The Secret…(Part 2)

If you haven’t read Part 1, here is the link for you, The Secret

Yes, I did a post already today, but who says you can’t do 2 in a day 🙂 I figured I would surprise you all and not make you wait until tomorrow for Part 2. Enjoy! Colin worked his magic again with these crazy characters.

The Secret…(Part 2)

Over the next few weeks, both the man-servant and Dewey noticed that Odessa was making regular flights out of the barn during both the day and the night. Jaxon always seemed to be day dreaming and, when asked what he was doing, his explanation was that he was practising his magical powers. Dewey did manage to get Jaxon away from the man-servant for a few minutes. “Jaxon” he said “Why is Odessa making so many flights in and out of the barn?” “She’s just looking for food!” said Jaxon. Dewey thought for a moment, and said “Looking for food so often day and night? Is she ill or something?” Jaxon just shrugged his shoulders “I don’t think so, but you would have to ask Odessa.”

Dewey was just as puzzled as the man-servant because he missed his adventures with Jaxon, and was convinced that both Jaxon and Odessa were up to something! One day, just after it had got quite dark, the man-servant and Dewey went over to the barn. Jaxon was once again deep in thought, but then they heard a muffled sound coming from Odessa’s area. They both rushed down to that end of the barn just in time to see Odessa settle on the beam. As soon she saw them, she opened one wing.

“Odessa” called the man-servant “What on earth are you doing?” “Oh hi man-servant!” she said “I was just getting settled here and wanted to open that same wing again.” “Odessa!” called Dewey “I’ve never seen you do that wing thing before. What’s up?” “Nothing” said Odessa “It’s an owl thing. Nothing less. Nothing more!”

Dewey and the man-servant both shook their heads and walked back to Jaxon’s straw pile, but Jaxon was not there. For Jaxon to be out at night was very unusual, so they both decided to stay there for a while and catch him when he returns. It was not long!

As soon as Jaxon came through the barn door opening, Dewey and the man-servant confronted him. “Jaxon” said the man-servant “Where have you been at this time of night?” Jaxon looked really uncomfortable. “Oh… well… I thought you would have gone back to the barn by now” he said. “Well you thought wrong!” said the man-servant. “Would you please tell us what is going on because we are concerned.” Jaxon hesitated. “Well I had to meet somebody.” Dewey looked at him. “Jaxon… why would you want to meet somebody this late at night?” Jaxon was looking at the ground “Because that was the easiest time to meet her!” “Her?” asked Dewey “Well yes… but it’s not what you’re thinking, and I can’t tell you anymore!” The man-servant stood there for a moment, and then said “Okay Jaxon. It’s getting late now but tomorrow, we are going to have a talk!”

Dewey and the man-servant walked back to the farmhouse, and just as they were about to open the door, they heard a noise from the barn. They both turned around and saw Odessa once again flying off into the night. The man-servant turned to Dewey “Why is Odessa constantly going out? Do you have any idea what she is doing?” “Not really” said Dewey “I asked Jaxon about it, and he said that she was just looking for food, but I am pretty certain that Jaxon knows a lot more than he is saying. Why don’t we go back to the barn, now that Odessa has gone, and talk to him?”

The man-servant and Dewey turned around and went back into the barn, but Jaxon was not on his straw pile. They looked around for him but he was nowhere to be seen. They both started walking down to Odessa’s end of the barn when they suddenly heard a squeaky kind of sound. Out of the shadows came Jaxon. “Hi again” he said “Let’s go down to my straw pile as I am guessing that you want to talk” Jaxon just got settled down on his straw pile and turned to face the man-servant and Dewey, when Odessa flew through the barn doorway and went straight up to her beam. They heard that squeaky sound again from the end of the barn for a brief moment, and then all was quiet once more.

“Jaxon” said the man servant “Are you going to tell us what is going on here?” Jaxon looked from the man-servant, to Dewey, and back to the man-servant. “Yes I am” he said “but please come back tomorrow morning. Then I will answer all of your questions.”

Thankful Thursday

Good Morning friends! Almost forgot about my list that I did last week on things that I am thankful for. I had said that I would add to it today. What type of things would be on your list? Have a great day and remember there is ALWAYS something that you can be thankful for!

