The Exquisite Garden

A long, long time ago in a tiny village far away there was a beautiful flower garden. The flowers found there  were rare, a vast array of colors and simply amazing! The colors were brighter and bolder than any other flowers around. The garden bloomed year round. The size of the flowers and plants astounded people as well. There was no other garden known  that could match the splendor of this one.

No one knew the secret of how the flowers looked so exquisite and the plants were always a lovely green. The lady of the house would only smile when asked about it. People often tried to guess the secret but they would only fail. No one could leave the garden without having been touched by its  pure beauty,  and touched by the lady of the garden.

No one knew much about the lady of the garden. They did know  that she did not have an easy life. She had endured much heartbreak. Lost her whole family and dealt with some  by serious illnesses throughout her life. You wouldn’t have guessed that though when watching her in the garden. Her face shone with a brightness that reflected the glow of her heart. You  could often hear her singing as she watered her flowers and plants. There were also times that she was silent and would sit on her favorite bench in the middle of the garden. At times it would seem as if she was in deep contemplation and other times if you were close enough you could see the tears coming down her face.

Her garden was open during the day for the public to view. She always had a kind word to say to the visitors and usually would have some words of wisdom to pass along.

Legend has it that the garden continues to flourish, even though the lady of the garden has been gone for decades now. Visitors still flock from all over to see the amazing flowers and plants. The bench she always sat on remains there in her honor.

There was a startling discovery made. A secret opening in the garden wall. It was like a  secret place for storage. There were lots of  water pitchers found in it. They were said to be the pitchers that she watered her garden from. Each pitcher was engraved with 2 simple  words.  These words perplexed some, but others smiled as understanding filled their heart. The words were , “My Tears!” Above the shelves that the pitchers were on was another engraving. A quote that people remembered often hearing the lady of the garden say as she watered her flowers.  Grow those flowers. From the creator of Sex and The City, 'Younger' stars Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff, Debi Mazar, Miriam Shor and Nico Tortorella. Discover full episodes at You may not feel it now but you'll look back and see it in the future. Then the time that feels stuck now will make sense.:

11 thoughts on “The Exquisite Garden

  1. Beautiful story. The Serenity Prayer says that hardship is the pathway to peace. We can have peace when we trust God to work all things out for our good. It is through the tough times that we can grow in character if we choose to have the right attitude.

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