better is that something about me is memorable to them.:

: )  all the time!!!!!!:

Just Little Things that make me happy - I also adore the smell of old library books...mmmmm:

Tell me you love me, even if it's out of the blue, or you know I'm having at bad day. Just hearing that there's someone out there that cares about me means a lot.  ❀ HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!

10 thoughts on “The Little Things….

  1. Laughing so much that you cannot talk.
    Watching somebody else in the same situation.
    Seeing a flood of tears ……….. of joy.
    Soaking in a bathtub by candlelight and just letting one’s thoughts meander.
    The gentle touch from a stranger which says simply “Thank you”.
    Re-telling an emotional story and realizing that the emotions have not lessened with the years.
    Stretching out on a comfortable bed and knowing that sleep is imminent.
    Publishing a thought provoking Post, and getting thought provoking feed back.
    Friends who drop by for no reason, other than to stay in touch.
    Friends who I rarely see, but I know they are there for me if necessary.

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  2. Happy Birthday tomorrow C!!!!!! We share December birthdays! And I love how your daughter brought you an early surprise. It IS the little things that mean SO SO SO much! Sending birthday hugs and love!! ❀

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  3. I like this piece JR and you are so right, the little things matter a lot. One thing I always love is when some one phones you or you phone them and they are like “hey I was just thinking about you or I was thinking about calling you too.” It’s that weird but wonderful connection between close friends and family. We can sense each other’s thoughts somehow.

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