Friday’s 6+ word stories and more….

Shopping until 3am = sore legs…..tired brain!

Conversations and laughter shared while shopping – Priceless!

Yes, it is that time of year again! If you have followed my blog for at least a year, then you may remember me talking about this before. The yearly tradition of going late night, Black Friday shopping with my dear Sister-in-law! We never know what may be in store, besides the fact that we do get good deals.

The highlights from this year may be that Someone was trying on shoes and at 1:30 in the morning was trying to put shoe on the wrong foot! Someone was complaining that shoe felt too tight and well it just may have been that someone forgot to take out ALL the paper and cardboard from the shoe. Someone may have been searching for the other person in the wrong area and last of all someone may have been waiting by the wrong register  for someone.

As Amy , my sister-in-law was waiting in LONG line at one store I bore her pain and went to coffee shop in the mall and waited in line for a Egg Nog latte. It was good, except for being too hot and burning my tongue.

Yes, fun times shared once again and it is worth feeling like a zombie today 🙂 Plus my hubby will be happy to know that I didn’t buy large things this time like last year. No having to try to make room in our already full van for a vacuum cleaner, like before 🙂

Hope everyone is having a good week and now it is off to meet some friends for ice cream! That may help me wake up!

4 thoughts on “Friday’s 6+ word stories and more….

    • We aren’t the crazy Black Friday shoppers that push and shove to get certain items! We also don’t stand in lines forever just to get into the store. One store we wanted to go to there was absolutely no parking spaces left, people were making their own spaces. We came back later! Am glad to say that we really have always met nice courteous people when shopping, not the crazies that you read about in the paper.

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