Thoughts from A-Z

Last night my husband and I were waiting to pick up my daughter and her friend from an event that they were at. It went A LOT longer than we had planned and so we were sitting in the van waiting and waiting.  What do you do when waiting…. you talk 🙂 There were serious topics we discussed, but as the hour grew later and as  we grew more tired… well the topics kept changing.

We started quoting the words from Ray Steven’s songs back and forth. Did I mention we were tired? 🙂 Ray Stevens was very creative!  Brad still has a cassette tape of a compilation of his favorite songs by him.  We listened to it a lot when we were first married, that would explain why almost 21 years later,  we still remember the words!

Since that took us back in time I remembered something we had done while dating. Brad had given me nicknames from A to Z!  The very first one was written in a letter to me and wasn’t started at the beginning of the alphabet. It was “My Tiny Tater”, yes this is where you all go “Awh..” They all  were 2 word names. I had thought of a few for him as well including,  “Nutty Nacho”and  “Gentle Giant”, I am sure that you get the idea. They ranged widely from crazy and  joking ones, to  sweet and romantic ones. Am I prepared to give you the entire list? Ummm…let me think? Nope!  Sorry! I will say that we were able to remember almost all the names, even after 21 years! The ones we forgot last night are popping up in my head today. Yes, there are some favorites that we still use, but a lot of them we hadn’t brought up for a very long time.

Now I am not sure how the next topic came up, besides the fact that it was getting late. I will share  with you all to hear  your thoughts. Why oh why are there so many classic, popular nursery rhymes and songs  and Bedtime stories for children that are sad and scary?  What do I mean? Here is my list.

“Rock-a-bye-baby” – “When the bough breaks the cradle will fall, and down will come baby..”  Yes, I sang this to my children when rocking them and I wondered at that time, why am I a saying this? In a nice soothing tone you are telling the child that their cradle will fall. Of course they don’t understand it at that time, but is anyone else confused about why those words?

“Ring around the Rosy” – Yes, we still do this with our daycare kids and they smile and laugh, because they don’t realize that the lyrics had to do with the “Black Plaque” years ago!! “Ashes to Ashes”…

“Three Blind Mice” – I am not fond of mice, but really is there a point to this poem, besides the poor mice getting their tails chopped off?

The Itsy Bitsy Spider”As I have expressed on this blog before, I do NOT LIKE spiders, they freak me out. Why could it not have been “The Itsy Bitsy Caterpillar” ?

“Hansel and Gretel” – This story did scare me when I was little! I was definitely not following any trail of food in the woods, for I did NOT want to find a witch who may put me in the oven at the end of the trail!

“Little Red Riding Hood” – Another  lovely story about a girl who goes into the woods and thinks her grandmother is in bed, when it really is a Wolf. The wolf ate her grandmother and is going to eat Little Red Riding Hood as well! Is it any  wonder that I prefer the beach over the woods! You never read a scary tale that took place at a beach! 🙂

“Goldilocks and the Three Bears” – A house in the woods, (what a surprise) where 3 bears live. Goldilocks goes in and eats up the porridge, breaks a chair because it is too small, breaks a bed because it is too small and wakes up to 3 angry Bears staring at her. She runs away never to be seen again. The happiness that story is supposed to spread???

“Humpty Dumpty” – I seriously always felt sad for Humpty Dumpty. I mean there really wasn’t much to his story. He is sitting on a wall smiling and crash he falls and sadly no one can put him together again. Sad rhyme, but yes I read it to my children. It was a classic, it was like you were expected to read these stories.

The list could go on and you know I probably will repeat these to my grandchildren someday even if  don’t know the reason behind all these rhymes, songs and stories. What I do know is that Yes, I am definitely moving to the beach someday! No disgruntled bears, no witches, no wolves, oh and no spiders!  Oh Yes, the perfect place to be, the sound of the waves and the sea gulls chirping and the smell of the sea in the air. Take me There!!




12 thoughts on “Thoughts from A-Z

  1. As a child I hated fairy tales. Someone gave me a collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and it was the worst. It’s the stuff nightmares are made of. I stopped reading them all. I switched over the romantic comedies early. 🙂

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    • OH I am curious to read your post now, that is funny that ours came so close together. 🙂 They say great minds think alike 🙂
      I don’t think we really planned on doing the whole alphabet, it is just once we got started we thought , why not 🙂

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  2. I know right?! Especially the humph dumpy story, their was really no point to it but I still enjoying singing it. It was one of my favourites. And I didn’t know that “ring around the roses” had to do with the plagues, that’s sad.

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