Frozen in Time

15 years ago today the day started out in a normal way for so many. Couples said good-bye to each other as they went to work. Said good-bye to their children as they went to school. Making plans for that evening, for the upcoming week-end, for the next month. No one was aware of the horrific events that were about to happen that day. The events that were going to freeze the day in the minds of so many!

My 2 year old was playing happily on the floor and I was making plans in my head for the day. Had to run errands, but wasn’t ready to leave the house quite yet. Turned on the television catching the Morning Talk show.  Only to have it interrupted within minutes of me turning it on. Only to have my eyes widen and my heart jump as I saw a plane flying into the World Trade Center. What was happening?? The reporter was confused, was it an accident? Did the plane veer off course, something happen to the pilot? People on the street of NYC were staring upward aghast as the plane hit the building. One moment everyone was questioning what they were seeing and within a very short time later it was happening again! That is when your heart froze.That is when you felt a sinking feeling throughout your whole body.  A feeling that you were experiencing something more horrible than you could ever have imagined. That you were not in a third world, war torn country, you were still in the USA, watching events unfold. Events that left you speechless, that made the tears run and that left your heart frozen in time.

Images are frozen in my mind from that day. Images I won’t forget. Memories of watching news reporters break down on national television. Images of the planes, of the people on the street and the terror in their faces running from the buildings that were collapsing.  Images of the faces of the victims as we heard their stories throughout the weeks and months to come.

I still see the shining face of the precious young boy who was thrilled to be flying for the very first time in his life! He had been granted the honor of participating in the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. His parents were so proud and he could barely sleep the night before. I remember the tears I shed for him and his family as I watched from the couch holding my husband’s hand and my precious daughter.

I remember seriously wondering what kind of world I was bringing my next child into? Would we be in the middle of a war fought on American soil in the next couple months when my baby was due?

I remember how we as Americans united. The lines that were usually drawn between rich and poor, white and black, different faiths,  had become almost invisible for a moment in time. Volunteers of all races and all faiths swarmed to help in NYC. You looked in the eyes of a stranger and you smiled at them in the street. A connection was made instead of everyone being lost inside their own little world.

I remember the story of the wife saving her husband’s voice on the answering machine. How he had called from The World Trade Center knowing he was going to die, but she hadn’t been home to take the call. How would you feel being in her shoes?? I can’t fathom, but I do know this. I do know that she wasn’t upset at him anymore for leaving his clothes on the floor. I believe that she would have loved to bake a thousand more meals, not caring how cold they got as he was late coming home from work once more. I believe that she would give nothing more then to hear his again and to be able to say that she loved him.  That all the little things that may have bugged her about him had instantly grown insignificant, as the realization that she would no longer see him dawned on her.

It can sound cliche, but still is true. Relationships are so valuable.Show your love every day, look past the little details that don’t matter in the big scheme of things. Let your loved one know your heart, don’t hold back. Show kindness to a stranger. Loving others with all your heart, not letting walls be built;  that my friends is something you will never regret!

I know this song has been played many times but still touches my heart every time I hear it.



Dewey’s Day of Mischief and More!

To understand this story a little better you may be interested in reading Don’t Terrorize the Mirror! if you haven’t yet. You don’t have to, just may give you a clearer reason as to why certain things are happening to the “poor” manservant in this story. The answers lie in the comments from that story. Curious?  Enjoy my tale 🙂

Pounce!! The manservant’s  eyes popped wide open. Dewey loved pouncing on him to see his reaction. His hands would wave about as he tried to get his bearings at being rudely interrupted from his nap.

Dewey would quickly jump down and scurry to his bed like he had innocently been there all along. He was eager to leave for another adventure today. Jaxon and him were not sure where they were headed, but fun seemed to follow them wherever they went.

Once Dewey had finished eating they were on their way. He was a little down about not  getting  his normal after breakfast treat but he could handle it. Apparently the manservant had used his logical reasoning to decide that Dewey did not deserve a treat. That was OK. Seeing the manservant jump was worth the consequences.

The 2 friends took off down the road headed to somewhere, enjoying their walk together. As they walked they came to the house where Charlie lived. Charlie was the nice dog who was owned by a very sweet lady named Jodi. They weren’t afraid of Charlie, but he was the only dog that they weren’t afraid of. Jodi was yelling Charlie’s name. He must have got loose again, wanting to explore.She came out of the house with her apron on for she had been baking again. She had a reputation in the neighborhood for her baking and cooking skills.

