The Secret… Part 3

The end of the story is here 🙂 If you missed the other 2 parts, here are the links. The Secret…(Part 2) and The Secret. I do believe that you will see that it was worth the wait!

Thanks for being patient. I would like to say I  patiently waited  as Colin sent the stories to me and welllll I did …. perhaps 🙂  You have to understand the difference in posting the stories this time. I only was able to see Part 2 after I posted Part 1, which means I only got to read Part 3 after I posted Part 2.So basically I was posting stories on my blog when I didn’t have a clue as to how the story, or when the story would end!! I was told that Dewey may be sent up in a rocket ship or down in a submarine and that the submarine may spring a leak! So that made patience a tad hard!  Don’t worry,  I told Colin that my readers would not like to see that happen to Dewey. 🙂 Anyway the suspense is now over, so sit back, read and enjoy .  Your thoughts are always appreciated,  let Colin know what you thought about his story  in the comments below.

The Secret – Part 3

The following morning, directly after breakfast, the man-servant and Dewey walked over to the barn. When they reached the straw pile, they were rather surprised because both Jaxon and Odessa were sitting there.

“Okay” said the man-servant “What have you two been doing?” Odessa took a step forward “I think that you had better come down to my end of the barn” she said. Odessa flew down to her part of the barn while the others walked. When Jaxon, Dewey and the man-servant reached Odessa’s area, they all looked up to see Odessa sitting on her beam with one wing outstretched. They once again heard the same squeaky sound that they had noticed on earlier visits.

Odessa looked down at them. “Man-servant and Dewey” she hesitated and looked under her outstretched wing “allow me to introduce you to Hermione!” Odessa lifted her wing and folded it back against her body, and there sitting next to her was a baby owl! The man-servant’s mouth dropped open and he was lost for words. Dewey just looked at the two owls over his head and sat down on the barn floor.

“Odessa” said the man-servant “I have to ask an obvious question. Where did Hermione come from?” Odessa looked at him in total disbelief “I don’t believe you asked that question man-servant. Hermione came from her mother!” “No” said the man-servant “I didn’t mean that.” Odessa looked at him “You never cease to amaze me man-servant. What did you mean?” The man-servant thought for a moment. “I meant to ask how she got here in this barn” he said “Well” said Odessa “I brought her here.” “But where did she come from?” asked the man-servant. Odessa looked down her beak at him “Man-servant” she said “You’ve already asked that question!” “Oh yes I’m sorry” he said to Odessa “I wasn’t thinking. Where did you find Hermione?” Odessa hopped off her beam and landed in front of the man-servant “I found her alone on a branch of a tree. She was shivering and hungry so I brought her back here and have been looking after her until we can find her mother.”

The man servant looked up at little Hermione and smiled. “How are you planning on finding Hermione’s mother?” he asked Odessa. “Well I’m not … but Jaxon is!” The man-servant turned to Jaxon “Well?” “I have been using my magical powers to try and find her mother” said Jaxon. The man-servant was just about to ask whether he had any success, when there was a whoosh whoosh sound and a large owl flew into the barn and landed facing Jaxon. “To answer your next question man-servant. Yes. I was successful! Meet Florence” and he pointed to the new arrival.

The man-servant looked at the new visitor. “Hi Florence” he said “How are you?” Florence did not answer, but Odessa stepped between her and the man-servant “Man-servant, Florence cannot not speak to you because she does not understand your language!” “Why not?” said the man-servant. “You do!” “Oh man-servant” said Odessa “You just don’t understand do you! It is simply a miracle that I can talk to you. Owls are not usually capable of communicating with humans. I thought you would have known that!” Just then, Florence flew up to the beam and perched next to Hermione. A few moments later, they both flew out of the barn and disappeared into the night.

The man-servant looked at his three friends “C’mon” he said “Let’s all go the farmhouse and talk by the fire.” Then he turned to Jaxon and Odessa “Nice work guys. I’m proud of you both!”

When they were settled in front of the fire the man-servant said “Odessa, why didn’t you tell us?” Odessa looked straight at him “You couldn’t have done anything!” “Well we could have helped somehow I‘m sure” said the man-servant. Odessa looked at him “Man-servant” she said “Why are you so delusional? You presence would have frightened Hermione. You couldn’t have given her food, and you would have no way of trying to find Florence. I thought that the whole incident should be kept within the four walls of the barn.” The man-servant looked at her for a moment “Yes Odessa, you are probably right.” Odessa turned her head “Probably?” she said. “Okay Odessa, you were right” said the man-servant, and then turning towards Dewey “I guess Dewey that we………………..” but he never finished what he was going to say. Dewey was sound asleep!

11 thoughts on “The Secret… Part 3

  1. Awwww I thought Jaxon and Odessa had a thing…you know, “love knows no bounds” hahaha. Anyways, good ending! I suppose I understand you deciding not to go with the submarine leak/rocket thing. Don’t wanna offend a certain someone’s sensibilities *cough cough Carolyn *cough

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  2. I liked this ending. I was wondering at first if Odessa had some owlets (?) of her own. It’s terrible she found the baby all alone and shivering and it’s good she took care of it while Jaxon used his powers to search for Florence. I find it interesting that Odessa speaks human — English to be precise. I wonder why she can and other owls can’t ? Maybe some of Jaxon’s magic or another magic unexplained like in children’s books. It’s funny how Odessa says the man servant would have just been in the way. It’s true lol. Loved how Dewey was just pretty oblivious and nonchalant about all the events — sleeping is better. Great job Colin and Joy 🙂

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