The Surprising Night

Oh what a day it had been! Carissa opened her door , kicked off her shoes and flopped down on the couch. The newspaper was in her hand, she had picked it up at her door. She tossed it on the coffee table not wanting to look at it right now.

She went into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of Hot Apple Cider, brought it out and sat down on the couch staring at the paper.

This morning when she went out to her car she saw a black cat dart across her driveway. She is usually not suspicious, but with her mind already on edge, that sight surely didn’t help.

At work the children were all hyped up, knowing the loads of extra candy that they were going to get tonight. They were enjoying shouting “Boo!” and seeing who they could make jump. Carissa scared easily anyway, and today was no exception.

In the break room was a dish of Candy Corn, that brought a smile to her face. She loved Candy Corn, even if the rest of her family thought she was crazy for liking it. What did they know anyway?

After break she had went to the back room to collect the carved pumpkins that had been made earlier. It was time for them to go home with their owners now. Every pumpkin had a unique face to it, but the one similarity was that all the faces seemed to be laughing at her!

After work, she went out to her car to find 2 black cats this time! One sitting on the hood of her car and the other one right in front of her door. Both were  just staring at her. As she got up the courage to shoo them away she kept repeating to herself that she was not superstitious!

Now she held the newspaper in her hand and decided she couldn’t put it off any longer, she had to look. She quickly scanned each page and felt more relief the closer she got to the end. When she turned the last page she laughed, as she relaxed. She had known there was nothing to worry about. Smiling she went up the stairs to get ready for her party tonight.

The last guest left and Carissa was tired, but it had been a fun night. She thought she would step out on her back porch for a brief moment before bed, since the stars were shining bright tonight. She went out and sat on her porch swing. As she was swinging she saw something in her back yard.

At first she thought it was a rabbit, but no, that wasn’t it. As it got closer she saw that it had antlers on its head! What was going on?? It came closer and closer to her, not appearing to be afraid. It was staring right at her. Why it was a Jackalope!! But wait a minute…jackalopes weren’t supposed to be real. As she was debating this fact in her head, the jackalope looked at the stars in the sky and started humming!

Carissa now knew that she had to be losing it. She thought she better go inside and get a glass of wine, or maybe she had had too many glasses of wine? As she kept watching and listening, the Jackalope  turned back around and stepped closer to her and said “BOO!” Then it took off running at full speed, but Carissa could still hear it chuckling as it disappeared into the night.

A humming, laughing, talking  Jackalope??? Yes, it definitely had to be Halloween. They say anything can happen on Halloween!

4 thoughts on “The Surprising Night

  1. As a point of general interest, I was brought up (in the UK) to believe that if a black cat crossed your path, it was a sign of imminent good luck. I had never heard of any negative associations until coming to Canada.
    Somebody once said “England and America are two countries separated by a common language.” Whoever said that was quite correct! 🙂

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