The Story of Jinx and Jangle

The little reindeer started shaking as it let out a merry tune. Jinx reached over and bopped it and it was all quiet. It was still dark outside, but he knew that he had to get up and that is why he had set the little reindeer alarm clock. He picked up the alarm clock and looked at it. Would he ever have a REAL reindeer? Would Santa trust him with one ever again?

Jinx remembered back to that night when he and his really nice buddy  Jangle were given their own reindeer.  They had a short mission to complete with them. All was going well as Jinx was driving the sleigh. Jangle said that Jinx could drive first, because Jangle was a nice, polite guy like that.  Well they were gliding right along until out of nowhere a tree suddenly appeared! It was like it had jumped right into their path! Jingle had yelled at Jangle to grab one of the reins.  Jangle though  was scrunching down low in the sleigh and could not hear a word that Jinx said.

Crash! Jinx did a somersault over the front end of the sleigh and Jangle was thrown out of the side of it. They both landed face first in the deep snow. No injuries occurred , except for the blow to their egos. How do you explain to Santa that a tree jumped out of nowhere? This would be the reason that the only reindeer Jinx and Jangle owned now were the alarm clocks.

Today  was going to prove to be different! Jinx and Jangle’s expectations were high! Santa was giving them another chance and they had another team of reindeer waiting for them to take on a little ride. The sleigh was loaded down with heavy containers. Santa didn’t trust putting real gifts in the sleigh.

Jinx and Jangle were at the Ice Coffee shop at this early hour. They were  discussing how they were going to shine this time and Santa would be so impressed! Jinx decided that Jangle could drive this time for he believed Jangle to be so smart. Of course Jangle did agree with him about the smart part; in fact he would say he was brilliant.

The time had come. Jinx and Jangle were standing with Santa ready to take  the sleigh out for a practice run. If this run went smoothly, they would be presented with a team of their own reindeer.Santa asked them if they were sure they could do it. “Yes Indeed!”, they responded in unison to him. They didn’t hear what some of the other elves muttered to themselves. “Yeah right!”  It would be safe to say that not everyone was as full of as much confidence that Jinx and Jangle appeared to have.

Jinx and Jangle were giving the reindeer reassuring pats and inspecting the sleigh before they left. They noticed that there were extra things around the sleigh this time. It looked a little strange and they asked Santa about it. He informed them that he put some bumper pads around the sleigh and a anti-roll bar. He was just taking precautions he said. Didn’t mean that he didn’t trust them. When he said that line about trusting he was suddenly overtaken by a coughing fit. Jinx and Jangle patted Santa on the back and assured him that he could trust them fully. They weren’t quite sure, but it seemed like Santa muttered , “Yeh right”, under his breath. Then Santa quickly said in a loud voice, “Yes,  I am sure you are right!

Jinx and Jangle climbed into the sleigh, their excitement mounting. Another elf was with them in the back. Santa wanted someone to go along with them this time and since all were so “eager” to they had to draw straws to see which one got the honor. Flake unfortunately drew the short straw! He had lost count along the way but it sure seemed like he had been drawing the short straw for over 20 some years now.

With a hoop and holler they were off into the night! Oh yes this was a breeze they were sailing along. Jangle felt so confident that he began picking up speed. Jinx’s hat flew right off his head and coins flew out of it. So much for thinking that he was keeping his change in a safe place.

Around the corner they went at full speed. Poor Flake was holding on for dear life. Jangle saw it too late and Jinx opened his mouth to yell but nothing came out. There was a hill and Jangle had no time to slow down.

Flake sat up a little dazed but glad that he was alive. He brushed the snow off and went to check on the reindeer. They all were fine. It was a good thing the sleigh had a anti-roll bar. It had stayed upright. Flake couldn’t say the same for Jinx and Jangle. Perhaps they should have worn anti-roll bars thought Flake, as he chuckled to himself. They had been ejected out of the sleigh into the snowbank. Head first this time! There legs were standing straight up out of the snow.

Flake helped to pull them out. Jinx and Jangle looked at each other shaking their heads.They shook their heads as they groaned. How would they explain this one to Santa? Maybe they needed to move South.

The reindeer was shaking again as the merry tune went off. Jangle groaned as he hit the reindeer. He guesses he should be happy for Santa didn’t fire them, but working in the parts department. Really? Jinx and Jangle had become true experts at making anti-roll bars and bumper pads. Santa was so impressed at how well the sleigh had held up  with them on that he decided all the sleighs needed them.

The good news was that once Jinx and Jangle made enough anti-roll bars and bumper pads for all the sleighs, Santa would give them another chance to drive one.

So yes, they may have to put up with the other elves chuckling at them for now, but that was Okay.  Jinx and Jangle would look at each other, as they tried to tune out the other elves laughter.  They would remind themselves of the saying, “What goes around, comes around!” and they would smile and whistle a Christmas tune as they worked.

23 thoughts on “The Story of Jinx and Jangle

  1. I love this Christmas story, so funny and creative! Of course, you always have plenty of inspiration to draw from in your comments, don’t you? I noticed that a little editing is needed, though, because sometimes the characters are “Jinx and Jangle” while in other places they are “Jingle and Jangle.” I like the name Jinx better, since the poor elf and his buddy certainly do seem to be jinxed! But it’s good to see that Santa is a nice guy and always gives them another chance. 🙂

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    • Thanks for pointing out about the names, I will take care of that. Yes, it is supposed to be Jinx not Jingle 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it and about drawing inspiration from my comments….Hmm…perhaps! LOL! I do have my way of getting the last laugh 🙂


    • Thank you Meredith !! I did have fun writing this story as I laughed. I am sure you understood where some of the inspiration for some of my comments in the story came from. 🙂
      That warms my heart to hear that your niece loved the Dewey stories! May I ask how old she is? Thanks for sharing them and hope she enjoys this story as well.


  2. “Jingle had yelled at Jangle to grab one of the reins.”
    There’s still a little Jingle left in there, so I went and found you a Jingle Bells video:

    Now here’s a really good instrumental medley of Christmas songs:


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