The Rooftop Incident (Part 2)

Hello my friends! I decided to surprise you with another post today. To not make you wait another day to see what happens to poor Dewey and Jaxon stuck up on the roof! You can check out Part 1 here, The Roof Top Incident  you haven’t read it yet.

The Rooftop Incident

Soon it was starting to get dark, and Dewey and Jaxon were both curled up against the old red brick chimney. “What are we going to do?” said Dewey. “Well it’s much too high to jump down” said Jaxon and then, as an afterthought “Do you think that Odessa could carry us down to the ground?” “I never thought of that” said Dewey, “But we can’t call her now because she will be out hunting.” “I might be able to” said Jaxon. Dewey looked at him “With your magic?” “Perhaps” said Jaxon. “The thing is, my magic allows me to talk to rabbits, antelopes and jackalopes just by thinking stuff. I’ve never tried it with an owl!”

Odessa was flying high over some fields looking for anything that moved, when she suddenly felt confused. Typically at this time, she is totally focused on potential food but, at that moment, her mind became very cloudy. She could focus on the ground below, but then she would be thinking about a rabbit. “Rabbits are usually in their burrows by now” she thought “What on earth is going on? I must concentrate.” A few moments later, she had just seen a mouse when, once again, a rabbit dominated her thoughts. This time it had horn things on its head! “I can’t fly under these conditions” she said to herself “I had better find a tree to rest in, and wait to see if this thing goes away.”

She flew to the nearest tree; rested on one of the higher branches, and tried to clear her mind of all thoughts. After a few minutes, and after she had just thought that she had been successful and could therefore continue hunting, she saw a very clear picture of Jaxon, and he was clearly distressed! She really didn’t understand what was happening, but knew that she had better follow her instincts and fly as fast as she could back to the farmhouse.

She was soon dropping down to land on the farmhouse roof, and saw Dewey and Jaxon curled up against the old red brick chimney. “Is everything okay?” she said, and then added “Given your current circumstances!” Jaxon looked at her “Did you get my message?” “What message?” said Odessa. “I tried to think a message through the night to you.” said Jaxon. Odessa looked at him very intently. “You are one very smart, whatever you are! Yes I did get your message! You almost scared my feathers off me! How did you do that?” she asked “Well I just used my magic to think myself into your mind, and said HELP!” replied Jaxon. Odessa rotated her head a few times as owls tend to do, and then looked straight at him again. “Well I didn’t get the HELP bit, but I did get a sense of you being in trouble. If this happens again, do you think that you could announce yourself first, so I am not wondering what is going on in my head?  Anyway, now I am here, what can I do for you?” “Could you carry us down to the ground please?” said Jaxon.

“Well now” said Odessa “I am very good at lifting small rodents… but you two? I’m not sure!” Dewey looked at her. “Odessa” he said “I have seen hawks much smaller than you pick up creatures much bigger than a mouse!” “Yes” said Odessa “but you two must be quite a weight, and I would have to hold one of you with each claw!” Jaxon looked rather puzzled “Odessa” he said “Why can’t you just take one of us down, and then come back for the other one?” Odessa rotated her head and then looked at her claws. With her head down, she said “I hadn’t thought of that!” In a much lighter tone, she then said “How soon can you pack and be ready to leave?”

Dewey walked over to her. “Odessa” he said “We have nothing to pack! We’re not here on vacation. We’re here because our ladder disappeared, and we are stranded here. We can leave whenever you are ready!” “Well you are lucky that I am here at this moment then” said Odessa. “Who wants to go first?” Within a few minutes, they were all standing in the yard. They were just about to go their separate ways when the front door of the farmhouse opened, and silhouetted by the light behind him was the man-servant! “Come on in” he said “And let’s all celebrate an adventure filled day!”

They all walked into the farm house and, laid out in front of a crackling fire was a feast for all creatures. There was even a plate with “Odessa” written on it! While they were all eating away, Dewey stopped and, looking up at the man-servant, said “How did you get down off the roof?” The man-servant chuckled. “Well Dewey my friend” he said “You know that room in the roof that I call the attic?” Dewey nodded. “Well you know that window in the ceiling?” Dewey again nodded. “Well that window is also called a skylight. I just opened it and climbed down into the house!”

Odessa suddenly turned to face the man-servant “Well why didn’t you just come outside again; get your ladder, and go back up onto the roof to finish your work?” “I was going to.“ said the man-servant “But then I realized what was happening, and thought that I should play along with the game.  It was a lot of fun eh!”

All four of them returned to their food. Not a word was spoken!

12 thoughts on “The Rooftop Incident (Part 2)

  1. Haha so cute. I love the ending. The man servant was playing along. But just teasing them, he had a great feast for them all waiting so no one was upset 🙂 Great writing JR. I can imagine this series as a children’s book, like a first chapter book for grade two and three students?

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  2. Also, I read your last post on being a parent dealing with a child who had mental health issues and having other family issues. I’m sorry for you, I’m sure that that is really hard. It’s terrible people don’t realize depression and mental illness can leave a person as sick as physical ailments. In fact mental illnesses are pretty physical too, I know from myself. And you are right, people just need to be there for people who suffer mental illnesses and the parents/family who support them. That helps a great deal. Be there and don’t judge. Praying for your family 🙂

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