Dewey’s Not-So-Lucky Day!

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s post, you will want to read that one first.  It is Dewey Makes a Bet!

Oh the day that Dewey had been dreading had come. Dewey wanted to snuggle down in his bed more and just sleep the day away, but he couldn’t. There was no way he could, due to the man-servant whistling a happy tune all morning long! Oh why did Dewey’s horse have to lose the race. Jaxon was barely talking to him. He had clobbered Dewey over the head when they both saw the man-servant’s horse cross the finish line first. Yes, Dewey had dug a fine hole for himself this time. Now just to get out of it as quickly as he could!


Odessa was going to meet them at the fairgrounds that afternoon. She had kept fluffing her feathers when Dewey and Jaxon were around her. Kept saying how much they were going to enjoy the Magic Wheel. She was supposed to be a WISE owl, but Dewey was seriously doubting her wisdom at this present moment!


The clock struck 2:00, it was time to go. The man-servant came over to Dewey and Jaxon asking if they were all ready for some fun. What did he expect them to say? Dewey swatted at him, for he deserved it. The man-servant only laughed as they headed out the door.


As they walked the man-servant kept encouraging them to go faster, for didn’t they want to get there. He couldn’t stop laughing at the way that Dewey and Jaxon looked. That was OK, let him laugh. Dewey was plotting and thinking of a bet where he was guaranteed to win. He hadn’t thought of it yet, but it would surely come!


They reached the top of the hill and they could see the Magic Wheel in the distance. Jaxon started turning around and the Man-servant grabbed him, saying, “Oh no, you don’t!” Jaxon glared at Dewey. Yes,  Dewey knew he would owe Jaxon big time.


Odessa was sitting on top of the Magic Wheel. She came flying down as they walked up to it. She was smiling broadly and she even had a mouse for Dewey! Dewey’s eyes brightened, but then he realized that his tummy was too nervous to even eat it. He would save it for later. That is, if there was a later. Dewey was wondering how many lives he had left, could he spare any or would this Magic Wheel take the last one?


They timidly stepped on the wheel  and sat down. They were in the middle between Odessa and the Man-servant. Dewey guessed they were afraid that they might try to jump off. OH MY the  wheel was starting to move. It was going higher. Jaxon clenched once again to Dewey and gave him a, “You are so in for it!” look!  Dewey closed his eyes as they got closer to the top. He couldn’t see how Odessa and the man-servant could be smiling and actually be enjoying this Terror Wheel. Dewey always thought they were crazy, now he knew it for sure! Aah!They were on their way down finally! Now it would soon be over and Dewey slowly  opened his eyes. Jaxon’s face still had a wild look to it. He wasn’t blinking or moving a muscle.

They reached the ground and Dewey jumped up, but fell back down into the seat as the wheel took off again! What was going on? Dewey turned his eyes onto the man-servant and told him that he hadn’t agreed to 2 rides!  Sweet Odessa was laughing and the man-servant had that  sly smile on his face, as he said, ” Sorry, but you really never specified how many rides it would be. Since you didn’t choose, Odessa and I made the decision for you.  How does 12 spins around sound?

Dewey opened his mouth but nothing came out. Instead he ended up biting his tongue as Jaxon swatted him. “Hey!” Dewey yelled, “Swat Odessa and the man-servant,not me!” Jaxon shook his head and said, “NO, This was your idea, you said, OH Jaxon, no worries I am certain that my horse will WIN!”

Dewey was sitting and stewing. Oh the thoughts that were going round and round in his head, as he literally went around and around! They would be sorry! The Terror Wheel was slowing down again; Dewey held his breath wondering if this was  the 12th time around yet. He had lost count, he was counting the number of butterflies in his stomach each time that the wheel would go  up really high.

YES!!! The ride had stopped and the man-servant and Odessa got up to step out. Poor Jaxon was stumbling around, Jackalopes tend to get dizzy easily. He finally gave up and laid down. The man-servant turned to Odessa with a grin, and said how he guesses it was a good thing that they stopped at 4 times around.

They all rested for a little, waiting on Jaxon and letting Dewey catch his breath. Odessa gave a bag to Dewey. It actually  had 6 mice inside! Dewey suddenly remembered how hungry he was! Once Jaxon regained his balance Dewey gave him some mice which got a smile out of Jaxon. A smile was always good, at least Dewey knew that he wouldn’t get choked yet by Jaxon.

Odessa had to go and hunt for some shrews for supper, so she said her goodbyes, thanking her friends for a delightful day. The other 3 made their way home and chatted as they walked, but kept the Terror Wheel out of the conversation!

OH HOME, SWEET HOME! Dewey was so anxious to see his comfy bed. He plopped down. It felt so good to lay on something that was not moving! He quickly dozed off into dreamland. Was he still dreaming? He smelled something. Gradually he opened his eyes and he still smelled it, he must not be dreaming! Oh his stomach was rumbling again.

He saw the man-servant coming with something in his hand. It was CARP, Dewey’s eyes were really wide open now. A day of mice and Carp, perhaps the day hadn’t been so awfully bad. Dewey smiled, he knew the man-servant had a kind heart; in spite of all the slyness and mischief that was in it.  As if the man-servant had read Dewey’s mind, he said, ” You are welcome.. you did well on the ride!” Dewey purred and started to bite into the delicious Carp. The man started walking away, but said, “Eat up…so you will be ready for our midnight ride on the wheel. Exciting, eh?” Some of the Carp came back out of Dewey’s mouth, as he bit his tongue once again!


31 thoughts on “Dewey’s Not-So-Lucky Day!

      • Yes, I can sense your joy and the fun feeling 🙂
        You are really writing so much! Please tell me how you can juggle so many things 🙂
        I am attempting the NaNoWriMo this November. I think you would love to do that. Have you registered?

        Liked by 1 person

      • I am glad the joy comes through for you!
        How do I find the time? I just make the time. Writing is my sanity. Everyone has things they do to help de-stress. Writing is my outlet, helps keep my sanity. 🙂 I am just glad that something that makes me happy can make others happy to.
        I have heard of NaNoWriMo, and wish you the best in it. Thanks for thinking of me, but I am not interested at this time. I don’t want to commit myself to something else plus doing my blog right now.


    • Yes he is thinking of one, but he thinks the man-servant is bluffing. For you know that the man-servant is rather old and so is he really going to stay up until midnight?? He likes to just make Dewey think that.


  1. Poor Dewey…I suspected something like this would happen just because the Manservant and Odessa seemed so determine to get Dewey and Jaxon back on the wheel. I suppose the good news is that now that’s over! 🙂 I’m not sure Dewey and Jaxon are really obligated to get back on either, unless Jaxon somehow works his magic to teach the others a bit of a lesson. Hmmm…
    I am happy to see everyone’s being nice and living up to all sides of the bets though. That’s very big of all of them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OH I like your thought about teaching the others a bit of a lesson 🙂 Ha Ha!
      If you noticed, Dewey was sitting and pondering while going around and around in the wheel for an idea. 🙂
      Yes, they all have their sly ways, but they have big hearts as well. It was nice of Odessa to bring the mice and the man-servant to bring the fish, even if the man-servant made poor Dewey almost choke on his fish with his comment!


  2. We’ll Dewey was awfully high and mighty, so I think it’s good the man servant knocked him down a couple of pegs. I think it’s pretty amazing the man servant understands Cat, jackaloup, and owl — that’s talent. Dewey did end up with a good deal for a cat – 6 mice and carp. Oh my goodness, I hope he doesn’t give kisses in gratitude, yuck fish breath!

    Liked by 1 person

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