Dewey’s Not-So-Lucky Day!

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s post, you will want to read that one first.  It is Dewey Makes a Bet!

Oh the day that Dewey had been dreading had come. Dewey wanted to snuggle down in his bed more and just sleep the day away, but he couldn’t. There was no way he could, due to the man-servant whistling a happy tune all morning long! Oh why did Dewey’s horse have to lose the race. Jaxon was barely talking to him. He had clobbered Dewey over the head when they both saw the man-servant’s horse cross the finish line first. Yes, Dewey had dug a fine hole for himself this time. Now just to get out of it as quickly as he could!


Odessa was going to meet them at the fairgrounds that afternoon. She had kept fluffing her feathers when Dewey and Jaxon were around her. Kept saying how much they were going to enjoy the Magic Wheel. She was supposed to be a WISE owl, but Dewey was seriously doubting her wisdom at this present moment!


The clock struck 2:00, it was time to go. The man-servant came over to Dewey and Jaxon asking if they were all ready for some fun. What did he expect them to say? Dewey swatted at him, for he deserved it. The man-servant only laughed as they headed out the door.


As they walked the man-servant kept encouraging them to go faster, for didn’t they want to get there. He couldn’t stop laughing at the way that Dewey and Jaxon looked. That was OK, let him laugh. Dewey was plotting and thinking of a bet where he was guaranteed to win. He hadn’t thought of it yet, but it would surely come!


They reached the top of the hill and they could see the Magic Wheel in the distance. Jaxon started turning around and the Man-servant grabbed him, saying, “Oh no, you don’t!” Jaxon glared at Dewey. Yes,  Dewey knew he would owe Jaxon big time.


Odessa was sitting on top of the Magic Wheel. She came flying down as they walked up to it. She was smiling broadly and she even had a mouse for Dewey! Dewey’s eyes brightened, but then he realized that his tummy was too nervous to even eat it. He would save it for later. That is, if there was a later. Dewey was wondering how many lives he had left, could he spare any or would this Magic Wheel take the last one?


They timidly stepped on the wheel  and sat down. They were in the middle between Odessa and the Man-servant. Dewey guessed they were afraid that they might try to jump off. OH MY the  wheel was starting to move. It was going higher. Jaxon clenched once again to Dewey and gave him a, “You are so in for it!” look!  Dewey closed his eyes as they got closer to the top. He couldn’t see how Odessa and the man-servant could be smiling and actually be enjoying this Terror Wheel. Dewey always thought they were crazy, now he knew it for sure! Aah!They were on their way down finally! Now it would soon be over and Dewey slowly  opened his eyes. Jaxon’s face still had a wild look to it. He wasn’t blinking or moving a muscle.

They reached the ground and Dewey jumped up, but fell back down into the seat as the wheel took off again! What was going on? Dewey turned his eyes onto the man-servant and told him that he hadn’t agreed to 2 rides!  Sweet Odessa was laughing and the man-servant had that  sly smile on his face, as he said, ” Sorry, but you really never specified how many rides it would be. Since you didn’t choose, Odessa and I made the decision for you.  How does 12 spins around sound?

Dewey opened his mouth but nothing came out. Instead he ended up biting his tongue as Jaxon swatted him. “Hey!” Dewey yelled, “Swat Odessa and the man-servant,not me!” Jaxon shook his head and said, “NO, This was your idea, you said, OH Jaxon, no worries I am certain that my horse will WIN!”

Dewey was sitting and stewing. Oh the thoughts that were going round and round in his head, as he literally went around and around! They would be sorry! The Terror Wheel was slowing down again; Dewey held his breath wondering if this was  the 12th time around yet. He had lost count, he was counting the number of butterflies in his stomach each time that the wheel would go  up really high.

YES!!! The ride had stopped and the man-servant and Odessa got up to step out. Poor Jaxon was stumbling around, Jackalopes tend to get dizzy easily. He finally gave up and laid down. The man-servant turned to Odessa with a grin, and said how he guesses it was a good thing that they stopped at 4 times around.