10 Reasons to be Thankful!

  1. For the beauty of the first snowfall. No, it hasn’t happened yet, still unseasonably warm.  Yes, you can remind me of the beauty  when I am complaining about the 20th snowfall this winter.

2. Knowing that with each passing moment I get closer to at least some of my questions being answered. 🙂

3. A cup of hot peppermint tea on a cool morning.

4. Having a job I enjoy and great co-workers.

5, For books where you can lose yourself in the story.

6. Phone calls, where you are actually happy to talk to the person on the other end. The calls are not telemarketers or political calls! They are calls that make your heart smile.

7.Card games, even if you lose more times than you win! Anyone else that can relate to that?

8. For warm blankets to curl up in, as you relax on the couch.

9. The unexpected kindness of a stranger.

10. The joy of vacations 🙂

The Secret

Time for your mid week Dewey and Friends story. This is one of Colin’s stories, have you been able to tell that he is enjoying himself with these stories? 🙂 This is only Part 1, .for you all know Colin and how he likes building suspense! Make sure you let him know in the comments below how much you “love” having to wait for Part 2, the end of the story.  🙂 There is something else different about this story, but I am not going to elaborate on that now. I will just say that this story may be more suspenseful to me than the other ones have been!! And for those of you who know how much I “love” suspense….well…..yeah no more needs said. Is there a story behind this story? Perhaps 🙂  ENJOY!

The Secret (Part 1)

The man-servant was settling down in front of the TV after a day of working on the farm, and Dewey was stretched out in front of the log fire, when he turned to Dewey. “Have you noticed anything odd about Jaxon and Odessa lately?” Dewey looked at him “Well” he said “Jaxon has been really busy doing something lately that I have hardly seen him. The odd times that I have seen him, I think he was practicing with his magical abilities. As for Odessa? Well Odessa has always been a little odd so nothing new there!” The man-servant was deep in thought for a moment, and then he said “I’m going over to the barn just to make sure that those guys are okay.”

Dewey was so comfortable in front of the fire that he decided to stay where he was, but the man-servant walked over to the barn. As he went through the open doorway, he could see Jaxon sitting on his straw pile and seemingly day dreaming. “Hi Jaxon!” said the man-servant. Jaxon was clearly surprised and leapt up into air. “Why man-servant” he said “You really startled me. You don’t usually come over to the barn at this time of night.” “I know” said the man-servant “But I wanted to make sure that everything was well in here.” “Oh man-servant. Everything is perfectly well in here. It’s never been as well as this before and so… yes… everything is well in here. I guess you can go back to farmhouse now!” The man-servant looked a little puzzled, and decided to return to the farmhouse.

For the next few days, Dewey and the man-servant hardly ever saw Jaxon and Odessa so the man-servant decided to make another late night visit. Once again he saw Jaxon, obviously deep in thought about something. This time he quietly walked past him as he wanted to check out Odessa’s end of the barn. As he walked under Odessa’s beam, where she spends much of her day time sleeping, he looked up and there she was! The man-servant thought for a moment. “Odessa! Why aren’t you out hunting for mice and things now?” He saw Odessa move to one side with one of her wings slightly outstretched. “Because I am not hungry man-servant!” she replied.

The man-servant was now convinced that something was not right, as this was totally uncharacteristic behavior of Odessa. “What’s wrong with your wing?” he called up to her. “Which wing?” she replied. “The one that you have sticking out!” “Nothing” she replied. “There’s nothing wrong with that wing!” The man-servant shook his head. “Then why do you have it just sticking out, instead of down by your side like your other wing?” Odessa did not move, but then she said “Listen up man-servant. They are my wings, and I don’t have to explain to you what I choose to do with them. Now if you would please leave, I have some sleeping to do!”

Just then, the man-servant heard a noise and saw Jaxon hopping towards him. “Jaxon… Odessa is behaving rather peculiar. Is she okay?” “Of course” said Jaxon “She’s fine. Yes… she’s very fine. She’s quite fine! You should get back to the farmhouse now as I think Dewey is looking for you.”

