Daily Prompt: Graceful

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I would love to say that I picked to write about this due to the fact that I am so graceful on my feet. If I said that though I would soon be corrected by those who really know me. I may be more the opposite of graceful.

Yes, I am the one who trips going up the stairs. Who can stumble without going up or down the stairs. Who can stumble even when forewarned.  I was Black Friday shopping with my Sister-in-law and Mother-in-law, and we were walking to the car. My MIL yelled back to me as I was behind her. She was  warning me about a cement block in my path. “Ok”, I yelled back.  “Thump”! Mother-in-law turns around and erupts in laughter. I did have an excuse though, it was LATE! It was 2:30 in the morning, and I was tired.

I went to a Dr. appointment when I was in High School. I had injured my knee and would need surgery. I couldn’t have the surgery for 2 weeks, so he gave me crutches to be on  until then. The Dr. didn’t want me putting any weight on the knee.  I left the Dr.’s office with my crutches. I was halfway to the car when”Thump”! I fell as the crutches slipped right from under me twisting my left ankle. It really hurt, so my Mom took me right back into the Dr.s office. You can imagine their faces when I came hobbling back in. They took x-rays and yes, believe it or not I had a small fracture.  I now had a right knee  that I wasn’t supposed to put any weight on, along with a fractured left ankle.  The Dr gave me an air cast to wear around my ankle to help support it. I still remember coming home to my Dad taking a look at me and shaking his head, wanting to know what will happen if I was to  break my hand ? He smirked , as he said how  I would need a wheelchair if that happened, but yet how would I push it?

I am glad to say that  I did not injure anything else before my surgery! I did get very many stares though as I walked in public before surgery. I had the bold people that would walk up to me and say, ” Excuse me, but why are you walking on the foot that has the cast on it? Shouldn’t you  be using your other foot? ” Sometimes I would just smile and say No, and they would walk away. Other times I would take the time to tell them the story and enjoyed seeing their reaction.

Yes, graceful I may not be, but then again I never desired to be a ballerina or gymnast so it is OK 🙂


10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Graceful

  1. I trip over the painted center lines on roads! I think that makes me special! Ray was seen (only once) lifting his right leg up in order to pee against a fire hydrant which was on his left. His last minute correction was interesting. I think that makes him special! 🙂

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  2. I feel like I should do my own version of this post today – I managed to severely harm/break a toe this morning, bite my cheek, and bite my lip all on separate occasions before 8am this morning. Sometimes Tuesdays really are second Mondays… 🙄

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