They all rested for a little, waiting on Jaxon and letting Dewey catch his breath. Odessa gave a bag to Dewey. It actually  had 6 mice inside! Dewey suddenly remembered how hungry he was! Once Jaxon regained his balance Dewey gave him some mice which got a smile out of Jaxon. A smile was always good, at least Dewey knew that he wouldn’t get choked yet by Jaxon.

Odessa had to go and hunt for some shrews for supper, so she said her goodbyes, thanking her friends for a delightful day. The other 3 made their way home and chatted as they walked, but kept the Terror Wheel out of the conversation!

OH HOME, SWEET HOME! Dewey was so anxious to see his comfy bed. He plopped down. It felt so good to lay on something that was not moving! He quickly dozed off into dreamland. Was he still dreaming? He smelled something. Gradually he opened his eyes and he still smelled it, he must not be dreaming! Oh his stomach was rumbling again.

He saw the man-servant coming with something in his hand. It was CARP, Dewey’s eyes were really wide open now. A day of mice and Carp, perhaps the day hadn’t been so awfully bad. Dewey smiled, he knew the man-servant had a kind heart; in spite of all the slyness and mischief that was in it.  As if the man-servant had read Dewey’s mind, he said, ” You are welcome.. you did well on the ride!” Dewey purred and started to bite into the delicious Carp. The man started walking away, but said, “Eat up…so you will be ready for our midnight ride on the wheel. Exciting, eh?” Some of the Carp came back out of Dewey’s mouth, as he bit his tongue once again!


Dewey Makes a Bet!

Yes, a mid-week Dewey story again. No birthday reason this time, but there is a special reason. You will see it at the end 🙂 ENJOY!

This morning  went by fast and now it was almost time. Dewey had taken notice that the man-servant was nowhere around. It  was unusual for him to be gone at this time of day. He would usually be dozing in his recliner or working in the garden. He had been trying to find more flower pots with Latin inscriptions on them. He thought that they were valuable relics and may bring money.  Dewey knew the truth, but why should he tell the man-servant. It was fun for Dewey to watch him keep digging deep holes.

Dewey wondered if he had left for the races early. Probably trying to get a good seat. That is OK, he could have the best seat, the best seat as he watched his horse lose. Dewey laughed to himself at the thought. Yes, the man-servant and Odessa’s horse would lose, it had to! Dewey had too much at stake for it not to.

Dewey and Jaxon made it to the races in record time. Jaxon was eager for the popcorn that he had been told would be there. He started looking around for it as soon as they arrived.

Odessa waved at them from under a tree where they had a good view. Jaxon almost knocked Dewey down out of his excitement to get to Odessa. She was holding a bag of popcorn for him. Woe to those who come between a Jackalope and his popcorn! Dewey shook his head with laughter.

Dewey directed his gaze to the starting line up. 6 horses were lined up and they all were quite impressive looking indeed! All quite impressive, but #444 was the BEST! That one was Dewey’s pick. A golden brown color and a white star on its forehead. The star was a sign of course that it would be the STAR of the Race!

The race started and the horses were off and running. Excitement was in the air as the friends gazes were intently on the horses that they had picked to win. Each one wanting the bet they made to end up in their favor!

Dewey had been gazing into the crowd of spectators and his eyes landed on none other than the man-servant. He had come early to get a good seat. The friends had met up with each other before the race began. They had wished each other good luck and they were sure to go over the details of the bets made again. Just so that everyone understood and couldn’t try to deny it.

Dewey still found it interesting how Odessa came up to him all happy saying how she was placing her bet on #330. She seemed so confident and Dewey wondered how she came up that horse. She had chosen a horse before Dewey even had a chance to think about who he was choosing. Later that day he found out that the man-servant had also chosen #330. Hmmm..Odessa had chosen the same horse as the man-servant, had he tipped her off?