The man-servant decided that, as he wasn’t going to learn anything more from Jaxon and Odessa, he should go back to the farmhouse and see what Dewey wanted. As he walked into the farmhouse, he saw Dewey asleep by the fireplace. He sat in his chair for a while pondering the night’s events and then Dewey woke up and stretched. “Hi man-servant. I see that you’re back. What’s the news from the barn?” “Well” said the man-servant “Both Jaxon and Odessa are behaving oddly. Anyway, what did you want me for?” Dewey looked at him “Why do you think I want you for something?” “Jaxon told me that I should get back to the farm because you wanted me for something.” Dewey was looking very thoughtful “Hmmmmm.” He said “ That Jaxon is certainly up to something!”

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Can Thanksgiving really be next week already? With this unseasonably warm November weather it doesn’t feel like it, but I am not complaining! What are you thankful for today? I will be thankful when my dear hubby stops singing the same couple lines of a certain song! LOL! Hey that is what happens when you walk by me singing as I am trying to think! 🙂 Enjoy the quotes today my friends and keep Smiling!

1.In the eyes of the mouse the cat is a lion. - Albanian Proverb #proverbs #quotes:

2. : Yes, this sums up how my relationship with Math has always been!

3.creative writing prompts for teens - Google Search: This caught my attention! Hmmm..I am not sure, do you know? . Feel free to share below if you want 🙂

4.We don't have to agree on anything to be kind to one another.:

5. Choose.:

6.When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them -

7.Believe in yourself. Remember how far you have come.   Follow:

8.MUG ~ THEIYRRE Take that, grammar police! ~ Grammar Coffee Mug, Mugs, Tea Mug, Funny Quote Mug, Nerd Mug, Geek, Nerdy, Geeky, Nerd, Grammar: (I may regret this one,…. then again….NAH! 🙂 )


10.Irish proverb from

Discover Challenge: Song

via Discover Challenge: Song

Music is a wonderful part of life!  So many songs out there that have spoken to me. Songs that have been very  powerful to me when I have needed them and songs that are just fun songs!  Today Music is helping me to wake up! Last night was a little too short, but I’ll make it. What kind of music wakes you up to start a brand new day?

This song I loved as a teenager and then when the remake of the movie came out, my kids loved it as well. It does give you a little lift in your step 🙂

This song brings back a sweet memory and makes my heart smile. I remember playing it in my bedroom shortly after I was engaged and my Dad dancing with me around the room . Yes, after almost 21 years of marriage this song still rings true.

Have a great day my friends! Hope these songs helped to put a smile on your face!


A Care-Free Fall Day!

Happy Sunday! Yes, this is another Dewey story. Hope you don’t mind another one 🙂 I thought with my heavier post yesterday that I needed to do a more care-free post today and this story came to my mind. Hope you are enjoying your week-end and that you at least  have had some moments that  have been  care-free!

The day was sunny and bright! Not a cloud in the sky. A perfect day for a picnic. They hiked down to the lake. Even though it was too cool for swimming it was a beautiful spot for a picnic. Dewey never was interested in swimming anyway, even when warm! Cats don’t like water. Jaxon and Odessa didn’t care much for it either. The man-servant enjoyed paddling around it, but not today.  It was too cool to go swimming, besides cats don’t like water! Plus Jaxon and Odessa weren’t too fond of it themselves. The man-servant enjoyed paddling around in it, but not today. They took turns skipping stones across the lake. Jaxon was constantly winning. His stone would go so far that Dewey was practically sure he was using a little Jackalope magic to help them skip along. 

Everyone had something different packed for lunch. Dewey of course had some Carp along with a mouse and  Jaxon had several mice along with his popcorn! Odessa had brought 2 shrews along for herself. The man-servant had packed a very unique sandwich. Dewey, Jaxon and Odessa all thought it somewhat strange, but they did remember that the man-servant can be a little wackydoodly at times. Apparently this was one of those times.

They watched as he pulled out his sandwich. It was a marshmallow fluff with peanut butter sandwich! The marshmallow fluff just oozed out of it. The man-servant smiled as he took the first bite.  A look of pure pleasure passed over his face. The look was quite different that  passed over the faces of Dewey, Jaxon and Odessa. He looked at them all watching him and said, “Would you all like to try a bite?”, they  politely refused by shaking their heads. Well Odessa turned her head the whole way around, but that is Odessa for you. 

After their bellies were full and the picnic was all cleaned up Dewey and the man-servant hiked back to the house. Dewey was getting sleepy with his full tummy and thought he would take a little snooze. Jaxon and Odessa figured they would stay by the lake for awhile longer. They were enjoying chatting  on a nice day.