What was she holding in her hands? It looked so pretty and had to be delicious since she had made it.  It was a lovely cake. Jaxon took one look and couldn’t help himself.  He jumped up meaning to just take a lick but he accidentally landed PLOP, right in the middle of the cake!  Dewey started laughing at seeing his friend all covered in icing. Jodi couldn’t help but laugh as well at the confused look on Jaxon’s face. Where was the cake?? All that surrounded him was icing and cardboard! Jaxon had fallen into Jodi’s trick cake.

Jaxon may have been fooled, but the icing was very good. He was still licking some of it off as they walked away from Jodi’s house with Dewey still laughing.

What was that smell? Jaxon picked up his pace and started following his nose. He let it lead them to their destination. It was a Fair! Oh they felt the growling in their stomachs, for fair food is the best!

Jaxon was headed towards the popcorn smell, popcorn is the favorite food of the magical Jackalopes. He had spied it. A bag of popcorn left on some strange giant wheel! There were seats and people were sitting on them. Some were very high up. Why sit on a wheel, thought Jaxon and Dewey. Humans sure can be strange sometimes. Jaxon walked on to get the popcorn and Dewey followed. Suddenly the giant wheel started moving and Dewey and Jaxon almost fell right out! Their eyes bulged out as they clutched each other forgetting about the popcorn. They were going higher and higher. Dewey closed his eyes saying goodbye to one of his lives, he was certain it was over. Miraculously the wheel stopped. They did not hesitate to jump off. They were off in seconds and running like the wind.

They ran and ran finally making it to their backyard. Over the gate and still running fast they collided with the manservant! He had been  bent over picking up something. His legs were still wobbly, for he had just recently been able to get the casts off. Feeling like a weeble-wobble mixed with 2 terrified animals running into you did not mix well! Splash! Face first the manservant hit the water, falling into the swimming pool. The neighbor kids were laughing at seeing him fall. They had been playing in their wading pool, but this was better entertainment to watch.

The manservant climbed out of the pool dripping wet and Dewey and Jaxon were long gone! The 2 partners in crime were snug in their beds with their hearts pounding from the adventure they had not been expecting. Riding a magic wheel high up in the sky. At least they were dry, couldn’t say the same for the manservant.

The manservant was rubbing his hand, the hand that he tried to put out to catch himself from falling in. He saw himself making another visit to his Doctor.

Fatigued was how the manservant felt. He came home and laid in his recliner. His right hand had a splint on it now. He had sprained it pretty bad. The Doctor said  that he should only need to wear the splint for 2 weeks. She said it, as she shook her head in disbelief at him. First his legs got hurt  from falling into a hole and now his hand from falling into a pool. Maybe he should stay immobile for awhile to protect himself from further harm. The kind Doctor suggested that perhaps he should tie one of those large bumper pads around himself. Yes the Doctor may have been holding in her laughter as she said that. Was thinking of how this would make a good story for her blog. Or better yet an anti-roll bar, that way when he fell it would stop him from rolling and hurting himself more. The manservant just shook his head. Seemed like he had heard those terms before, the large bumper and anti-roll bar. He was trying to remember where he had heard them. It actually seemed that he may have very well been the one to use the words before. Funny how your own words can come back to you at times.

He stared at the balloon that was right above his head. It had been delivered to him a few days ago. The smiley face balloon was starting to deflate and was bent over a little making it seem like it was looking right at him. If he didn’t know better he would say that the balloon was smirking at him. Almost seeming to mock him. The manservant laid there and pondered.  Pondering the big question. Would his luck ever change?


Firefly Moments

Warm glow...silent night, a beautiful combination:

My sister and I were talking yesterday, we were reflecting on the past year and all that we have had to deal with. My nephew had made the comment to her that he is so ready to get this year over with!

When she told me that my first instinct was to say,”OH YES” and “AMEN!” I knew what he meant. Not only has my family had to deal with trauma, but my dear niece is fighting a hard battle as well. My Mom also  has been fighting with health issues. Yes, bring on 2017, it has to be better, right?

Later that night, as I was reflecting on the past year, moments were coming to my mind that had brightened my year. Moments that had made me smile, laugh and feel loved. I feel that sometimes we need the dark times to make us so much more aware of the bright times.

