A Dewey Story – “Jaxon and the Mouse”

Good Morning my friends! No, it is not Saturday yet, but didn’t think you would mind a surprise Dewey story. This one is brought to you by a guest writer today. Out of the kindness of my heart I offered him a chance to  create an adventure for Dewey and his friends.  Who is it you ask? If you have been following the Dewey stories for awhile, then I am pretty confident that  you will be able to guess.  Here is a clue, sadly the man-servant doesn’t have much bad luck 🙂  ENJOY!

Jaxon and the Mouse – Part I

It was very early on a Summer’s day, and the blue skies were sharing the heavens with a few large white puffy clouds. There was a very slight breeze, but Jaxon couldn’t feel it as he was wedged in his favorite corner of the barn and sound asleep. That was until Dewey jumped on him! “Wake up! Wake up! said Dewey. “It’s another day for an adventure”. Jaxon rolled over in order to stand up, but he was so tired! He just lay there and looked at Dewey. “What is your problem?” he asked. “Do you have any idea what time it is?” “Yes” replied Dewey. “It’s time to start a new adventure. I want to explore the field on the other side of the woods!” Jaxon looked at him “What field?What woods? What is your problem?”

“Look Jaxon” said Dewey ” On the other side of your barn, there is a big field and on the other side of that are woods” Jaxon gave him a rather quizzical look and said “When did you go over to the other side of that field?” “I didn’t! ” said Dewey. “Well, well, well” said Jaxon “How could you possibly know about the woods and, more significantly, how do you know about another field?”” You are quite a confusing cat!” Dewey turned around and, with tail up in the air and head held high said “Odessa told me!”

“Odessa!” said Jaxon “I should have known!” Just at that moment  he heard a loud whoosh-whoosh… whoosh-whoosh… whoosh-whoosh… sound and Odessa landed right next to him. She looked at him and said “You called?” “No I didn’t call you Odessa” he said. “Well you should have” replied Odessa “because that is my name, and I won’t respond to any other name.” Jaxon blinked and looked at Dewey who was wagging his tail and smiling, and then looked back at Odessa “Why would I call you Odessa?” “Because that’s my name” said Odessa. Jaxon was now getting rather perplexed, and Dewey was just enjoying the show, then he continued “Odessa, I don’t need you and, at this time in the morning, I don’t want you. Is that clear?” “Very clear” said Odessa “But then, why did you call Odessa?” “Dewey look up and decided this had gone on long enough “Because that’s your name!!!!”

The man-servant walked in just then and seeing all three of them together said “OK guys……. what’s up?” Dewey said straight away ” I think we should go on an adventure and explore the field on the other side of the woods?” The man-servant looked very serious “Do you have any idea what is over there?” Dewey looked away a little “No.” “So…” the man-servant continued “who are the WE that are going on this adventure?” Dewey turned and looked right at him “Me, you, Jaxon and Odessa!” Odessa had not been listening because she needed to do a little under wing preening, but, upon hearing her name, she rotated her head as only an owl can and, confronting the man-servant, said “What?” The man-servant shook his head in despair “We didn’t call you Odessa.” “Well you should have” said Odessa “because that is my name.” Dewey looked at them and wondered how she became involved in them in the first place. She was their adventure companion!

Jaxon decided to get them organized and, after putting a few basic supplies into a bag, they started off through the barn’s big door and off across the first field. Dewey and Jaxon, because they were small, relied heavily on the man-servant and Odessa to take them in the right direction, and to watch for anything remotely dangerous! They soon made it across the field and into the woods where Odessa was constantly out of sight as she navigated around trees. Whereas Dewey and Jaxon could have been worried about getting lost in there, they just smiled at the nonsense going on between the man-servant and Odessa! “Odessa” he would call. “That’s my name” would say Odessa. “I know it’s your name!” said the man-servant. “Then what do you want?” replied Odessa. “I was making sure I knew where you were” said the man-servant “Well I’m here” said Odessa! “But I cannot see you ” said the man-servant. “That’s okay… I can see you” said Odessa. “That does not help me!” said the man-servant “And that is my problem how?” replied Odessa. This conversation repeated itself throughout the woods!

They eventually made it out of the woods and into the other field. It was full of huge sunflowers and they were all in bloom! Odessa flew over the tops of the flowers, while Dewey, Jaxon and the man-servant went in among the tall flowers. Not even the man-servant could see over the top of them and soon they were hopelessly lost. Jaxon had a brilliant idea, and called “Odessa!” There was no answer! “Odessa” he called again and a little louder. The only sound they heard was their own as they wandered around not knowing which direction they were going. All three of them shouted together “ODESSA! ODESSA!” but to no avail. Something had happened to Odessa, and they were lost.


32 thoughts on “A Dewey Story – “Jaxon and the Mouse”

    • Perhaps the story has finished? Perhaps Carolyn’s confused and muddled state has influenced it? Perhaps she will invite her Followers to finish it? In fact, knowing Carolyn, pretty much any damn thing is possible eh!


  1. I was expecting another “that’s my name” and then saw nothing. Colin, I demand a part 2!! how could you leave us hanging?
    I think I wasn’t Joy back , at least Odessa is safe then 😂. Joy, what do you think?

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