Dewey’s Gift Giving Day

Surprise! Another Dewey story πŸ™‚ This story once again couldn’t wait until Saturday. Was it because I missed writing about my friends? No a different reason, which you will be able to tell. I will say this though, Dewey and his friends have grown on me, maybe more than I know. I was in a craft store with my sister last week. We were wandering the aisles and I saw baskets on a shelf. The baskets had cute owls perched in them. I turned to my sister and said, “Look it’s Odessa!!” Thankfully she knew exactly what I meant πŸ™‚ Yes, I left the store with the basket, which now has a lovely fall arrangement of flowers in it.Β  Enjoy the story my friends!

Dewey’s Gift Giving Day!

Jaxon and Dewey were so excited, today was the day! It was going to be a wonderful day indeed! Today the man -servant turned 100! Well perhaps not that old, but no one ever said that a cat knew how to count. All Dewey knows is that the man-servant has been around a LONG time! Then again he is one witty guy, apparently he ages well.

Dewey and Jaxon were sure to be up extra early this morning. They had to make sure that they would see the excitement that the man-servant had for their thoughtful gift that they left for him. Oh here he came now, heading for his recliner with a mug of tea in his hand. The mug had Jaxon’s picture on it. Dewey wasn’t quite sure how Jaxon rated. The man-servant had aΒ  special mug, that only had Jaxon’s picture on it! Oh well, he would let it go for now.

“Dewey! Jaxon!!” Hmmm… the man-servant’s voice was booming, didn’t quite have a joyful sound to it. Oh No! The tea in the mug spilled out onto the carpet. The man-servant got so “excited’ when he saw his gift on his recliner that he jumped, spilling his tea. Dewey understood, the sight of 6 dead mice in front of him would excite him as well! Wait a minute, he was yelling again and OH how DARE HE! He was throwing the mice away! Dewey and Jaxon had given up their special treats just for him, and he was throwing them into the dumpster! Wow! The man-servant sure was a confusing person, not to mention hard to please. Dewey and Jaxon tried not to imagine how good the mice would have tasted if they would have onlyΒ  kept them for themselves.

The 2 pals figured that perhaps they should head outside for a little bit. They could play in the leaves. They would be giving the man-servant a little space, as he still seemed a little unnerved by their special…”DEWEY!!” Oops, that didn’t sound like a grateful voice either. All the work Dewey put into hunting and capturing the man-servant’s other gift, and this was the thanks he was given. Dewey had left the present right on top of his laptop so that he would be sure not to miss it. It was a chipmunk. Dewey had heard him talking about them all the time and when he did he would wave his hands about. He would talk about them and the garden. Dewey knew how he loved his garden, so figured he mustΒ  love chipmunks as well. Once again though, total ungratefulness! Dewey shook his head and grabbed Jaxon so that they could scoot out the door, before the man-servant came looking for them.

They were having great fun jumping in the piles of leaves that the man-servant had raked up. Odessa had come to join them in their fun. More importantly though she came to wish the man-servant a Happy Birthday. He came strolling out into the backyard and Dewey noticed that he looked happier and had a spring in his step.Β  That was good, apparently he had got over the “joy” of hisΒ  unexpected surprise gifts!

Odessa perched on the man-servant’sΒ  shoulders as they jumped in the leaves together. This time there was no magic net that they had to worry about. Jaxon and Dewey figured they would be KIND, after all it was his birthday! Oh as much as Dewey loved jumping in the leaves, his stomach was beginning to rumble and his taste buds were tingling,Β  at the thought of some Black Forest Birthday Cake coming soon!

35 thoughts on “Dewey’s Gift Giving Day

  1. Well this chapter’s full of fun surprises all around! Jumping in piles of leaves with friends sounds like an excellent way to spend a birthday. And it’s all the more impressive that the man servant can still do so at 100! πŸ˜‰
    Happy Birthday!

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  2. On Dewey’s Gift Day………… my gift to Carolyn:

    Jaxon is a Jackalope
    Dewey is a cat
    Odessa is a lovely owl
    The man-servant is… just that

    They often want adventures
    But don’t know what do
    The problem is quite simple
    Carolyn really has no clue

    What will she write today
    Her mind is quite confused
    But then… that’s not usual
    Her brain is rarely used

    So what to do with our foursome
    What story can we write
    That gives them an adventure
    Perhaps throughout the night

    Who has written such a post before
    Who can save the day
    Well it’s Colin of course. Let’s face it
    Carolyn just gets in the way.

    But one day… hopefully
    She’ll be inspired by Colin’s Blog
    Will write about four adventurers
    And a fifth…Ray… a dog!

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    • OH Wow, a gift for me, and my birthday is still a couple months away! Aren’t I lucky! I think I will have to ponder that luck and the quality of this poem before I say more my conniving friend! I heard that your dear daughter helped with this poem. You both are just so creative! The creativity should be “Rewarded” shouldn’t it πŸ™‚ just saying…:)

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      • Well Colin, I am impressed that you remembered that the mug was from me. You know what happens when you reach a certain age. In fact I think the mug said something about memory, didn’t it πŸ™‚
        I would say that it is very possible that you did get something from Asha Wahi, but it is probably not the mug. I sure hope you can remember what it is, so that you can thank whoever Asha Wahi is πŸ™‚

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        • Carolyn – You can really be a dufus can’t you! Asha Wahi was the sender on the packing slip on the outside of the mug box. Given that you ordered it on-line, I would conclude that Asha Wahi was the person who processed your order. What part of this are you not understanding?

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  3. Cute. Animals (especially cats) in their presents. It would t be a pleasant surprise, six-dead mic in your favourite chair and the chipmunk after all that. I hope the birthday cake is actually a human desert, not a gift from the pets.

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  4. The man servant sure doesn’t seem grateful for such “thoughtful” gifts which Jaxon and Dewey so lovingly prepared πŸ˜‚.
    I think we should share the cake between ourselves joy πŸ˜‰. I’ll take half and you take the other

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