Dewey being Clever!

The rain was still coming down. Would it ever end?  Watching it rain made Dewey remember the other week when they had a grand celebration. There was a really special cake with lots of icing. Dewey laughed as he remembered how the man-servant had been fooled by it. He dug right into it with his fork, trying to cut it. But it sure was  hard to cut a cardboard cake! Joke was on him. What added to the laughter was what Odessa so smoothly did. The man was sitting there trying to cut the cake and concentrating. Odessa came from behind him flying by and may have “accidentally” given his head a big nudge and SPLAT! He went face first into the cake, got totally covered in icing! His friend  was there snapping pictures and couldn’t wait to show them to as many people as he could. Oh yes, it was a fun night!

Dewey had fun thinking about that, but he  longed to find the sun again. It was hiding. He wondered if it was some kind of sign…”Hmmm”….a sign that they were stuck inside. Dewey and Jaxon played their toilet paper game already a couple times, what else were they going to do? Dewey was thinking that they should be good for a little while.  After the 4th time of unrolling the toilet paper rolls, Dewey was getting the feeling that he and Jaxon may soon find themselves thrown out into the rain, by the man-servant. He unfortunately  did not find it a very fun  game of rolling up the toilet paper. He was so hard to please! Dewey was trying to do him a favor by unrolling it for him. Giving him something to do, so he wouldn’t be bored. But was the man-servant thankful?  No, not even a little bit! Someone needed to teach him some  proper manners, thought Dewey and Jaxon.

Dewey had to work at clearing his brain and coming up with a Plan C. Plan A had been taking Jaxon on an exciting adventure, and Plan B had been the toilet paper roll game. Oh, Oh, Oh,  what was a bored cat to do?

Upon waking up again, Dewey was happily surprised! Yes, Plan C was taking a nap and apparently it had worked. The missing Sun had been found! It was a sign that adventure could begin! Jaxon was quickly awakened, for Dewey didn’t want to waste any time. Who knew how long the sun would stay before it hid again. They were out the door within minutes.

Jaxon was happy and ready to go wherever Dewey led. Dewey was secretly smiling inside, he had a surprise planned for his tricky friend. He didn’t forget how Jaxon had  let Dewey keep rolling down the hill in the net, as he used his magic powers to escape  the net Yes, getting even would be fun! He also hadn’t forgotten how he was dunked in the river while Jaxon stayed totally dry! Things definitely weren’t even between the 2 of them, so Dewey was in the business of seeing what he could do about that.

They walked for awhile, and when they got within sight of the building, Dewey opened his mouth. “Hey, let’s go check out that building, you never know what treasures may be in there!” Jaxon, always ready to find a treasure, happily followed Dewey into the building.

They went into a large room, there really wasn’t anything around. Dewey suggested that they go check out the rest of the building. As they were leaving the room they heard a loud voice behind them making them jump! Dewey’s hair stood on end. It was the man-servant! He had followed them as a  surprise.. “Hmm”… thought Dewey, the man-servant was going to get a surprise of his own,  and he suppressed a chuckle. It WOULDN’T be Dewey’s fault, the man-servant just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Well wrong for him at least, not for Dewey. It made his day look even brighter.

They walked into another room which was vacant, except for a trampoline in the middle of the floor. Jaxon got wide eyed and excited, for Jackalopes love to jump! The man-servant said how he was needing to get more exercise, so he got on it as well.

Unnoticed by them, for they were jumping for joy, Dewey slipped out of the room. Now was the time! 1-2-3! “WHAT IS HAPPENING!”, “DEWEY!” “Hey the door is locked!” “DEWEY!”

“Are you all having fun?”, Dewey yelled through the door.  “Try not to get to wet!” As he said that he was overcome by laughter.  He knew it was the perfect room as soon as he had seen it the other day. The other day he had come out to do some investigating on his own. The room contained a  whole sprinkler system in it. With just a flip of a switch Dewey had turned on all the sprinklers in that tiny room. There was nowhere to go to escape from the spraying water. He knew Jaxon couldn’t escape with his magic powers, for they didn’t work when he was wet.