Dewey realized that there were some things that the man-servant might have more knowledge about.  Could horses be one of them?  Possibly….but Dewey was convinced that the man-servant and Odessa would be wrong. Dewey would show them, and he raised his tail a little higher. Odessa may be able to fluff out her wings when feeling proud, but Dewey had a tail he could raise as he proudly strutted around.

Around and around the course the horses were going. Sometimes Dewey’s was ahead and then #330 would be.  Jaxon hadn’t picked a horse; he was too intent on eating all the dropped popcorn. Dewey’s heart was beating in anticipation of celebrating victory.

He smiled to himself as he thought of the bet that he had made with Odessa. She would bring him 6 mice each day for a whole week if his horse won. Dewey offered to make the same bet with the man-servant when he came over to see them for a little.  Strangely the man-servant turned Dewey down, he didn’t want any mice! Jaxon must have been right, the man-servant must be having nightmares about mice and that is why he was so scared of them.

If Dewey won, the man-servant would bring breakfast to Dewey in his bed each morning for a week. He would get 2 pieces of Carp each morning along with his regular breakfast. In the evenings he would get some freshly baked double chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. Oh Dewey could taste it already.

If Odessa and the man-servant’s horse won…well Dewey didn’t like thinking about that possibility.  Dewey and Jaxon (Yeah Jaxon got roped into it by Dewey) would have to go on the Magic Wheel again! This time they would be  with the man-servant and Odessa! Oh how sly those 2 thought they were. They apparently had great fun on the Magic Wheel and had decided that Dewey and Jaxon could learn to like it.  Yeah right, thought Dewey, as he saw his life flash before him again. Dewey really could not lose this bet!!

Everyone was on their feet in the stands, the race was nearing the end. The horses had a little further to go to reach the finish line! Number 330 and Dewey’s horse were neck in neck.  Dewey was sure looking forward to mice and breakfast in bed!  OH the 2 horses were totally side by side, Dewey could barely breathe and Jaxon was about bursting. He knew what would happen if #330 won, and Jaxon’s stomach was already churning at the thought. Why did Dewey always get him into situations like this? He could not go on that Magic Wheel again. The race was just about over.  Dewey glanced at the man-servant and his face was intent, but there was a gleam in his eye. OH #330 could not win; the man-servant would be smirking about it for a long time!

The crowd was yelling and cheering their favorite on.  Then just like that, within seconds the race was over. The crowd broke into applause and cheers for the winning horse. Dewey and the man-servant were looking straight into each others eyes, but only one was smiling. Who do you think it was?

 Sorry, but when inspiration hits, a a writer has to do what they have to do, right?  I honestly didn’t plan on it ending this way, but then I thought why not! Plus I am anxious to know who you think won the bet. No, your answers won’t change the story, it has already been written. The reason I posted this today is because I didn’t think it would be fair for me to make you wait from one Saturday to the next. I know I am not real patient when it comes to waiting.  🙂 Don’t worry, the second part will appear tomorrow. Saturday’s post will be about something different.  Dewey may need a break.  He may be pale and recovering from another ride on the Magic Wheel, or he may be too full of mice and carp and cake and not able to move. Which do you think it will be? Who won the bet?

Whose Candle?

via Daily Prompt: Candle

Dameon) To honor Brandon I light a candle and put it in his room. Then I sit there watching the light burn on.:

Candles really do brighten up the dark! Whose candle are you being today? Whose world are you helping to make a little brighter?

No, you can’t take away all the darkness, but you can shine through it. There is a dear friend who a while ago now, said something to me that I won’t forget. I had written about the dark times our family was going through. They wrote in response at how I will get to the end of the tunnel, and when I do they will be there holding the light. Touched my heart.

This came back to me, as I was talking with another friend this afternoon. They were saying how they really wish there was more that they could do for us right now. This person has done A LOT! To sum up that statement though, it meant, I wish I could just take this all away for you. I know that friend isn’t alone in that sentiment. I am blessed with so many that wish they could wave their magic wand.

