The Roof Top Incident

Good Morning! I hope this morning finds you smiling! I thought I would share another Dewey story today. Didn’t think you all would mind. This one is one of Colin’s creations again. He is getting quite good at them, isn’t he 🙂 As I said to him, it is fun for me to be surprised at a Dewey story. For there to be a story where I don’t know what is coming. The only drawback to that, is that I am not in control of what kind of situations Dewey may find himself in, as you will see. Enjoy the story! Colin is away right now and internet service will be erratic, but I am sure he still will appreciate the comments you leave when he sees them.

The Roof Top Incident (part 1)

The man-servant had to replace a few tiles on the roof of the farm house and so, that morning, he got the big ladder from the barn and propped it up against the farmhouse wall. He then got a box of tiles; his hammer; a bag of nails, and up he went and onto the roof.

 Dewey and Jaxon came around the corner of the barn and saw the ladder. They soon figured out that the man-servant was up on the roof.  Jaxon then turned to Dewey and said “Wouldn’t it be fun if we took away the ladder! How would he get down?” Dewey looked at Jaxon “Jaxon!” he said, trying to stifle a big grin “That’s a terrible idea!” but now he was rolling around in the yard with uncontrollable laughter. Jaxon soon realized that it would be a great prank to play on the man-servant, and soon he too was laughing his head off at the thought of the man-servant trying to find his ladder in order to come down from the roof. They both quietly took the ladder and laid it down behind the barn.

 They both then found a nice sunny place in the yard where they could watch the man-servant working on the roof. Odessa suddenly arrived and landed right next to them. “What’s up?” she said. “We’re watching the man-servant working on the roof over there” they said, and both pointed towards the farmhouse. “Well that’s not very exciting” said Odessa “Can’t you think of more fun things to do?” Dewey and Jaxon looked at each other, and then turned to Odessa “Not really” they said “You see… the man-servant cannot get down from the roof!” “Well how did he get up there?” said Odessa “By a ladder which we took away and hid behind the barn” said Dewey. Odessa looked at them and smiled!

The man-servant had been working for quite some and decided that it was time for a coffee break. He went over to where the ladder should have been, but it was not there. He thought to himself “That’s odd! I’m sure I put it there.” He scratched his head, and then walked around the roof to see whether he had been mistaken and placed the ladder somewhere else. He soon concluded that his ladder had gone and, hearing some giggling from over near the barn, he had a pretty good idea what had happened to it!

 He sat down on the roof for a few moments while deep in thought. Suddenly, he gave a big grin “I know what I am going to do!” he said with a little chuckle.

Meanwhile, Dewey, Jaxon and Odessa had been leaning up against the barn and just watching the man-servant working. They giggled when they saw him go to where the ladder used to be, and tried so hard to stop laughing (they didn’t want him to hear them) when the man-servant was walking around and obviously trying to find it.

 Odessa, who had the best eyesight of all three of them, suddenly stood up. “He’s gone! She said “He’s completely disappeared!”  Dewey stood up and said “Well he can’t be very far can he? He has no ladder!” Jaxon then stood up and joined them. “I know where he is!” he said. Odessa looked at him. “Are your magical powers that good? I am impressed!” “No” said Jaxon “It has nothing to do with magical powers, and everything to do with logic!” “You had better explain that to us Jaxon” said Odessa.

 “Well” said Jaxon “He has no way of coming down without the ladder. I must deduce that either he is on the other side of the roof and simply out of sight, or he has fallen off the roof!” “My word” said Odessa “I’ll fly straight over there and check it out!” With a quick whoosh whoosh, Odessa was gaining height and on her way to the farmhouse. Dewey and Jaxon watched as Odessa glided over the roof, but she gave no signal that she had seen anything. “Oh no” said Dewey “Perhaps he did fall off! Now I am feeling really bad about moving the ladder”. They both then saw Odessa circle around the farmhouse three times before she started heading back towards them. She gently landed in front of them. “Well guys” she said “There’s no sign of him anywhere!” Dewey started to look worried. “We have to go and find him” he said “Let’s put the ladder back so that me and Jaxon can climb up onto the roof, and Odessa, we’ll meet you there!”

The ladder was put up against the farmhouse wall, and all three of them were soon on the roof. Dewey had a quick walk around and found the man-servant’s box of roof tiles; his hammer, and a bag of nails… but there was no sign of the man-servant. They were all standing there looking at each other, and totally bewildered, when they heard a slight scraping sound from where the ladder was. Jaxon hopped over to investigate and was clearly agitated. “What’s up?” said Dewey “It’s the ladder” said Jaxon. “What about the ladder?” said Odessa “It’s gone!” said Jaxon “We can’t get down!”

Odessa looked at him “You should have been an owl, and then you wouldn’t have this problem!” “Odessa” said Dewey “That is not very helpful. You’re supposed to be wise, so don’t you have any ideas for us two?” “Of course I do” said Odessa quite indignantly “If you come back again in a later life, then come back as an owl. You won’t regret it!” Then she turned to Jaxon “Why can’t your magic powers get you down?” “Oh I don’t know about that” said Jaxon “My intuitive magic is very good, but when I have to concentrate on words and twitching my nose, I easily get distracted and never quite know what is going to happen. Being so high off the ground here, I don’t want to take any chances!” “Well” said Odessa “That’s all I have to offer, and I need a nap so that I can go hunting this evening. Bye! Oh… I’ll be back in the morning to check up on you!”

I Coulda Haz A V8!:   I wasn’t planning on a picture, but spied this and I would say it is pretty accurate as to how Dewey is feeling right now at being stuck up on the roof!

10 thoughts on “The Roof Top Incident

    • LOL! Yes, a quick rescue is exactly what I told Colin when I received the 1st part in my inbox. I said how Dewey has never spent a night outside without his comfy bed!! Just so you know you readers aren’t the only ones kept in suspense with Colin’s stories. He enjoys sending me just parts of the stories as well!! No matter how many times I have said that its totally fine to wait until he is finished the story and to just send me the WHOLE thing at one time. Nope I am kept in suspense as well, though not a day or 2 like you all usually…sorry 🙂

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  2. Oh, Odessa is quite the character. I can’t quite figure her out. Sometimes, she works with Dewey and Jaxon, sometimes with the manservant and sometimes for herself,. Ooh, heading over to the next part to see what happens. Btw, I read this part out loud and it was so much fun and funny

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  3. I thought that was kind of mean actually to do that to the man servant but I guess there must be some other way off the roof. Dewey and Jaxon get what they deserve in this case. Off to read part 2 🙂

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