Dewey goes on a “Ride!”

The sun was shining through the window and Jaxon was the one shaking Dewey awake on  this bright, new day. Jaxon felt extra happy today, for he wasn’t having to deal with nightmares anymore.  He had been free of them for a whole week. He had  found it interesting though that while he was free of them, he had overheard the man-servant talking about having them. Hmmm….wonder if he dreamed of Attack Mice as well? OH MY! Something just dawned on Jaxon. That was it! That was probably why the man-servant had  jumped so high when he saw the gift of mice that Dewey and Jaxon had left on his chair. Jaxon had to tell Dewey!

Today was bound to be exciting, Jaxon could feel it. Was there something in the air?  Jaxon smiled, YES, today would be his day! He didn’t have nightmares and he wasn’t getting any surprise showers today either! Sleepy Dewey had finally awakened, and after he filled his belly they were off to the lake.

They loved prancing through the vast array of leaves  on the ground. A leisurely  walk through the woods as the lovely trees towered over them.  When they reached the glistening  lake they were glad to see that their dear friend Odessa was already  there.. Greetings were exchanged and they chatted a little. As they chatted, Dewey’s attention wandered a bit and he spotted a boat!  It was a vibrant blue boat sitting by the edge of the lake. Dewey loved the color blue. His bed, one of his most favorite things of all, was a deep blue color and oh so velvety soft. Dewey started getting sleepy again, but he remembered the boat and perked up. Dewey couldn’t resist seeing it up close  and had to run down to it. Odessa shook her head, she was  getting the feeling that Dewey was asking for trouble.

Curiosity got the best of Dewey and he stepped into the boat. Suddenly the boat started moving. Odessa let out a shriek and Dewey a YEOW! Jaxon  smugly smitked, as he planned on watching the free entertainment. It was too bad that he had not  bought any popcorn to enjoy!

The boat was picking up speed! Dewey was getting a little frightened and regretting that he had been so curious. The boat was moving towards the center of the lake and Dewey had only one thought….Cats don’t SWIM!

Back on the land Odessa was beginning to get concerned for Dewey as well, for Odessa is a caring owl.  Jaxon saw that and leaned over to whisper something in her ear. A smile started spreading on her face. It got bigger and she couldn’t hold back the laughter.  Odessa may be caring, but she also had a sly streak. Jaxon joined in, they would stop and look at each other and start all over again! Poor Dewey meanwhile was still stranded in the middle of the lake.

OH NO! The boat was spinning, Dewey promised himself that he would not ever  be curious again. That is  if he would be able  to get  off the boat without getting wet! Ahh! Just like that the boat stopped and started drifting towards the land. Dewey’s heart slowly started returning to a steady beat. As soon as the boat got close enough to the land he jumped out of it and landed on his feet. Cats always land on their feet. The land felt so good. He got down on his belly and laid there for a little bit.

Odessa and Jaxon ran up to him. Dewey told them that he was NEVER getting in a boat again! Jaxon gave a sly grin and told Dewey to look at the boat. Dewey turned his head and looked. “Hey it is spinning again! How did that happen?” Dewey said in astonishment.  He looked at Jaxon and saw his closed eyes and the slightest nod. He turned back and looked at the boat and it was still. His gaze went to Jaxon again and his eyes were open. “Hey Dewey, Look! shouted Odessa. Sure enough the boat was spinning once more and when he looked at Jaxon, his eyes were closed. Dewey was getting a funny feeling in the pit of his belly, and with one look at Odessa he knew he was right!

“JAXON!!!!” “That’s his name,”shouted Odessa. Hearing those words Jaxon took off. Dewey knew there was no chance of catching up to him, for Jackalopes are so speedy! That is OK, he would be at home when Dewey got there. OH MY! This is the trouble you run into  when you have a Magic Jackalope for a close friend!

Odessa flew over to Dewey and did a little spin in the air. “Look at me Dewey, does this remind you of anything?” She continued to spin around and then was just rotating her head around like she does. “Oh No, I can’t stop! Tell Jaxon to open his eyes!” and with that said she stopped and convulsed into laughter. Oh yes, Dewey was surrounded by “comedians,” what was he to do!! He didn’t know what, but he did know it would definitely be something!

WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!! Whoa, what was coming Dewey’s way? OH NO! A bigger than life dog was charging towards him. Odessa had flown safely up into a tree and was thinking how beautiful the dog looked. He had the perfect markings on his face and those deep brown eyes looked like they could see right through you.Odessa had noticed the dog earlier at the other end of the lake. It appeared that the dog was having lots of fun splashing around in the lake and playing with sticks. Odessa had been so caught up in Dewey getting his little ride that she hadn’t thought of warning him. To Dewey it was like the dog  had come out of nowhere, and he was rapidly gaining on Dewey. With a burst of adrenaline Dewey took off. Oh today was so definitely not his day!

Perched in a perfect look out spot in the tree, Odessa was kind of having fun watching the spectacle below. The dog’s name must be Ray, a man with not much hair on his head was yelling his name. Hmmm.. thought Odessa, the man sure did resemble the man-servant with his looks. Odessa was laughing.  Ray had taken off so suddenly that he had made the man fall into the water and he was on his stomach holding onto the leash for dear life as Ray was running. Oh the man was getting up now and Ray had stopped. Odessa was impressed that he had listened to the man, he must be a very good dog.

Now that Dewey was safe, Odessa thought she would catch up with him. She could tell him he didn’t need to run anymore. Poor guy, he did have a rough day, but Odessa couldn’t help but smile. It had been fun to watch some mishaps happen to Dewey for a change.



11 thoughts on “Dewey goes on a “Ride!”

    • Hmmm…seems that I may remember having read that same idea from somewhere before! Wonder where 🙂
      There is a problem though….Dewey is very afraid of dogs! We cant’ have Dewey unhappy, he already wasn’t too happy with his adventure today. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh poor Dewey. I don’t know why but I do tend to sympathize more with him. Lol. I was happy his life didn’t flash before his eyes this time!
    I’m very curious to see if Dewey & Ray can reconcile & become friends! It sounds like there’s a good story line there! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmm… will have to think about Ray. It could be interesting 🙂
      So nice of you to sympathize with Dewey. He is such an innocent, sweet cat…but sometimes even the best ones have to go through a little hardship. I am thinking he will be more understanding with me in a few days. 🙂 Good point about his life flashing before his eyes, he did have a little break there!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think it’d begin to have Ray in the story. While Jaxon and the gang make life uncomfortable for manservant by pranking him, It’d begun to have Dewey caught in a little uncomfortable something with Ray the dog. I think it’d be fun 😄

    Liked by 2 people

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