I know the feeling.  I wish I could wave my magic wand as well for people. I want to wave it for the dear friend who has a terminal illness, wave it for the friend who has been abandoned by her mate, for the ones struggling so hard with finances and jobs. I want to wave it for a family that I don’t even know. What I do know, is that they just lost their little boy in a freak accident. His life was snuffed out just like that. As my co-worker told me about it, I had goosebumps go through me  and my heart ached. Losing a loved one is the hardest thing ever in life! Where oh where is that magic wand?

The magic wand is inside each of us actually, we just need to set it ablaze. Its not the magic of being able to make troubles completely disappear, but it is in the magic of warming someone else’s hurting heart by your light. The magic of making them smile, laugh and sometimes cry the tears that they need to cry.

We each have the power inside of us to help light up the dark for someone else. We don’t need no fancy degree or fancy lingo,making sure we know the right words. We light up the the dark with our hearts. Our flames inside us speak their own language. Sometimes it is  with words, sometimes with actions and sometimes with silence.  Silence,  for when the moment is too powerful, and there are no words.

Whose candle will you light today?

My new FAV quote! Spread the love and inspire others!

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each one of us has cause to think deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.:


Thoughts from A-Z

Last night my husband and I were waiting to pick up my daughter and her friend from an event that they were at. It went A LOT longer than we had planned and so we were sitting in the van waiting and waiting.  What do you do when waiting…. you talk 🙂 There were serious topics we discussed, but as the hour grew later and as  we grew more tired… well the topics kept changing.

We started quoting the words from Ray Steven’s songs back and forth. Did I mention we were tired? 🙂 Ray Stevens was very creative!  Brad still has a cassette tape of a compilation of his favorite songs by him.  We listened to it a lot when we were first married, that would explain why almost 21 years later,  we still remember the words!

Since that took us back in time I remembered something we had done while dating. Brad had given me nicknames from A to Z!  The very first one was written in a letter to me and wasn’t started at the beginning of the alphabet. It was “My Tiny Tater”, yes this is where you all go “Awh..” They all  were 2 word names. I had thought of a few for him as well including,  “Nutty Nacho”and  “Gentle Giant”, I am sure that you get the idea. They ranged widely from crazy and  joking ones, to  sweet and romantic ones. Am I prepared to give you the entire list? Ummm…let me think? Nope!  Sorry! I will say that we were able to remember almost all the names, even after 21 years! The ones we forgot last night are popping up in my head today. Yes, there are some favorites that we still use, but a lot of them we hadn’t brought up for a very long time.

Now I am not sure how the next topic came up, besides the fact that it was getting late. I will share  with you all to hear  your thoughts. Why oh why are there so many classic, popular nursery rhymes and songs  and Bedtime stories for children that are sad and scary?  What do I mean? Here is my list.

“Rock-a-bye-baby” – “When the bough breaks the cradle will fall, and down will come baby..”  Yes, I sang this to my children when rocking them and I wondered at that time, why am I a saying this? In a nice soothing tone you are telling the child that their cradle will fall. Of course they don’t understand it at that time, but is anyone else confused about why those words?

“Ring around the Rosy” – Yes, we still do this with our daycare kids and they smile and laugh, because they don’t realize that the lyrics had to do with the “Black Plaque” years ago!! “Ashes to Ashes”…

“Three Blind Mice” – I am not fond of mice, but really is there a point to this poem, besides the poor mice getting their tails chopped off?

The Itsy Bitsy Spider”As I have expressed on this blog before, I do NOT LIKE spiders, they freak me out. Why could it not have been “The Itsy Bitsy Caterpillar” ?

“Hansel and Gretel” – This story did scare me when I was little! I was definitely not following any trail of food in the woods, for I did NOT want to find a witch who may put me in the oven at the end of the trail!

“Little Red Riding Hood” – Another  lovely story about a girl who goes into the woods and thinks her grandmother is in bed, when it really is a Wolf. The wolf ate her grandmother and is going to eat Little Red Riding Hood as well! Is it any  wonder that I prefer the beach over the woods! You never read a scary tale that took place at a beach! 🙂

“Goldilocks and the Three Bears” – A house in the woods, (what a surprise) where 3 bears live. Goldilocks goes in and eats up the porridge, breaks a chair because it is too small, breaks a bed because it is too small and wakes up to 3 angry Bears staring at her. She runs away never to be seen again. The happiness that story is supposed to spread???

