A Care-Free Fall Day!

Happy Sunday! Yes, this is another Dewey story. Hope you don’t mind another one 🙂 I thought with my heavier post yesterday that I needed to do a more care-free post today and this story came to my mind. Hope you are enjoying your week-end and that you at least  have had some moments that  have been  care-free!

The day was sunny and bright! Not a cloud in the sky. A perfect day for a picnic. They hiked down to the lake. Even though it was too cool for swimming it was a beautiful spot for a picnic. Dewey never was interested in swimming anyway, even when warm! Cats don’t like water. Jaxon and Odessa didn’t care much for it either. The man-servant enjoyed paddling around it, but not today.  It was too cool to go swimming, besides cats don’t like water! Plus Jaxon and Odessa weren’t too fond of it themselves. The man-servant enjoyed paddling around in it, but not today. They took turns skipping stones across the lake. Jaxon was constantly winning. His stone would go so far that Dewey was practically sure he was using a little Jackalope magic to help them skip along. 

Everyone had something different packed for lunch. Dewey of course had some Carp along with a mouse and  Jaxon had several mice along with his popcorn! Odessa had brought 2 shrews along for herself. The man-servant had packed a very unique sandwich. Dewey, Jaxon and Odessa all thought it somewhat strange, but they did remember that the man-servant can be a little wackydoodly at times. Apparently this was one of those times.

They watched as he pulled out his sandwich. It was a marshmallow fluff with peanut butter sandwich! The marshmallow fluff just oozed out of it. The man-servant smiled as he took the first bite.  A look of pure pleasure passed over his face. The look was quite different that  passed over the faces of Dewey, Jaxon and Odessa. He looked at them all watching him and said, “Would you all like to try a bite?”, they  politely refused by shaking their heads. Well Odessa turned her head the whole way around, but that is Odessa for you. 

After their bellies were full and the picnic was all cleaned up Dewey and the man-servant hiked back to the house. Dewey was getting sleepy with his full tummy and thought he would take a little snooze. Jaxon and Odessa figured they would stay by the lake for awhile longer. They were enjoying chatting  on a nice day.

When they got back to the house the man-servant decided to fry up some Scrapple, so that it would be ready for his breakfast tomorrow. All he would have to do would be to heat it up in the microwave in the morning. Dewey had to put his paws over his nose to try to smother the awful smell of it! This was another strange food of the man-servant. Humans sure were perplexing at times by things they would do and say and eat!  Dewey didn’t understand why the man-servant just couldn’t eat mice like he and his friends did or maybe he could try some shrew. Dewey was sure that  Odessa would be glad to catch one for him.

Dewey was almost asleep and the phone rang, startling him awake. The man-servant answered it and Dewey heard him repeating himself over and over again. He kept saying how they couldn’t deliver. What did the person on the other end want the man-servant to deliver, thought Dewey. Then Dewey heard the man-servant say  tell the person  that he was going to hang up the phone. Dewey didn’t think  the man-servant would  actually do that, but he did!

The man-servant was smirking and Dewey asked what the call  was all about. “Oh some confused person was trying to order a pizza! They thought we were a restaurant!”  Dewey chuckled, ” Yes, they definitely must have been confused, for who would want to order something that you cooked!” Dewey dodged the flying spatula that came his way.

Later that evening the man-servant decided to build a fire and make some smores. Another one of his special treats.

It was a nice, cool, Fall evening to be gathered around the fire. Jaxon and Dewey made sure to sit on either side of the man-servant’s chair, for it never failed that a marshmallow would fall off the stick. They always had their mouths open wide ready  to catch them.  Odessa could care less about marshmallows, she was one strange bird!

When they all had their fill of smores and marshmallows they enjoyed looking at the shining  stars in the sky. Jaxon started humming as only magical, red-eyed Jackalopes can  do. Peace and contentment filled the air, as Dewey laid down at the man-servant’s feet and Odessa sat perched in the chair nearby. What could be better, than to spend a relaxing evening with your circle of friends.


15 thoughts on “A Care-Free Fall Day!

    • Hmmm….guess you won’t be serving them at your restaurant then. Just sticking to pizza and ?? Of course according to Dewey, (and he is a smart cat) you cooking for a restaurant may not be a good idea…just saying….:)


      • I don’t have a restaurant, and my cooking skills are of the survival kind (based on quite a few years of living on my own). i.e. I will never starve, and I will always eat well…… but it may not be too exciting by some standards! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha. Good question! I love peanut butter a lot. But I don’t eat it a lot because it’s addictive lol and too much isn’t good for you. I’m unfortunately I’m not a marshmallow fan by any means or whatever the man servant put in there. Maybe it’s a guy thing lol. I might eat the marshmallow in s’mores. It’s been awhile but chocolate covers everything 🙂 How about you? We don’t get the commercial here.


  1. This sounds like a lovely way to spend a day! I think it’s pretty amusing that no one wanted to try to the marshmallow fluff / PB sandwich, but they’re all lining up for the regular marshmallows! I’ve had the sandwich before and it’s okay, but I really prefer my marshmallows in frosting – yum! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you liked it, as always thanks for your comments 🙂
      LOL about not liking the sandwich! Yeah, they didn’t know what they were missing. I guess they just didn’t want to try it with the peanut butter 🙂
      Marshmallows in frosting…yes I could go for that 🙂


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