When Friends Meet… Hearts Warm!

Yesterday the sun was shining outside and shining bright inside my heart as well! My hubby and I went to Mars to finally meet a blogger friend of mine, that I met online 2 years ago, Jodi from  http://thecreativelifeinbetween.wordpress.com//

When we pulled into her driveway I recognized the house from the pictures on her blog. I couldn’t believe that we were finally here and within seconds I was going to meet Jodi in person. The door was opened  and I was enveloped in a big, long hug. It was a wonderful, crazy feeling of hugging someone for the very first time, but yet feeling like you had “hugged” so many times before. After Jodi, her husband Marty was there to welcome us, and I was pulled into another hug. I was met with the words, “I feel like I know you already, with all I have heard about you!” Heart was warmed again, though I did have to say that I hoped it was good things that he had heard!

We were ushered into their cozy living room with the fireplace blazing and a comfy couch in front of it. Had the pleasure of meeting Charlie, their wonderful dog who was so very friendly! We chatted over coffee and Jodi’s mouth watering delicious cinnamon chip cookies.

Marty and Jodi took us on a tour of Pittsburgh, after first stopping downtown to see their spaceship and Jodi giving Brad and I a Mars t-shirts.  Now we could prove to people that we really did go to Mars 🙂

The weather was beautiful  for a walk around Pittsburgh.  We went for a scenic ride up the incline in a cable car. Laughter and good natured teasing was part of the day of course. Jodi took note of my height, or lack of it, as we were standing on the steps waiting to go up the Incline. Marty pointed out how he and Jodi may live in Mars, but that he knew of a couple towns in my neck of woods that had unique names as well. 🙂

While in line for the cable car we met 2 guys that had come the whole way from Germany to take in a Pittsburgh Steelers game!! It was fun talking to them. One of the guys was 6foot 4! Yes, I may have felt extra small around him.

Jodi and Marty took us to a unique styled restaurant that had delicious food. We all enjoyed our meals and I had succulent shrimp. Marty and I realized that we both had a taste for Scrapple, when talking about different foods. Jodi and Brad did not agree with us about how good Scrapple was, but that is their loss! We did all agree on Apple Dumplings and Whoopie pies!

The beautiful day ended with a lovely walk in the woods behind their house. Charlie got to come with us and he was very excited about that. Is that a red or orange leaf Jodi, or could it be a flag? 🙂

Too soon, it was time to head back to the real world and leave Mars behind. We headed home with smiles on our faces and memories in our hearts, that we won’t forget. Cherishing the moments with friends is one of the best things in life indeed!

As we headed home I turned to my husband and told him how now we needed to go visit another blogging friend.  Hmmm.. who should it be?

I will post pictures later from the day. This morning my camera wasn’t working at downloading the pictures. Sorry!


33 thoughts on “When Friends Meet… Hearts Warm!

  1. It was a wonderful day and visit! See – Mars is for real! You are still not going to talk me into Scrapple or grits though! I’ll stick with my pierogies! 🙂 ❤ and hey – you gotta admit it looked like an orange flag! lol!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes and the Martians on Mars are so friendly 🙂
      I know, I won’t ever talk Brad into Scrapple or Grits either, but Marty and I know that we know best! 🙂
      Yes, flags, leaves, trees…they all look the same… ;p LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

        • Scrapple = “Scraps of pork or other meat stewed with cornmeal and shaped into loaves for slicing and frying, especially characteristic of eastern Pennsylvania.”

          So scraps of pork (junk meat cuts) stewed (makes an unpalatable meat palatable) with cornmeal (glue to stick it all together) then fried (heart attack recipe), and as you note has ‘crap’ in the middle of it! Anybody who eats that must be in self-destruct mode, or likes self-inflicted punishment, or just simply desires to abuse their body and potentially shorten their life.
          Yummy! I can really understand the attraction of it (not!).


        • I don’t expect that Brad would deny that he is occasionally wrong, but you are so often wrong that a comparison would be unfair on you. I wouldn’t want to be unfair to someone who has language “challenges”. By the way, what is Carlinadoodalydodalydumdum (ker-lee-nuh-doo-duh-lee-dah-duh-lee-dum-dum) anyway?


      • LOL! I put that “You are so wrong” comment for Brad but after I posted it I saw your comment Colin and well it is a fitting response for you as well. The one who just had to go into all that detail. I will admit it may not be the healthiest food,…which I haven’t eaten it for years now, BUT….it is tasty! Especially when you put King’s syrup over it! So…. (yeah notice the missing emoticon) just saying…:)


      • Oh, you mean Kerleenabobbadoodledeedumdum (as in Ker-leen-a-bob-a-doo-dl-dee-dum-dum). Yuppers, that’s just one of her nicknames. Where did you hear that one from? I’m guessing our daughter, since it was a little mixed up (she has difficulty saying it correctly).

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        • Hi Brad. As this is a public forum, I must protect the identity of my informants. I know you will understand (unlike Carolyn) ……… but that name really does fit doesn’t it! He! He! He! 🙂


      • mmmhmmm!!!!
        “What goes around, comes around!” 🙂
        “language challenges”….”funny”….I spoke to Jodi with no problem, thank you :)! Spoke in ENGLISH, you know what that is, right? 🙂


  2. Yes, you spoke to Jodi in English but did she really understand you, or was she just being gracious. Given that she would not understand your main language, then English (at least as you understand it) would be your only choice wouldn’t it? Am I missing something here? You email me regularly in English and half the time I have no idea what you are going on about (that’s why I send you smileys back… just being nice). 🙂


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