“Flying” Away!

I only get up at the crack of dawn, with a smile on my face IF I have a really good reason! This morning is one of those times. I am flying to Mars today 🙂 Yes, I have finally lost it! I am sure that will come as no surprise to some people! HA!

NO, haven’t lost it all yet! I am going to Mars though! In my post yesterday I talked about getting to finally meet a blogger friend face to face today, and that is a very special reason to wake up at the crack of Dawn!

For those who haven’t guessed yet by the name of Mars, I am going to see sweet Jodi from the blog of The Creative Life In Between. A Awesome blog of her beautiful paintings, poems, and delicious recipes and more. Looking forward to a wonderful day of chatting, hiking through woods, chatting some more, eating, drinking, and of course laughing. A day of enjoying a friendship that grew out of 2 simple blogs!

Happy Sunday everyone! May you have lots of reasons to smile today!

5 thoughts on ““Flying” Away!

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