When they got back to the house the man-servant decided to fry up some Scrapple, so that it would be ready for his breakfast tomorrow. All he would have to do would be to heat it up in the microwave in the morning. Dewey had to put his paws over his nose to try to smother the awful smell of it! This was another strange food of the man-servant. Humans sure were perplexing at times by things they would do and say and eat!  Dewey didn’t understand why the man-servant just couldn’t eat mice like he and his friends did or maybe he could try some shrew. Dewey was sure that  Odessa would be glad to catch one for him.

Dewey was almost asleep and the phone rang, startling him awake. The man-servant answered it and Dewey heard him repeating himself over and over again. He kept saying how they couldn’t deliver. What did the person on the other end want the man-servant to deliver, thought Dewey. Then Dewey heard the man-servant say  tell the person  that he was going to hang up the phone. Dewey didn’t think  the man-servant would  actually do that, but he did!

The man-servant was smirking and Dewey asked what the call  was all about. “Oh some confused person was trying to order a pizza! They thought we were a restaurant!”  Dewey chuckled, ” Yes, they definitely must have been confused, for who would want to order something that you cooked!” Dewey dodged the flying spatula that came his way.

Later that evening the man-servant decided to build a fire and make some smores. Another one of his special treats.

It was a nice, cool, Fall evening to be gathered around the fire. Jaxon and Dewey made sure to sit on either side of the man-servant’s chair, for it never failed that a marshmallow would fall off the stick. They always had their mouths open wide ready  to catch them.  Odessa could care less about marshmallows, she was one strange bird!

When they all had their fill of smores and marshmallows they enjoyed looking at the shining  stars in the sky. Jaxon started humming as only magical, red-eyed Jackalopes can  do. Peace and contentment filled the air, as Dewey laid down at the man-servant’s feet and Odessa sat perched in the chair nearby. What could be better, than to spend a relaxing evening with your circle of friends.


The Misplaced Shame!

This is a follow up to my post from last week, called ,The REAL Story!

Comments that I received from my post were encouraging and very appreciated. I was glad to be able to share words that spoke to peoples hearts and to open the door about something that many will not speak of. Why isn’t it spoken about when there are so many that suffer from eating disorders?

One word, Shame! In talking with a friend this past week, that word was brought up about how parents feel such shame when their children go through certain struggles. Eating disorders, alcoholism, drugs, cutting, and I am sure the list could be added to. These are things that many parents around the world endure. Instead of joining hands with other parents though, they bow their heads and quickly close the door before anyone sees in.

Shame is such a strong emotion and can hold such power over us! It is so sad how parents have to struggle with this emotion at a time  when they need the most support. Support from others, instead of feeling like they need to hide the truth as they  suffer in silence ; with heart wrenching pain!

I felt the shame when I was at my High School reunion. You do what you always do at reunions, you catch each other up about  your families. At this time we were just in the beginning of realizing that our child was struggling with an eating disorder and no its  not something we wanted to shout from the mountain top. Not something we wanted to talk about  amidst our hearing  of how Johnny is excelling in his gifted class and Sarah is a star in gymnastics.  Did you know that  Luke is  already being eyed by coaches from this well known college, due to his football skills?

Don’t get me wrong, I did have a wonderful time at my class reunion. It was only  when the subject of talking about our children came up that  it was hard, for what do you say.

Imagine the shocking quiet that would have filled the room. How you could have heard a feather fall, if I would have shouted loudly how my child was getting a A+ in Depression and struggling with an eating disorder. No one would have known what to say and they would have felt uncomfortable, because questions would begin filling their mind. You know the unasked questions. The , “Wonder what is the cause?” questions. Is something bad going on in their home?,  “What is their relationship with their kids like?,” “Why would a child do that??”

On the other hand, what about the other silent parents? My guess would be that we weren’t the only parents there that night that had hidden pain about our children.  Think about how they would have felt if I would have opened up? That is a large reason of me writing these posts, I want to be there for them. Show them they aren’t alone in their struggles!

Now imagine if my child would have just been diagnosed with cancer before our HS reunion. If we had just found out that they had a terminal illness. What would the reaction be if I had shouted that out? Would people be bowing their heads not wanting to look me in the eye, pretending they didn’t hear. No, I believe it would be exact opposite!  My husband and I would get looks of compassion. We would get hugs of sorrow and pats on the back and affirmations that we would be in peoples thoughts and prayers!

