Friday’s 6 word stories!

GREAT chat….LATE hour = CRAZY chat!

OH LOOK! It’s a Red Herring!


28 thoughts on “Friday’s 6 word stories!

      • Is meamt the same as meant? What is a witb? Why can’t she agree with anybody she wishes.? Isn’t she a friend of yours? Is this how you treat your friends.. by controlling them? Do you still have friends?

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      • Oh my! I just questioned Carolyn about how she’s trying to control Jodi, to which she replied, “You guys know what I meant. You’re taking it out of content.” Out of content? Haha! 😉

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      • BRADLEY!! :p ::p!
        Jodi, you can feel FREE to chime in anytime here you know and bail me out! 🙂 Try to explain to these 2 comedians what I meant!! Since they aren’t understanding simple English!

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      • We don’t understand simple English? According to an email which I still have, English, simple or otherwise, is not your strong point, and is in fact not your main communication language! I think Brad’s comments are very correct and clearly show a sensitivity towards the way that you (Carolyn) are treating your readers. If you are continually rude and telling them what they can/cannot do, you will simply drive them away to more congenial Blogs. You really should smarten up.

        Happy Halloween by the way. It must be soon in the US right?


      • Oh Dear! I see there is a language issue I need to address. For apparently there is some real confusion over it. So Colin,how do you know this person that sent you this email is telling the truth? Do you know them well? Whoever this person is that sent you an email stating how English isn’t my main language, well.they are simply wrong. 🙂 Sorry to burst your bubble my friend 🙂

        Oh and about Halloween…..mmmmhmm!


      • Will the name of the person ever be revealed? – Who knows! I would first have ask their permission to quote them and then, given your habit of being quite rude for no obvious reasons, decide whether I want to encourage such a response to him/her/them. I am more likely to tell the story about the “Latin” inscription which gave you such a problem….. if pushed! Just saying! 🙂

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      • Ohhh so much I could say… but I won’t 🙂 And no worries about being “pushed”, like you said. Would hate to have to bother you with translating that Latin inscription again. I am kind hearted that way!

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