“Humpty Dumpty” – I seriously always felt sad for Humpty Dumpty. I mean there really wasn’t much to his story. He is sitting on a wall smiling and crash he falls and sadly no one can put him together again. Sad rhyme, but yes I read it to my children. It was a classic, it was like you were expected to read these stories.

The list could go on and you know I probably will repeat these to my grandchildren someday even if  don’t know the reason behind all these rhymes, songs and stories. What I do know is that Yes, I am definitely moving to the beach someday! No disgruntled bears, no witches, no wolves, oh and no spiders!  Oh Yes, the perfect place to be, the sound of the waves and the sea gulls chirping and the smell of the sea in the air. Take me There!!




Dewey goes on a “Ride!”

The sun was shining through the window and Jaxon was the one shaking Dewey awake on  this bright, new day. Jaxon felt extra happy today, for he wasn’t having to deal with nightmares anymore.  He had been free of them for a whole week. He had  found it interesting though that while he was free of them, he had overheard the man-servant talking about having them. Hmmm….wonder if he dreamed of Attack Mice as well? OH MY! Something just dawned on Jaxon. That was it! That was probably why the man-servant had  jumped so high when he saw the gift of mice that Dewey and Jaxon had left on his chair. Jaxon had to tell Dewey!

Today was bound to be exciting, Jaxon could feel it. Was there something in the air?  Jaxon smiled, YES, today would be his day! He didn’t have nightmares and he wasn’t getting any surprise showers today either! Sleepy Dewey had finally awakened, and after he filled his belly they were off to the lake.

They loved prancing through the vast array of leaves  on the ground. A leisurely  walk through the woods as the lovely trees towered over them.  When they reached the glistening  lake they were glad to see that their dear friend Odessa was already  there.. Greetings were exchanged and they chatted a little. As they chatted, Dewey’s attention wandered a bit and he spotted a boat!  It was a vibrant blue boat sitting by the edge of the lake. Dewey loved the color blue. His bed, one of his most favorite things of all, was a deep blue color and oh so velvety soft. Dewey started getting sleepy again, but he remembered the boat and perked up. Dewey couldn’t resist seeing it up close  and had to run down to it. Odessa shook her head, she was  getting the feeling that Dewey was asking for trouble.

Curiosity got the best of Dewey and he stepped into the boat. Suddenly the boat started moving. Odessa let out a shriek and Dewey a YEOW! Jaxon  smugly smitked, as he planned on watching the free entertainment. It was too bad that he had not  bought any popcorn to enjoy!

The boat was picking up speed! Dewey was getting a little frightened and regretting that he had been so curious. The boat was moving towards the center of the lake and Dewey had only one thought….Cats don’t SWIM!

Back on the land Odessa was beginning to get concerned for Dewey as well, for Odessa is a caring owl.  Jaxon saw that and leaned over to whisper something in her ear. A smile started spreading on her face. It got bigger and she couldn’t hold back the laughter.  Odessa may be caring, but she also had a sly streak. Jaxon joined in, they would stop and look at each other and start all over again! Poor Dewey meanwhile was still stranded in the middle of the lake.

OH NO! The boat was spinning, Dewey promised himself that he would not ever  be curious again. That is  if he would be able  to get  off the boat without getting wet! Ahh! Just like that the boat stopped and started drifting towards the land. Dewey’s heart slowly started returning to a steady beat. As soon as the boat got close enough to the land he jumped out of it and landed on his feet. Cats always land on their feet. The land felt so good. He got down on his belly and laid there for a little bit.