Yes, some people still might be uncomfortable with knowing , but not because of judging us, more  from feeling so badly for us. More of not knowing what to do. I think that is a lot of  reason people may shy away from hurting people. They don’t know what to do. The thing is they don’t have to DO anything. They only need to be there! To be there with compassion and grace and mercy for the hurting soul.

Compassion is a wonderful gift that a lot of people have and it is a gift that needs to be shown to the parents of children struggling with drugs and alcohol, depression,  eating disorders, children that attempt suicide,  ones that  that are promiscuous, and again the list goes on. The list goes on of topics that fill parents with shame! They have shame amidst the strongest heart shattering pain that they have ever had in their lives! For every question that goes through your mind about what may have caused it, they have a dozen!  For every finger you may point at them, they have already pointed all 10 fingers and their toes at themselves. These parents don’t need questions or accusations, they need love, they need compassion, they need the sympathetic ear.

You may not understand the “whys”, about a child struggling, but guess what? You don’t need to! All you need to do is be there for the overwhelmed parent. The parent that is trying their best to keep up with life’s demands, even as their hearts lay trampled on the floor and confusion and fear fill their minds.

I will be forever grateful to my family and  friends for being  there for me. They were there with their listening ears and shoulders to cry on. With their loving embrace and yes their laughter to make my heart smile! They accepted my tears and wept with me, but they knew the importance of laughter as well. As I have said many times,  what I would do without the gift of laughter, I don’t know!  But there were times I needed reminded of that gift.

In the beginning when my child first went to stay at the rehab my heart was so torn, that I was on the verge of tears every day. If I wasn’t crying, the lump was in my throat. It was there every time I walked past the empty bedroom, it was there when my oldest would come home from school alone. When they would walk out the door in the morning for school alone. There were reminders everywhere I looked of the absence of my precious child.

I thank God for the days that my family and friends helped me to swallow that lump by their compassion, love and laughter.

Please if you are a hurting parent reading this and feeling alone, let me know. Don’t continue to suffer in silence. The weight you have already is overwhelming enough. There are support groups around, but not always the easiest to find. You don’t have to be a hurting parent either, there could be other struggles you are dealing with and not sharing with anyone. Please speak up. Let someone be there for you!  I hope you can feel my cyberspace (((HUGS))) for you!

If you know of someone struggling, if you suspect they are holding a lot of pain inside, reach out them!! Sometimes all it takes is for that person knowing you genuinely care.  When they see that, when they feel that, they will open up. You can help be responsible for lightning someone’s heavy load, for reminding their heart to smile. What better purpose in life can there be?




The Rooftop Incident (Part 2)

Hello my friends! I decided to surprise you with another post today. To not make you wait another day to see what happens to poor Dewey and Jaxon stuck up on the roof! You can check out Part 1 here, The Roof Top Incident  you haven’t read it yet.

The Rooftop Incident

Soon it was starting to get dark, and Dewey and Jaxon were both curled up against the old red brick chimney. “What are we going to do?” said Dewey. “Well it’s much too high to jump down” said Jaxon and then, as an afterthought “Do you think that Odessa could carry us down to the ground?” “I never thought of that” said Dewey, “But we can’t call her now because she will be out hunting.” “I might be able to” said Jaxon. Dewey looked at him “With your magic?” “Perhaps” said Jaxon. “The thing is, my magic allows me to talk to rabbits, antelopes and jackalopes just by thinking stuff. I’ve never tried it with an owl!”

Odessa was flying high over some fields looking for anything that moved, when she suddenly felt confused. Typically at this time, she is totally focused on potential food but, at that moment, her mind became very cloudy. She could focus on the ground below, but then she would be thinking about a rabbit. “Rabbits are usually in their burrows by now” she thought “What on earth is going on? I must concentrate.” A few moments later, she had just seen a mouse when, once again, a rabbit dominated her thoughts. This time it had horn things on its head! “I can’t fly under these conditions” she said to herself “I had better find a tree to rest in, and wait to see if this thing goes away.”

