Daily Prompt: Tree

via Daily Prompt: Tree

The Magnificent Angel Oak Tree in Charleston, South Carolina:

When I hear the word Tree I can’t help but think of this tree! The Angel Oak Tree is  said to be the oldest Oak Tree around. Pictures truly don’t do it justice, for there is so much of it.  I will include some more pictures at the end of this post.

Besides just the beauty of this tree, it is special for another reason. I was able to see it every day for a whole year when I lived in South Carolina. I worked at Angel Oak Elementary as a Teacher’s Asst. I passed it on my way to work all the time.Only one of the many  beautiful sights in Charleston, South Carolina.

I love trees. One of my closest childhood friends had a Weeping Willow Tree in their back yard by the creek and that was quite lovely to look at as well. We spent many hours by that tree playing in the creek and sitting under it  to rest.

When I was really young , I remember my parents had a Mulberry Tree. The mulberry’s were delicious from it and my swing was on the tree, so that of course made the tree special.

When my brother died, friends bought my parents a Weeping Cherry tree for our front yard. It was lovely and had much sentimental meaning to it.

Yes Nature is beautiful and too often we take it  for granted! Take a few minutes today to step outside and just breathe in the fresh air and take notice of your surroundings. Soak it in and let it refresh your spirit! If you are feeling extra limber, go climb a tree 🙂 Enjoy the view from the top!


Postscript: When I wrote that last line it made me think about Odessa and the Man-servant from my Dewey stories. They should have really appreciated being at the top of the tree! Think of the wonderful view they had. Dewey and Jaxon were actually giving them time to soak in all the beauty! They are such nice and helpful friends!



Gorgeous! The 1,500 year old Angel Oak tree in South Carolina. https://www.facebook.com/HealthRanger/photos/a.169524336315.132923.35590531315/10153288757081316/?type=3&theater:

(White) Willow tree, Ogham symbol of Saill, represents Intuition:

The Weeping Cherry is a spectacular, fast-growing tree of uncommon beauty.:    sakura I think this what I was talking about ‏@xhiroxhiro:

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