The Secret…(Part 2)

If you haven’t read Part 1, here is the link for you, The Secret

Yes, I did a post already today, but who says you can’t do 2 in a day 🙂 I figured I would surprise you all and not make you wait until tomorrow for Part 2. Enjoy! Colin worked his magic again with these crazy characters.

The Secret…(Part 2)

Over the next few weeks, both the man-servant and Dewey noticed that Odessa was making regular flights out of the barn during both the day and the night. Jaxon always seemed to be day dreaming and, when asked what he was doing, his explanation was that he was practising his magical powers. Dewey did manage to get Jaxon away from the man-servant for a few minutes. “Jaxon” he said “Why is Odessa making so many flights in and out of the barn?” “She’s just looking for food!” said Jaxon. Dewey thought for a moment, and said “Looking for food so often day and night? Is she ill or something?” Jaxon just shrugged his shoulders “I don’t think so, but you would have to ask Odessa.”

Dewey was just as puzzled as the man-servant because he missed his adventures with Jaxon, and was convinced that both Jaxon and Odessa were up to something! One day, just after it had got quite dark, the man-servant and Dewey went over to the barn. Jaxon was once again deep in thought, but then they heard a muffled sound coming from Odessa’s area. They both rushed down to that end of the barn just in time to see Odessa settle on the beam. As soon she saw them, she opened one wing.

“Odessa” called the man-servant “What on earth are you doing?” “Oh hi man-servant!” she said “I was just getting settled here and wanted to open that same wing again.” “Odessa!” called Dewey “I’ve never seen you do that wing thing before. What’s up?” “Nothing” said Odessa “It’s an owl thing. Nothing less. Nothing more!”

Dewey and the man-servant both shook their heads and walked back to Jaxon’s straw pile, but Jaxon was not there. For Jaxon to be out at night was very unusual, so they both decided to stay there for a while and catch him when he returns. It was not long!

As soon as Jaxon came through the barn door opening, Dewey and the man-servant confronted him. “Jaxon” said the man-servant “Where have you been at this time of night?” Jaxon looked really uncomfortable. “Oh… well… I thought you would have gone back to the barn by now” he said. “Well you thought wrong!” said the man-servant. “Would you please tell us what is going on because we are concerned.” Jaxon hesitated. “Well I had to meet somebody.” Dewey looked at him. “Jaxon… why would you want to meet somebody this late at night?” Jaxon was looking at the ground “Because that was the easiest time to meet her!” “Her?” asked Dewey “Well yes… but it’s not what you’re thinking, and I can’t tell you anymore!” The man-servant stood there for a moment, and then said “Okay Jaxon. It’s getting late now but tomorrow, we are going to have a talk!”

Dewey and the man-servant walked back to the farmhouse, and just as they were about to open the door, they heard a noise from the barn. They both turned around and saw Odessa once again flying off into the night. The man-servant turned to Dewey “Why is Odessa constantly going out? Do you have any idea what she is doing?” “Not really” said Dewey “I asked Jaxon about it, and he said that she was just looking for food, but I am pretty certain that Jaxon knows a lot more than he is saying. Why don’t we go back to the barn, now that Odessa has gone, and talk to him?”

The man-servant and Dewey turned around and went back into the barn, but Jaxon was not on his straw pile. They looked around for him but he was nowhere to be seen. They both started walking down to Odessa’s end of the barn when they suddenly heard a squeaky kind of sound. Out of the shadows came Jaxon. “Hi again” he said “Let’s go down to my straw pile as I am guessing that you want to talk” Jaxon just got settled down on his straw pile and turned to face the man-servant and Dewey, when Odessa flew through the barn doorway and went straight up to her beam. They heard that squeaky sound again from the end of the barn for a brief moment, and then all was quiet once more.

“Jaxon” said the man servant “Are you going to tell us what is going on here?” Jaxon looked from the man-servant, to Dewey, and back to the man-servant. “Yes I am” he said “but please come back tomorrow morning. Then I will answer all of your questions.”

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