You choose!

Hello my friends! Watched the Presidential Debate last night, made my brain tired. Had a in-service day at work which also made my brain tired, so today you are helping me with my post. Don’t worry , all it involves is answering a simple question. ThanksΒ  and I will be back to tell why I asked it πŸ™‚

What do you think about the print on this pair of leggings? Yay or Nay?


37 thoughts on “You choose!

  1. Okay….so this totally backfired, LOL! “Thanks” everyone, you just made my dear hubby very happy! ;p!
    Here is the story. I love to wear comfy leggings. I needed some new ones, and yes that pair that you commented on were the ones I saw. They were SUPER SOFT!! I did see other ones I liked BETTER, but they did not have my size, so I got these. Sitting next to Brad on the couch, I commented again on how comfy they were. He looked at me and said, “Well at least there is something good about them, since it is sure not their looks!”

    I thought of this post to show him that people disagreed with him…. well you all didn’t help! Ha! But that is OK! I will still wear them πŸ™‚ and hey my daughter loves them! Yes, you can continue laughing!

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  2. These days leggings of all kinds of patterns are perfectly acceptable. Have you joined the LuLaRoe craze yet? I have a few pieces, but my leggings have yet to see the light of day!


  3. Ok, Carolyn. What you wear at home with Brad is really none of my business. But if you wear them for pants when we go out for lunch, I’m not gonna know you…other than I picked you up off the street for panhandling.

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  4. Lol! Not actually as bad as I had been picturing when you told me people’s responses. Though they aren’t my personal preference, I still don’t think they’re necessarily horrendous…you could match them with a lot of things, at least.

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  5. I think you are a petite woman and could pull these off. I couldn’t, I’m too curvy and not much on bright colours on my bottom half. But you would look good in them. I would wear something more conservative on top maybe a solid sweater or shirt. I nice jacket or blazer overtop a tunic blouse. Just balance your “fun” leggings and I think they will look great!

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