Firefly’s  are hard to see when they are not lit up, but when they do light up they are nice and bright.When all is dark it can be very  hard to find that smile or feel the  joy, but sometimes all it takes is 1 simple moment to make you light up inside. It may be a simple text, email or call, a inspiring blog post, or comment that makes you smile. Visits with family. Perhaps a lunch out with a friend, a card in the mail, or  the extra strong hug that says what words can not. The moments may also come from laughter brought your way, the best natural stress reliever there is. The warmth that spreads in your heart from these kind gestures can’t be bought! These firefly moments are precious,  and I have been so fortunate to have been the recipient of all these gestures.

I reflect on the year,  and like my nephew I  do hope for 2017 to have not quite as much drama please. In the meantime I  have many things to be thankful for. Many firefly moments that have been in this year and have  come together to brighten my heart. To give me strength to go on. Come together to light up more than just a moment, but many moments. Many moments that have lit up the dark as they cast their glow.

Thank you for being  my firefly!

Firefly Dance | by m.hamajima     Synchronous fireflies at Great Smoky Mountains National Park/NPS: OMYGOSH!! This is a dream of mine!! Fireflies in summertime❤️❤️❤️                                                                                                                                                     More

Daily Prompt: Cake

via Daily Prompt: Cake

The sun was slowly rising in the sky on this glorious Fall day. Carrie Ann was sitting on the back porch in her favorite spot, the porch swing. She was drinking her Pumpkin Spice tea and enjoying the stillness of the early morning hour. She never would tire of the beautiful view in her backyard. A fawn and its Mom were not that far away enjoying the morning as well. Closer to Carrie Ann was her hummingbird feeder and 3 hummingbirds  were fluttering around it. Who could not enjoy nature ?

Carrie Ann was thinking of what all she had to do today. The main thing on her list was preparing for tonight’s party. It was her friend’s 40th birthday party and the night was sure to be full of surprises.

The party was a hit! Lots of laughter and fun. Now it was time for the cake. Carrie Ann brought it out and everyone oohed and aahed over how lovely it looked. Almost too pretty to cut. The knife was handed to the birthday star to have the honors of cutting her cake. After thanking Carrie Anne for such a beautiful cake she proceeded to cut it, not noticing the mischievous glint in Carrie’s eyes.

“What is wrong with this knife?”, asked her friend

Carrie said nothing as she  encouraged her friend to try harder. That is when her friend spotted something peeking out from some icing that had got wiped off. Her friend got a confused look at first but  quickly realized the joke,  as she swatted Carrie with her hand full of icing.  The cake was made out of cardboard!!

Everyone laughed  and Carrie Ann went into the kitchen to bring out the real cake.

Her friend followed her to the kitchen and she said with a smile in her eyes, ” Laugh now…I will remember…this isn’t over!”


25 Colorful Cake Creations That Are Truly Next-Level:

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! I am awake wayyy too early this morning, but that is how it goes sometimes. Figured if I am awake I may as well get my post done early, but will post it at a more reasonable time, not 4am like it is now! Happy Tuesday everyone! Enjoy the quotes today and pass on your favorite one to someone. You never know who might need to hear something that either makes them smile or else makes them ponder things a bit.



3. When you were little Sonshine, you told me you were going to build me a castle in Maine. Time goes too ƒast.:

4.“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.” — Sheryl Sandberg #WiseWords:

5.Told you so. Sincerely, you intuition. Love this to the point quote! Many more short succinct words to live by on the site.

6.Be yourself:

7.The same boiling water that softens potatoes hardens eggs. It's all about what you are made of not your circumstances. What are you made of?

8.A Thoughtful Place: Do it yourself  Would love to write this on a wall:


10. haha yes                                                                                                                                                      More

Enjoying Nature

This week-end we finally had a break from  the high temps and humidity. We took advantage  of it being a holiday week-end and  enjoyed the Great outdoors.

On Sunday afternoon we went to The Sunflower Field. Sunflowers as far as your eyes could see.You heard of corn mazes before, this could easily be a Sunflower maze!



This afternoon we took a hike out to the  woods nearby us. A lovely place to go.


We were enjoying a leisurely hike and time together and then……there may have been some screams as something made its presence known! We have hiked these woods a lot. Lived close to these woods for 20 years. Last night I was talking to a friend on the phone and told her about our hiking plans for today. She told me to watch out for the snakes. I laughed as I told her that we have never spotted a snake, even though I am sure they are there, they have stayed away from us. BUT TODAY…..

Yes, I may have yelled my friend’s name! I say she totally jinxed us and yes I told her when we got back. She couldn’t have been prouder!