She flew to the nearest tree; rested on one of the higher branches, and tried to clear her mind of all thoughts. After a few minutes, and after she had just thought that she had been successful and could therefore continue hunting, she saw a very clear picture of Jaxon, and he was clearly distressed! She really didn’t understand what was happening, but knew that she had better follow her instincts and fly as fast as she could back to the farmhouse.

She was soon dropping down to land on the farmhouse roof, and saw Dewey and Jaxon curled up against the old red brick chimney. “Is everything okay?” she said, and then added “Given your current circumstances!” Jaxon looked at her “Did you get my message?” “What message?” said Odessa. “I tried to think a message through the night to you.” said Jaxon. Odessa looked at him very intently. “You are one very smart, whatever you are! Yes I did get your message! You almost scared my feathers off me! How did you do that?” she asked “Well I just used my magic to think myself into your mind, and said HELP!” replied Jaxon. Odessa rotated her head a few times as owls tend to do, and then looked straight at him again. “Well I didn’t get the HELP bit, but I did get a sense of you being in trouble. If this happens again, do you think that you could announce yourself first, so I am not wondering what is going on in my head?  Anyway, now I am here, what can I do for you?” “Could you carry us down to the ground please?” said Jaxon.

“Well now” said Odessa “I am very good at lifting small rodents… but you two? I’m not sure!” Dewey looked at her. “Odessa” he said “I have seen hawks much smaller than you pick up creatures much bigger than a mouse!” “Yes” said Odessa “but you two must be quite a weight, and I would have to hold one of you with each claw!” Jaxon looked rather puzzled “Odessa” he said “Why can’t you just take one of us down, and then come back for the other one?” Odessa rotated her head and then looked at her claws. With her head down, she said “I hadn’t thought of that!” In a much lighter tone, she then said “How soon can you pack and be ready to leave?”

Dewey walked over to her. “Odessa” he said “We have nothing to pack! We’re not here on vacation. We’re here because our ladder disappeared, and we are stranded here. We can leave whenever you are ready!” “Well you are lucky that I am here at this moment then” said Odessa. “Who wants to go first?” Within a few minutes, they were all standing in the yard. They were just about to go their separate ways when the front door of the farmhouse opened, and silhouetted by the light behind him was the man-servant! “Come on in” he said “And let’s all celebrate an adventure filled day!”

They all walked into the farm house and, laid out in front of a crackling fire was a feast for all creatures. There was even a plate with “Odessa” written on it! While they were all eating away, Dewey stopped and, looking up at the man-servant, said “How did you get down off the roof?” The man-servant chuckled. “Well Dewey my friend” he said “You know that room in the roof that I call the attic?” Dewey nodded. “Well you know that window in the ceiling?” Dewey again nodded. “Well that window is also called a skylight. I just opened it and climbed down into the house!”

Odessa suddenly turned to face the man-servant “Well why didn’t you just come outside again; get your ladder, and go back up onto the roof to finish your work?” “I was going to.“ said the man-servant “But then I realized what was happening, and thought that I should play along with the game.  It was a lot of fun eh!”

All four of them returned to their food. Not a word was spoken!

The Roof Top Incident

Good Morning! I hope this morning finds you smiling! I thought I would share another Dewey story today. Didn’t think you all would mind. This one is one of Colin’s creations again. He is getting quite good at them, isn’t he 🙂 As I said to him, it is fun for me to be surprised at a Dewey story. For there to be a story where I don’t know what is coming. The only drawback to that, is that I am not in control of what kind of situations Dewey may find himself in, as you will see. Enjoy the story! Colin is away right now and internet service will be erratic, but I am sure he still will appreciate the comments you leave when he sees them.

The Roof Top Incident (part 1)

The man-servant had to replace a few tiles on the roof of the farm house and so, that morning, he got the big ladder from the barn and propped it up against the farmhouse wall. He then got a box of tiles; his hammer; a bag of nails, and up he went and onto the roof.

 Dewey and Jaxon came around the corner of the barn and saw the ladder. They soon figured out that the man-servant was up on the roof.  Jaxon then turned to Dewey and said “Wouldn’t it be fun if we took away the ladder! How would he get down?” Dewey looked at Jaxon “Jaxon!” he said, trying to stifle a big grin “That’s a terrible idea!” but now he was rolling around in the yard with uncontrollable laughter. Jaxon soon realized that it would be a great prank to play on the man-servant, and soon he too was laughing his head off at the thought of the man-servant trying to find his ladder in order to come down from the roof. They both quietly took the ladder and laid it down behind the barn.