Odessa and Jaxon ran up to him. Dewey told them that he was NEVER getting in a boat again! Jaxon gave a sly grin and told Dewey to look at the boat. Dewey turned his head and looked. “Hey it is spinning again! How did that happen?” Dewey said in astonishment.  He looked at Jaxon and saw his closed eyes and the slightest nod. He turned back and looked at the boat and it was still. His gaze went to Jaxon again and his eyes were open. “Hey Dewey, Look! shouted Odessa. Sure enough the boat was spinning once more and when he looked at Jaxon, his eyes were closed. Dewey was getting a funny feeling in the pit of his belly, and with one look at Odessa he knew he was right!

“JAXON!!!!” “That’s his name,”shouted Odessa. Hearing those words Jaxon took off. Dewey knew there was no chance of catching up to him, for Jackalopes are so speedy! That is OK, he would be at home when Dewey got there. OH MY! This is the trouble you run into  when you have a Magic Jackalope for a close friend!

Odessa flew over to Dewey and did a little spin in the air. “Look at me Dewey, does this remind you of anything?” She continued to spin around and then was just rotating her head around like she does. “Oh No, I can’t stop! Tell Jaxon to open his eyes!” and with that said she stopped and convulsed into laughter. Oh yes, Dewey was surrounded by “comedians,” what was he to do!! He didn’t know what, but he did know it would definitely be something!

WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!! Whoa, what was coming Dewey’s way? OH NO! A bigger than life dog was charging towards him. Odessa had flown safely up into a tree and was thinking how beautiful the dog looked. He had the perfect markings on his face and those deep brown eyes looked like they could see right through you.Odessa had noticed the dog earlier at the other end of the lake. It appeared that the dog was having lots of fun splashing around in the lake and playing with sticks. Odessa had been so caught up in Dewey getting his little ride that she hadn’t thought of warning him. To Dewey it was like the dog  had come out of nowhere, and he was rapidly gaining on Dewey. With a burst of adrenaline Dewey took off. Oh today was so definitely not his day!

Perched in a perfect look out spot in the tree, Odessa was kind of having fun watching the spectacle below. The dog’s name must be Ray, a man with not much hair on his head was yelling his name. Hmmm.. thought Odessa, the man sure did resemble the man-servant with his looks. Odessa was laughing.  Ray had taken off so suddenly that he had made the man fall into the water and he was on his stomach holding onto the leash for dear life as Ray was running. Oh the man was getting up now and Ray had stopped. Odessa was impressed that he had listened to the man, he must be a very good dog.

Now that Dewey was safe, Odessa thought she would catch up with him. She could tell him he didn’t need to run anymore. Poor guy, he did have a rough day, but Odessa couldn’t help but smile. It had been fun to watch some mishaps happen to Dewey for a change.



Daily Prompt: Tree

via Daily Prompt: Tree

The Magnificent Angel Oak Tree in Charleston, South Carolina:

When I hear the word Tree I can’t help but think of this tree! The Angel Oak Tree is  said to be the oldest Oak Tree around. Pictures truly don’t do it justice, for there is so much of it.  I will include some more pictures at the end of this post.

Besides just the beauty of this tree, it is special for another reason. I was able to see it every day for a whole year when I lived in South Carolina. I worked at Angel Oak Elementary as a Teacher’s Asst. I passed it on my way to work all the time.Only one of the many  beautiful sights in Charleston, South Carolina.

I love trees. One of my closest childhood friends had a Weeping Willow Tree in their back yard by the creek and that was quite lovely to look at as well. We spent many hours by that tree playing in the creek and sitting under it  to rest.

When I was really young , I remember my parents had a Mulberry Tree. The mulberry’s were delicious from it and my swing was on the tree, so that of course made the tree special.

When my brother died, friends bought my parents a Weeping Cherry tree for our front yard. It was lovely and had much sentimental meaning to it.

Yes Nature is beautiful and too often we take it  for granted! Take a few minutes today to step outside and just breathe in the fresh air and take notice of your surroundings. Soak it in and let it refresh your spirit! If you are feeling extra limber, go climb a tree 🙂 Enjoy the view from the top!


