A Jaxon Story…Part 1

Hello my friends. I didn’t think there would be a post today being that I was hit by a virus yesterday. I was nicely surprised by Colin sending me a story that he had written, if I wanted a post for today. Dewey and his friends are definitely having more adventures than I am today. Enjoy the story!! Yes, it is just Part 1….sorry, I didn’t write it πŸ™‚ The man-servant is a great guy, but yes he loves to tease,Β  if you couldn’t tell πŸ™‚

It was very early in the morning, and everywhere was still dark. The man-servant and Dewey were asleep in the farm house, and Jaxon was curled up in his favorite corner of the barn. Suddenly there was a familiar whoosh whoosh sound as Odessa flew in and gently landed next to Jaxon, who remainedΒ  asleep.

She needed to wake him but, from past experience, she would have to be very gentle so as not to scare him. She whispered “Jaxon?”. Jaxon just rolled over and let out a rather large snore… considering his size. “Jaxon?” she repeated a little louder, but Jaxon just grunted and stayed asleep. What was she to do?

When Odessa was flying around during the night, she noticed a man lurking around the farm house and wanted Jaxon to either investigate, or wake up the other two in the farm house, which of course she could not do. Then she had a hoot of a plan!

Rather than risk waking up Jaxon at this moment, she would simply grab his clothes with her claws and fly him to where the man was last seen. She could then wake him up and he would immediately see the problem and not get upset with Odessa! It was foolproof!

She gently grabbed Jaxon’s pajamas and with a whoosh whoosh, she was rising upwards with Jaxon safely held in her claws. She was really impressed both with her plan, and how easy she could carry Jaxon. “Odessa…. you constantly impress me” she said to herself.

Once they had cleared the barn entrance, she rose up effortlessly into the night sky, and then slowly turned towards the farm house. There were a few other nocturnal hunters out who watched Odessa very carefully, just in case she dropped what looked like a really nice breakfast! Odessa however, held tightly onto Jaxon and started circling the farm house because the man had moved from where she last saw him.

She flew around the farm house 5 times without seeing the man, so she decided to drop down and fly really close to the building. Then she would surely see him! She dropped down to rooftop height and started to circle the building. All would have been fine if she had noticed the old TV aerial sticking up… but she didn’t. One minute she was in perfect control, and the next she went almost upside down as Jaxon was wrenched from her claws! She quickly regained control and circled around ready to dive and pickup Jaxon again, but he was not on the ground. Then she saw him. He was hanging from the top of the TV aerial by his pajamas… and was definitely wide awake now!

11 thoughts on “A Jaxon Story…Part 1

    • Ditto on both the get-well wishes and the “sweetness” of the blog post surprise! Though, poor Jaxon probably isn’t in a sweet mood at present. What a way for an unsuspecting Jackalope to wake up. I hope that he (and the readers) won’t be left hanging for too much longer!

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      • Yes, you are right, it was a sweet surprise. πŸ™‚
        You are also right about Jaxon also, but I am sure he will bounce back πŸ™‚ Don’t worry you won’t be left hanging too long!


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