Dewey’s Heart Adventure

Night had fallen on the farm and Dewey had trouble sleeping. He felt that stirring in his heart again. He remembered Jaxon’s words about following your heart, and as quietly as he could he left the house.  He stood outside for a bit looking into the sky and contemplating.

Dewey was not one much for the dark. Especially being alone in the dark he did not relish! He almost turned around to go back inside to his cozy bed, but the stirring in his heart was increasing in its  intensity. He knew sleep would elude him , so over the gate he went and started down the road.

He tried to tell himself that the shadows really were not so big. Telling himself that was one thing, believing it was another. Oh why hadn’t he woken  Jaxon up! No, he could do this. He was stronger than he believed. The quaking of his heart appeared to disagree with him, but he chose to ignore it. The stirring of his heart was stronger, and with more boldness then he felt he quickened his pace down the road.

With much relief he soon saw the house that he was headed to. He scurried up to the front door. Uh-Oh, how was he supposed to get in? Jaxon wasn’t with him to jump up and ring the door bell! No matter how brave Dewey may feel it didn’t physically make him grow taller. The door bell was still out of reach. As he was pondering this dilemma the door opened and he had to jump away.  He came very close to having his tail stepped on! 2 people were coming out, they were saying goodbye to the ones inside and Dewey saw his chance. He scurried inside  as the door started to close. His heart was pounding, but he had made it.

Dewey began feeling warm all over. The stirring was overwhelming him, he knew that he was needed here. He saw the lady of the house sitting on the couch. He was ready to lay in her lap like he had done before. Something stopped him though. There was a stronger surge of emotion going through him, as his gaze fell on a man. He was  sitting beside the nice lady.

Oh Dewey began physically hurting, what was gong on? He made direct eye contact with the man and it was like he was entranced. He was pulled in as he felt fear, worry, sadness, and a whole mixture of emotions coming from the man.  It didn’t take Dewey long to hop up on the man’s lap. As  the man placed his hands on Dewey, he felt another strong pull of emotion. This time Dewey’s heart felt peace as hope and strength were breaking through. Dewey stayed on the man’s lap as tears fell. He knew he was where he belonged.  Wait a minute, why was moisture coming out of his own eyes and sliding down his cheek?

A little sun was poking its way through the clouds and Dewey stretched as he opened his eyes. For a moment there was confusion. This wasn’t his bed? Where was he? Who were these people that were up and moving about? OH MY! It hit him, he must have fallen asleep last night. He was still at the house that he had came to last night.

The stirring in Dewey’s heart was still strong. He knew  he couldn’t leave. Whoa! What was happening? The man was holding him and they were headed out the door. What had Dewey got himself into? Dewey felt like he should be scared, but a strange calm came over him. He sat on the man’s lap as he was being stroked. From what he could understand they were headed to the hospital. Dewey didn’t remember ever being in a hospital before, this would definitely be an adventure like no other.

Dewey didn’t understand why they were headed to the hospital, but he still felt calm. He felt such strength coming from the lady and the man. He could tell that they were sad, for Dewey is a sensitive cat, but HOPE was pouring out of their hearts as well.

They walked into the room and Dewey got placed on a bed. Well he didn’t mind that, he was beginning to feel the need for a nap again. No, he wasn’t lazy, the man-servant just liked to say that. Cats needed their sleep. Perhaps Dewey slept more than the average cat, but hey he was special.

Dewey gladly let himself be plopped on the bed. Hmm..he wondered what that button was and he nudged it with his paw. Whoa!! What was happening the bed was moving up! OH NO, was this another form of the Magic Wheel? He couldn’t jump off the bed it  was too high up for his short legs. Suddenly the bed stopped moving and Dewey could catch his breath. He decided he wasn’t going to touch anymore buttons, no matter how curious he may be! Yes, curiosity had got him into trouble once again. He may learn someday, then again….

The man was in the bed with him now and there were others in the room. They appeared to know what they were doing as they were hooking up some tubes and other gadgets to the man. Dewey had no clue what was going on, but he sure was getting a lot of attention from the ones taking care of the man. They would stroke Dewey and smile and he heard laughter as well.  Dewey loved bringing happiness. Warmth flooded through his heart.

After they left, the nice lady was stroking Dewey as he laid on the bed. One time she picked him up and squeezed him tight. He noticed that at the same time she was squeezing the man’s  hand as well. Dewey heard her say the words, ” You can do this, I believe in you and we will be here for you every step of the way!”  Dewey still didn’t understand, but he really didn’t need to. There are times when no words are needed. Dewey felt the strong surge of emotion and he closed his eyes.

He didn’t know what the next day would bring. He barely knew what the next hour would bring. This was all so different to him. A whole new adventure that he really couldn’t compare to anything else. An adventure that he hadn’t planned.

He didn’t know what to say to the nice lady and man. In fact he was a little scared to say anything, for he was pretty sure that they weren’t used to talking cats. He would have to take  it slow. He didn’t know what to do, his stomach was beginning to rumble and he didn’t notice any mice lurking about. He would have to go find some soon.Surely this place had mice!

For right now though the man was holding onto him and Dewey could feel his hands tremble at times. Dewey remained still. For right now, Dewey was exactly where he was needed and doing what he needed to do. He was there for the man and the nice lady. The stirring in his heart was reminding him again that sometimes ” simply being there” was the most important thing that he could  do.

10 thoughts on “Dewey’s Heart Adventure

  1. This a really beautiful Dewy story. I like him better for this I think. Animals have this knowing when someone is hurting and they just know to be there. So I’m glad Dewey is here to help this man and his wife.

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