Postscript: When I wrote that last line it made me think about Odessa and the Man-servant from my Dewey stories. They should have really appreciated being at the top of the tree! Think of the wonderful view they had. Dewey and Jaxon were actually giving them time to soak in all the beauty! They are such nice and helpful friends!



Gorgeous! The 1,500 year old Angel Oak tree in South Carolina.

(White) Willow tree, Ogham symbol of Saill, represents Intuition:

The Weeping Cherry is a spectacular, fast-growing tree of uncommon beauty.:    sakura I think this what I was talking about ‏@xhiroxhiro:

Dewey’s Gift Giving Day

Surprise! Another Dewey story 🙂 This story once again couldn’t wait until Saturday. Was it because I missed writing about my friends? No a different reason, which you will be able to tell. I will say this though, Dewey and his friends have grown on me, maybe more than I know. I was in a craft store with my sister last week. We were wandering the aisles and I saw baskets on a shelf. The baskets had cute owls perched in them. I turned to my sister and said, “Look it’s Odessa!!” Thankfully she knew exactly what I meant 🙂 Yes, I left the store with the basket, which now has a lovely fall arrangement of flowers in it.  Enjoy the story my friends!

Dewey’s Gift Giving Day!

Jaxon and Dewey were so excited, today was the day! It was going to be a wonderful day indeed! Today the man -servant turned 100! Well perhaps not that old, but no one ever said that a cat knew how to count. All Dewey knows is that the man-servant has been around a LONG time! Then again he is one witty guy, apparently he ages well.

Dewey and Jaxon were sure to be up extra early this morning. They had to make sure that they would see the excitement that the man-servant had for their thoughtful gift that they left for him. Oh here he came now, heading for his recliner with a mug of tea in his hand. The mug had Jaxon’s picture on it. Dewey wasn’t quite sure how Jaxon rated. The man-servant had a  special mug, that only had Jaxon’s picture on it! Oh well, he would let it go for now.

“Dewey! Jaxon!!” Hmmm… the man-servant’s voice was booming, didn’t quite have a joyful sound to it. Oh No! The tea in the mug spilled out onto the carpet. The man-servant got so “excited’ when he saw his gift on his recliner that he jumped, spilling his tea. Dewey understood, the sight of 6 dead mice in front of him would excite him as well! Wait a minute, he was yelling again and OH how DARE HE! He was throwing the mice away! Dewey and Jaxon had given up their special treats just for him, and he was throwing them into the dumpster! Wow! The man-servant sure was a confusing person, not to mention hard to please. Dewey and Jaxon tried not to imagine how good the mice would have tasted if they would have only  kept them for themselves.

The 2 pals figured that perhaps they should head outside for a little bit. They could play in the leaves. They would be giving the man-servant a little space, as he still seemed a little unnerved by their special…”DEWEY!!” Oops, that didn’t sound like a grateful voice either. All the work Dewey put into hunting and capturing the man-servant’s other gift, and this was the thanks he was given. Dewey had left the present right on top of his laptop so that he would be sure not to miss it. It was a chipmunk. Dewey had heard him talking about them all the time and when he did he would wave his hands about. He would talk about them and the garden. Dewey knew how he loved his garden, so figured he must  love chipmunks as well. Once again though, total ungratefulness! Dewey shook his head and grabbed Jaxon so that they could scoot out the door, before the man-servant came looking for them.

They were having great fun jumping in the piles of leaves that the man-servant had raked up. Odessa had come to join them in their fun. More importantly though she came to wish the man-servant a Happy Birthday. He came strolling out into the backyard and Dewey noticed that he looked happier and had a spring in his step.  That was good, apparently he had got over the “joy” of his  unexpected surprise gifts!

Odessa perched on the man-servant’s  shoulders as they jumped in the leaves together. This time there was no magic net that they had to worry about. Jaxon and Dewey figured they would be KIND, after all it was his birthday! Oh as much as Dewey loved jumping in the leaves, his stomach was beginning to rumble and his taste buds were tingling,  at the thought of some Black Forest Birthday Cake coming soon!