Dewey knew he had the power to turn off the sprinklers, but the pertinent  question was, “Why should he?” “Hmm”.. he would wait a little longer. When he figured they had enough he flipped the switch. He couldn’t help but to congratulate himself on  how clever he had been. He unlocked the door as he quickly scurried away from it. He was outside the building when he heard them coming. You could easily hear them because the man-servants shoes were sloshing as he walked. Plus Jaxon was mumbling all kinds of words mixed together. Dewey knew he was trying to say some magic words, but when Jaxon gets flustered his mind can’t think straight. All his words get in one big confused jumble. Oh what a sight they were ! “Wow!”, said Dewey, “You all are talented!”, “I don’t know anyone else that can get rained on INSIDE a building.”

Dewey looked up in the sky and pointed to the sun telling them that at least they have the warmth of the sun to dry them out some. Then he thought a little bit and added, “Hmmm…maybe today was a Sign of warning for you 2! It can spell trouble when you try to pull one over on this one, cool, clever cat!”

With those parting words Dewey took off running for home. His adventure was complete, and he was satisfied. Now to get back home where yummy food was waiting. His heart was full of laughter, and his stomach was saying it was ready to be full of food. Just no cardboard cake please.


23 thoughts on “Dewey being Clever!

  1. “The rain was still coming down, would it ever end?” You cannot punctuate like that because you are making two separate statements. “The rain was still coming down. Would it ever end?” You have quite a good grasp of English as a 2nd language, but it needs some work. What is your primary language?


  2. “He dug right into it with his fork, trying to cut it.” While the grammar is terrible, I am puzzled that anybody would try and cut something with a fork! Is that a PA thing? Do your restaurants not provide knives… designed specifically for the job? Just curious. 🙂


    • You are exactly right! He should be using a knife to cut the really special cake. The problem is that it is the man-servant cutting the cake. He is so often doing puzzling things A very confusing man indeed!


  3. “He went face first into the cake, got totally covered in icing” Poor punctuation again, but I am puzzled. His face went into a cardboard cake that that could not be cut with the edge of a fork. That does not seem likely does it?


    • OH MY! Do I have to remind you this is fiction my friend? ANYTHING is POSSIBLE! LOL! So yes his face can go SPLAT into a cardboard cake that is piled full with icing! Any other questions my friend, just ask 🙂


  4. Oh that Dewey, he does find the most interesting things out in the world! I think he could easily give Garfield a run for his money… 😉
    Also, kudos for taking all of the “moments” from the week and turning them into something positive! Life is so much better when you can laugh at yourself and embrace those things that other people seem to think you should be embarrassed about. Life’s too short and there are too many fun stories to be written 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awh! Now Dewey is very happy at being compared to Garfield… that is a big compliment 🙂

      The “,moments” from this week are not unique to this week at all, they have made up my life! Just may have had a little more than usual :”moments:” this week 🙂 LOL! You keep giving me SIGNS at how we are alike 🙂 Yes laughing at yourself is what makes life fun, “Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they will never cease to be amused!”

      With that being said, and I am sure you will agree, it is FUN to laugh at others as well. And I do PLAN on perhaps laughing at a certain someone who soooooo deserves it. His time will come, eh? 🙂

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      • Lol – well if there’s one thing I’ve learned these last few weeks, it’s that I want to stay on Dewey’s good side! 😉
        I love that quote! And completely agree – everyone should be able to laugh at themselves and to not be too upset if they get laughed at a bit as well. It’s all in good fun! And, well, karma 🙂

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  5. And Dewey gets Gold! I am beginning to see a mischievous streak in Dewey. At first I thought, for once, someone other than the Man servant was getting “served!” Then I saw actually, he killed two birds with one stone. Got ya say, I do admire Dewey’s guts considering he still has to return home to the man servant

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  6. Yeah.. Dewey may have a slight mischievous streak in him, LOL! But you are exactly right, he struck Gold 🙂 And yeah killing 2 birds with 2 stones, most definitely 🙂 I said he was clever!
    Does he have guts or ?? No, I will say yes he has guts, he is brave. He heard a saying which he identifies with. It says, “Bring it!”..Meaning whoever dares to challenge him, go ahead, remember he is a Clever Cat, he can take it 🙂


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