Being Thankful!

It is November, and with that comes Thanksgiving. On Facebook it has become popular to share something each day that  you are thankful for during the month of  November. A grateful heart is something that we should have every day of the year, not just in the month of November. I started thinking and decided I would make a list of 30 things I was thankful for. I will divide it up into 3 lists of 10 over the next 3 weeks.

You will notice the absence of family, friends, shelter, food, animals and nature from the list. I am very thankful for each one of those, but  all of us can sit here  and compose a list made up of those things. These lists are a little more creative.  The items appear in no particular order, the order has nothing to do with being more thankful for one thing or the other. It is just how they come to me.  Some things  may be crazy, some may be deeper. You can probably relate to some.  What are some things your list of 30 would include? Feel free to comment below!

1.When your child is wearing a smile that stretches from ear to ear.

2.When you get that text or email that makes you smile from ear to ear.

3. The gift of writing, (yes I know a obvious one)

4. The gift of laughter, ( Yes, I know an obvious one as well, I didn’t say there wouldn’t be any obvious ones!)

5.The plain craziness that can occur in our house at times. Thankful we aren’t one of those Reality shows that has video cameras around. The cameras would have wondered why I was standing on one foot last night as I brushed my teeth. Or why I was making a baked potato at 2:15AM. Yes, one of you has done the same, right? Please comment below if so!

6.The variety of music! Thankful that I can hear it!

7. For the Postal Service that delivers cards and packages. (thankful for at least most of the packages that is 🙂 )

8. The times when a warm feeling floods your heart. The feeling of knowing that you are cherished and loved.

9. For imagination and a special cat named Dewey, along with his friends!

10. For my chiropractor, for untangling the knots from my neck and shoulders. It is not an easy job!





14 thoughts on “Being Thankful!

  1. I am thankful for –
    The opportunities that I saw… and took.
    The strangers I have met … and who became friends
    My challenging children … who became perfectly normal (?) adults
    My freedom to dream… and the motivation to chase them
    My life challenges … and the resulting education
    A dog named Ray… and the lessons he has taught me
    Waking up this morning… so I can yet enjoy another day

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  2. What a GREAT list!!!
    Why, though, were you baking a potato at 2am???
    I must also tell you, C, how much you have grown in your writing over the past year. Yesterday’s post was an example of that. Keep up the great work!!

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    • Glad you enjoyed the list!
      Why was I baking a potato at 2am? You don’t do that? 🙂 Well in all honesty it was because I am a KIND Mom 🙂 Yes, my youngest is more of a night owl like me and had woken up and wanted a baked potato. Or wait no I was supposed to go drive to Sheetz our convenience store and buy some French Fries! I said how that was not happening. Well then I was supposed to slice a baked potato up like French Fries and bake in the oven. I explained that I was not taking the time to do that either. I got told that I was ” so difficult”…LOL! I served a baked potato on a plate with a bottle of ketchup 🙂

      Thank you so much with the sweet compliment about my writing! That means a lot 🙂 ❤
      Yes, I saw Colin's comment! You should have made your compliment when I was sick, you know when Colin was being sweet. LOL!

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  3. Very nice. You have me thinking. Every week at the end of my share group we end on a positive note, usually with something for which we are grateful. I’ll have to stretch my thankful list and set a precedence.

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