Dewey and his Pumpkin head friend!

Pumpkins, pumpkins, wherever you looked. They seemed to multiply every time Dewey and Jaxon went out for a walk. There were  more each day. On their front porch the man-servant had 4 pumpkins sitting with candles in them. They did look pretty cool in the dark.

Dewey and Jaxon were on their way to the field on top of the hill. Dewey needed to get out of the house. The man-servant was obviously up to something but Dewey didn’t know what.  All he knew is that the man-servant  loved saying “WooHoo!” Dewey lost count as to how many times he had said it. He would say it with a gleam in his eye, which made Dewey suspicious.

A pumpkin was rolling down the street towards them. Dewey yelled at Jaxon to watch out, but he had been distracted by a noise coming from the neighbor’s yard. He wasn’t listening to Dewey and he wasn’t’ watching where he was going. He tripped right over the pumpkin and right into the opening at the top! The pumpkin swallowed up his head! Dewey took one look and immediately fell down laughing. Jaxon was stumbling around, not being able to see where he was going. He was calling for Dewey to help, but Dewey was too busy laughing.

All the hoopla drew the man-servant’s attention. Dewey and Jaxon hadn’t gone that far away from the house yet and the man-servant had been tending the flower bed out front. He turned to see what all the noise was about and he soon joined Dewey in his laughter.

Jaxon was failing to see the humor in this.  The man-servant helped lead Jaxon back to the house as Dewey was still having trouble walking.

They got to the front porch and the man-servant had Jaxon sit down as he snapped some pictures. Oh this was good! Jaxon’s voice was becoming louder and louder and Dewey and the man-servant figured they had enough fun at his expense for now. The man-servant pulled hard and the pumpkin popped off, much to Jaxon’s relief!!

The pumpkin was off, but Jaxon had new nicknames. Pumpkin head or Jaxon the Jack-O-Lantern. OH yes there was a lot of laughter shared that evening by the campfire when Odessa was there.  They of course had to share the story with her.

The man-servant had went out and had  the pictures printed out right away so that he could show them to Odessa. She enjoyed them, but she did feel for Jaxon as well. Remember she was a caring owl. She patted him on the head and told him that he was just as cute as he always was, even when there was a pumpkin on his head! Jaxon rolled his eyes at her.

Jaxon wandered away a little bit from the campfire for it was dying out and it would be soon time to go inside anyway. That is when the idea hit Jaxon. Should he? Hmm… He stood there debating for a little bit. He stood in the shadows where his friends couldn’t see him. What was that? He heard the man-servant talking about the pictures he had taken and saying what he was planning to do with them!! No way thought Jaxon! Well that made his decision! Jaxon stepped closer to his friends; their backs were towards him as they were all leaning in close to the man-servant. They were listening to what he was saying. Once again they were laughing.

Jaxon closed his eyes and nodded his head 3x’s  and water sprayed forth hitting his friends perfectly in the back!! They jumped as Jaxon laughed. Jaxon kept laughing as they yelled. Ha! Ha! You don’t laugh at Jaxon the Jack-O-Lantern without reaping the consequences. Rubbing his paws together he headed indoors. It was a GOOD NIGHT, a VERY GOOD NIGHT INDEED and he laughed again!

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