A Jaxon Story…Part 2

Good Morning! After a horrible night, I believe I am on the other side of this virus now! I identified with Jaxon,since he didn’t have too swell of a night. If you missed reading Part 1, here is the link. A Jaxon Story…Part 1   Thanks again to Colin for writing this story. He saved you from a post on dry heaves and shivering under tons of blankets. Thanks for the well wishes everyone, am getting there.Right now I am really hungry for something besides toast, crackers and soft boiled eggs!!

A Jaxon Story…Part 2

Poor Jaxon did not know where he was except that he was hanging by his pajamas quite high above the farm house. At first he thought it was just a really bad dream, but he soon realized the truth.

While he was looking around and trying to decide how to get himself down, he saw Odessa circling around. “Odessa?” he shouted “I need your help”. Odessa was wondering quite how to explain how Jaxon got there in the first place, and decided discretion was a very good word to apply at this time.

“How did you get up there?” she called down to Jaxon. “I’ve no idea” said Jaxon “But can you get me down?”  Odessa needed to make a big scene out of all this so that Jaxon would be eternally grateful. “Let me check out what would be involved” she said. A few moments later, she flew passed Jaxon and said “Well it looks rather dangerous Jaxon. I have a pretty big wing span, and if I fly in close enough to pick you up, my wings might catch that aerial and then we both fall to the ground.

“Are you sure that you have no idea how you got there?” Odessa asked “Because if you could remember, then perhaps you could do the same thing again but backwards?” Odessa kept flying around the aerial, and then she heard what she wanted to hear “Odessa! Please come and get me. I will be forever grateful!”

Odessa made a sharp turn and headed directly for Jaxon. “Get ready” she shouted to him. She glided in towards the aerial and a very nervous Jaxon and, with incredible speed, wrapped her claws around him and pulled him off the aerial.

She circled around the farmhouse, slowly dropping down towards the ground when she saw the lurking man right in front of her, she swiftly climbed upwards but, in the excitement, she forgot about Jaxon and let go of him! Jaxon fell down and landed right on top of the man. The man was caught totally by surprise, as was Jaxon, because it was the man-servant!

“Jaxon!” he said rather loudly “Where on earth did you come from?” “Well it’s bit of a complicated story” said Jaxon. “I woke up at the top of the old TV aerial and, lucky for me, Odessa was around and helped to get me down. At that moment Odessa, who had been listening intently, decided that it was safe to land. “So” said the man-servant “You apparently saved our little friend Jaxon!” “It was nothing” said Odessa “I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

Just then, Dewey came around the corner. “Hi Guys” he said “What’s up?” “Well” said the man-servant “Poor Jaxon woke up at the top of the old TV aerial but, fortunately Odessa was close by to rescue him.” “Well of course she was” said Dewey.

The man-servant and Jaxon both turned to face Dewey “What do you mean?” said the man-servant. “Well” said Dewey, “I couldn’t sleep very well, and you weren’t in your bed, so I thought that I could do some mousing. I heard a whoosh whoosh above me and looked up to see Odessa carrying Jaxon to the old TV aerial. I had to laugh though because Odessa nearly flew right into it and poor Jaxon was snagged by one of the metal bits. I mean an owl! With her night vision… but then, that’s Odessa isn’t it. Always good for a laugh!”

Jaxon and the man-servant turned to face Odessa, but she was not there. They did however hear a rapidly fading whoosh whoosh sound!

14 thoughts on “A Jaxon Story…Part 2

  1. Lol…okay, I have to admit that I found this Jaxon story rather amusing….(even if the manservant wrote it). 😉 I have enjoyed following Dewey and Jaxon on their many adventures….keep them coming…. I hope you two are collaborating together to create a Dewey and Jaxon children’s book series. I know someone who could even illustrate it for you. I think kids would enjoy these stories! (Esp with pictures of their many dilemmas) 😊

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  2. Thank you everyone for your wonderful, encouraging words about The Dewey Stories. Without you the only adventure Dewey probably would have ever had was digging up that flower pot. Then he would have gone back to sleeping his days away. Instead he has had many adventures since then and met wonderful new friends!
    So will a book happen?? As Colin said, “its being contemplated”, and you just never know what to expect when it comes to these crazy characters 🙂 Stay tuned, keep reading, and time will tell 😉

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