Daily Prompt: Dilemma

Valerie’s Dilemma

It was a blustery, Fall day and the 2 friends were chatting, as they always did. It seemed that they could never run out of things to talk about. They were trying to decide what to do and had decided to walk to the mall.

They continued talking and laughing as they wandered through the stores, looking at the merchandise. Oh, it was Valerie’s favorite candy! She had to pick it up, as she thought about getting it. Laughing at something Katie had said they continued on.

They were about 1/2 down the mall when Valerie stopped in her tracks! What had she done? The bag of Hershey kisses were in her hand and opened, with a few missing. Talking and walking gives you the munchies you know. It would have been no big deal, but Valerie remembered how she had never paid! She had clearly not been  thinking and had been distracted as they exited the store. The logical thing to do would be to go back to the store and explain to the clerk and pay for the bag of candy. To Valerie’s dismay upon opening her wallet, she discovered she only had pennies. Katie’s wallet wasn’t any better! They had come to the mall to just browse, a way to pass time, now Valerie was faced with a dilemma. If the bag  never would have been opened it would have been easy just to put it back on the shelf, but…. that wasn’t the case.

Tiffany’s dilemma

Tiffany loved working at a little restaurant in the mall. Her boss was great and for the most part her co-workers were also. They had fun as they worked together. There were days that the boss put Tiffany in charge if he knew he wasn’t going to be able to be there. It made Tiffany feel good, knowing the confidence he had in her. She never had a problem with it until one day.

Things were going well until she had to speak to Tammy. It was Tammy’s turn to squeeze the lemons for their freshly squeezed lemonade. Tiffany informed her of that and Tammy said, “No way!”as she glared at Tiffany. Tammy was one of the employees that wasn’t the easiest to work with.

Tiffany looked at Tammy and said , “Fine, if you don’t want to squeeze the lemons, you can go home.” Tammy’s eyes were defiant as she looked down at Tiffany and she said NO again. Tiffany responded with a courage that she didn’t really fully feel,  “You will not be running the register, either squeeze lemons or go home.” Tammy’s eyes blazed as she threatened Tiffany, saying she would punch her face in. Tiffany’s insides were quivering. She knew Tammy was very capable of doing that and most likely not bluffing. Confrontations were not Tiffany’s thing. The other employees were looking at her, wondering what she would do. They knew the boss had put her in charge. The easiest thing to do would be to give in to Tammy, but would that be fair to the other employees? They  always took their turn at the job that no one really liked? What was she to do?

 What would your advice to Valerie and Tiffany be? Are these real situations from years ago, or just creative thoughts inspired by the word Dilemma?  Life is full of dilemma’s and choices, some are little ones some are bigger, but we always have a choice to make. Sometimes we make wise ones and sometimes not.




14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Dilemma

  1. Valerie’s dilemma is not complicated. Honesty should always prevail. She should have gone back to the store and explained the circumstances. They may have just overlooked it, or they may have asked her to pay for the candies the next time she was in the mall.

    Tiffany’s dilemma is difficult because while she has been put in charge, Tammy clearly is not accepting that fact. As Tiffany cannot force Tammy to do anything, she can only make sure that she (Tammy) understands her options, and that if she refuses, it will be reported to the “boss” with a recommendation that she be fired for insubordination.
    In hindsight, the “boss” was at fault in that if Tammy’s personality was known, then he/she should have explained to her that he was putting Tiffany in charge and that he expected her to treat her accordingly.

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    • Thanks for your thoughts!
      You will be glad to know that Tiffany held her ground. Tammy went out to the registers and was about to wait on a customer when Tiffany came and locked her register with a key and told the customer if she would kindly move down to the next register that her order would be taken. Tammy was again told to go home and though her face was fuming, she got the message and she went home without further incident. The manager was informed when he got back about what happened and when Tammy showed up for work she was promptly fired.

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  2. If Valerie feels too embarrassed to go back to the store, she could mail them some money to pay for the bag of candy.

    As for Tiffany, if a coworker threatened to punch me and I thought she meant it, I would likely call the police (or a security guard, if there was one nearby), file an incident report. and have her escorted off the premises. Violent behavior in the workplace should not be tolerated.

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    • Thanks for your comments Meg! A good idea about mailing the money.
      You are right violent behavior should not be tolerated and Tiffany’s boss didn’t tolerate it. Tammy was promptly fired the next day when the boss was back. She did go home the other day when Tiffany held her ground much to Tiffany’s relief!


  3. Valarie, I would hope as a credit card on her. I would recommend always using it but Id think this would be a good situation to use it. Buy two bags of kisses or something so the purchase is $5.00.
    As for Tiffany, she needs to stand her ground. Tell Tammy she is going to be talking to the boss and telling him how Tammy is being mean and threatening abuse, all because she won’t take her turn. Go about the day as if Tammy doesn’t exist. Don’t give her tables, call another waitress in. If Tammy tries anything abusive, call the police or security.

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    • Thanks for your comment. Your credit card suggestion would have worked, but back in that time Valerie did not own a credit card, so did not have on one on her.
      Tiffany did stand her ground and Tammy ended up leaving, for her register got closed. Tammy was not a waitress, this was a restaurant at the Food Court in the mall. There were 2 registers out front. . Tammy was fired the next day when the boss came back and heard what had transpired when he was gone.

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