The Cunning Sister

She was sitting on her cozy couch doing some sewing by hand. Her brother needed some holes patched up in his dress shirts. She was a speedy when it came to sewing so didn’t mind helping him out.

She was listening to Christmas music as she sewed and watching the first snow of the season fall outside. The beauty of the first snowfall was so lovely to watch. As she watched she let her mind wander back and reflect. Being that she was sewing her brother’s shirts thoughts turned to him. He was a great guy , but he could be so sly and such a tease. She was on the receiving end more times than not of his sly, manipulative ways.

He had mastered the art of knowing how to often confuse her and how to raise her curiosity, plus get answers that he wanted. There were times that she could get 1 up on him, but it didn’t happen nearly enough.

At that moment a thought struck her and she laughed and thought No, she couldn’t. As quickly as that thought came though she decided that actually the answer wasn’t No to her idea. It was more of a ,Yes indeed, she could type  answer!  She laughed again and sewed away as the snow continued to fall.

Around 6 that evening her brother knocked on the door wanting his shirts. He was getting ready to go out that night with some friends. Thanking her quickly he grabbed the shirts and walked out the door. He did stick his head back in the door to make a smart comment. That was usually his routine whenever leaving her house. This time though she wasn’t left speechless and flushed. She only smiled at his wit and thought to herself, “If he only knew!” She knew very well that her  pleasure would be short lived, but she would savor it while she could.

She was all prepared for the knock on her door. Her brother only lived down the street so it didn’t take long for him to get back to her house. She opened the door to find him sputtering with a flushed face. She calmly said, “How may I help you?”  Oh his eyes were NOT smiling. More like a “warning” look in them, but it didn’t matter to her. Let the hole be dug, it was worth it this time.  Her eyes were smiling enough for the both of them; not to mention her whole face.

He held up the shirts that she had sewed. ” I see the holes are nicely sewed up, what seems to be the problem?”  He gave her a look that made it so hard for her to keep her composure. He spoke not a word as he held up one of the shirt sleeves. “Oh my Gosh, it seems that your arm hole got sewed up! I do wonder how that could have possibly happened!” With another look at his face she couldn’t hold her composure any longer and she doubled over in laughter. Oh YES pure pleasure, as she told him what payment she expected for being so NICE  as to help him out. Being so nice to open up his shirt sleeves for him.

When he promised to the deal she wanted, she went to work fast on his shirts. The house was quiet except for the sound of her laughter. It would come out every time she looked at her brother so patiently waiting for her to be done. He really didn’t have much choice. Ahh! the feeling of satisfaction, she was 1 up on him now for sure!

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