 They both then found a nice sunny place in the yard where they could watch the man-servant working on the roof. Odessa suddenly arrived and landed right next to them. “What’s up?” she said. “We’re watching the man-servant working on the roof over there” they said, and both pointed towards the farmhouse. “Well that’s not very exciting” said Odessa “Can’t you think of more fun things to do?” Dewey and Jaxon looked at each other, and then turned to Odessa “Not really” they said “You see… the man-servant cannot get down from the roof!” “Well how did he get up there?” said Odessa “By a ladder which we took away and hid behind the barn” said Dewey. Odessa looked at them and smiled!

The man-servant had been working for quite some and decided that it was time for a coffee break. He went over to where the ladder should have been, but it was not there. He thought to himself “That’s odd! I’m sure I put it there.” He scratched his head, and then walked around the roof to see whether he had been mistaken and placed the ladder somewhere else. He soon concluded that his ladder had gone and, hearing some giggling from over near the barn, he had a pretty good idea what had happened to it!

 He sat down on the roof for a few moments while deep in thought. Suddenly, he gave a big grin “I know what I am going to do!” he said with a little chuckle.

Meanwhile, Dewey, Jaxon and Odessa had been leaning up against the barn and just watching the man-servant working. They giggled when they saw him go to where the ladder used to be, and tried so hard to stop laughing (they didn’t want him to hear them) when the man-servant was walking around and obviously trying to find it.

 Odessa, who had the best eyesight of all three of them, suddenly stood up. “He’s gone! She said “He’s completely disappeared!”  Dewey stood up and said “Well he can’t be very far can he? He has no ladder!” Jaxon then stood up and joined them. “I know where he is!” he said. Odessa looked at him. “Are your magical powers that good? I am impressed!” “No” said Jaxon “It has nothing to do with magical powers, and everything to do with logic!” “You had better explain that to us Jaxon” said Odessa.

 “Well” said Jaxon “He has no way of coming down without the ladder. I must deduce that either he is on the other side of the roof and simply out of sight, or he has fallen off the roof!” “My word” said Odessa “I’ll fly straight over there and check it out!” With a quick whoosh whoosh, Odessa was gaining height and on her way to the farmhouse. Dewey and Jaxon watched as Odessa glided over the roof, but she gave no signal that she had seen anything. “Oh no” said Dewey “Perhaps he did fall off! Now I am feeling really bad about moving the ladder”. They both then saw Odessa circle around the farmhouse three times before she started heading back towards them. She gently landed in front of them. “Well guys” she said “There’s no sign of him anywhere!” Dewey started to look worried. “We have to go and find him” he said “Let’s put the ladder back so that me and Jaxon can climb up onto the roof, and Odessa, we’ll meet you there!”

The ladder was put up against the farmhouse wall, and all three of them were soon on the roof. Dewey had a quick walk around and found the man-servant’s box of roof tiles; his hammer, and a bag of nails… but there was no sign of the man-servant. They were all standing there looking at each other, and totally bewildered, when they heard a slight scraping sound from where the ladder was. Jaxon hopped over to investigate and was clearly agitated. “What’s up?” said Dewey “It’s the ladder” said Jaxon. “What about the ladder?” said Odessa “It’s gone!” said Jaxon “We can’t get down!”

Odessa looked at him “You should have been an owl, and then you wouldn’t have this problem!” “Odessa” said Dewey “That is not very helpful. You’re supposed to be wise, so don’t you have any ideas for us two?” “Of course I do” said Odessa quite indignantly “If you come back again in a later life, then come back as an owl. You won’t regret it!” Then she turned to Jaxon “Why can’t your magic powers get you down?” “Oh I don’t know about that” said Jaxon “My intuitive magic is very good, but when I have to concentrate on words and twitching my nose, I easily get distracted and never quite know what is going to happen. Being so high off the ground here, I don’t want to take any chances!” “Well” said Odessa “That’s all I have to offer, and I need a nap so that I can go hunting this evening. Bye! Oh… I’ll be back in the morning to check up on you!”

I Coulda Haz A V8!:   I wasn’t planning on a picture, but spied this and I would say it is pretty accurate as to how Dewey is feeling right now at being stuck up on the roof!