What is hiding?

The girl was scared and confused. She had been out walking, enjoying her  journey. She knew where she  was headed, and everything was going fine. Walking and enjoying the smell of the roses and the beauty of the flowers along the  way, she turned the corner. She turned the corner into a wall of fog!

Where was she? Where did the beauty of the flowers go? How could things change so quickly, all she had done was walk around the corner, or so she thought. Right now it appeared like she was miles away from where she had been. How would she get back on the right path again?

Questions flooded through her mind and she couldn’t answer them. All she knew was that she had to continue on. It was so hard to step into that fog, but she knew she had to step in, in order to get through. With faltering steps she went forward, into the fog.

Oh would the fog ever go away ? Sometimes it would seem like it was breaking up and she would see a little light and feel a sense of joy, only for it to close back up again. The days of smelling the roses and seeing the lovely flowers seemed so long ago.

Wait, what was that ahead? Did she see butterflies flying? What was that pleasant aroma drifting towards her, could it be coming from the roses? She picked up her pace and found to her joy that she was right! She had been on the right path all along. The flowers were still here, along with the butterflies. Some things had crowded in and messed up her view, but the sun did continue to shine. The sun broke through the fog, showing her  what had been hidden from her view. Her heart smiled, as she continued on.


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