Fortunately the snake moved pretty fast to get away from us. Anyone out there who is good at identifying snakes? I looked through some pictures of snakes but couldn’t find this one and really wasn’t fond of looking at more. They don’t exactly give me warm fuzzies.

Oh well a snake can’t scare us away from enjoying the outdoors. I told my husband that we need to start doing this every week-end, now that the temperatures are getting a little cooler. He said, “You are coming out here in January?”, I said “No!”, his response, “You said every week-end!” You would think that after being married to him for 20 years I would know how to word what I say more specifically.He  loves to take what I say very literally. So who knows, this January if he remembers what I said, (which could be doubtful) I may have pictures for you of us hiking in the snow! Or I will send the camera with him, since he is the one that suggested it 🙂

The truth behind the Dewey stories

Due to some comments arising from my Dewey story yesterday I thought that I could do a post revealing some of the truth behind the Dewey series.  Don’t need to leave my readers totally in the dark, though I am not saying that everything will be revealed. 🙂

Why did I start a story about a cat named Dewey? Honestly not sure what made me choose a cat, being that I am a dog person. Not that I don’t like cats, I have grown fond of Dewey. I guess there was a little part of me that always wanted a cat perhaps,  so now I have an imaginary one. Ssh! Don’t tell Dewey that he is not real!

With fiction pieces there usually is some truth that inspires the writing. In the first story Dewey dug up a rose bush in his servant’s flower garden and found an old flower pot with strange writing on it. Did that really happen in real life? Not exactly, but….I was asked by a friend if I could translate Latin. I said No, and he asked if I knew anyone that did. He needed a translation for a old pot that had been dug up in the garden. Thought it was a relic and very curious to know what the pot said. I asked my friends if they knew Latin and 2 did, so I sent the Latin message to them via Facebook. Suffice to say that you really didn’t need to  know how to read Latin to translate this inscription . My friends got a good laugh. Especially the friend who was in such need of my “help”.

Did Dewey really have a late night meeting with his friend Odessa to try to get some important information?? Is Odessa totally imaginary as well? Hmm… Odessa was inspired by a real person. Thought I can’t reveal the name I can say that Odessa is as wise in real life as in the story.  Did she really have important information to give me in real life and was she sneaky about getting it. Yes 🙂

Why does Dewey’s manservant seem to come into bad luck a lot? He gets swatted by Dewey, caught in a torrential downpour because of being outsmarted by Dewey, and in the last story he fell into a deep hole and broke his legs. Yeah, its a shame isn’t it! Unlike Dewey, the manservant was inspired by a real person. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from being a writer and being able to make anything happen to a character which you can’t do in real life. So when that character thinks they are being so smart and getting one over on you, you can have some reassurance of being able to get even in your story. That’s what friends are for, right? To include them in your stories 🙂

Last but definitely not least how did Jaxon become a character in the Dewey story? Was he just made up like Dewey? Not quite, but…. Jackalopes are rare and magical creatures and yes there is a story behind Jaxon, though that may make this post too long and wouldn’t want that.

Thanks for reading the Dewey stories. I didn’t really expect them to continue past the first one but they have been fun to do and I hope you continue to enjoy them.


Dewey Celebrates!

This is a continuing series about Dewey the Cat and the adventures he gets into. The 2 most recent adventures are Dewey’s Nighttime Adventure and Dewey and The Devious Scheme.

Dewey was getting tired of working. He wasn’t used to this hard work, he was the cat that worked at basking in the sun purrfecting his cat tan. Later today he did plan on doing that, but this job needed to get done first, and he wanted to get it done before daybreak came.  He took a deep breath and commenced to digging once again. He really wanted to find water. Dewey had overheard at how if you dig deep enough you can find water, so he thought it would be fun to try. He had come out at night to do it. He had to do it in secret for his servants didn’t like him digging.

Working at this secret hole for a couple weeks now was beginning to pay off. The hole was getting pretty deep and soon it wouldn’t be a secret anymore. His servants  would  find it, but when they saw the water spurting up from it he was sure they would be very happy. He already was tasting the sweet taste of his favorite treat as a reward.

Ahh! Done at last, he was satisfied that he only needed 1 more day until he would find the water. The hole was getting very deep.  It was getting harder and harder for him not to get himself stuck in the hole. He had to be careful! Dewey stretched and went to wake up Jaxon to be off on their adventure for the day. They were going to meet up with Odessa and take a long nap in the sunshine at their special place.

Dewey was eating his breakfast when all of a sudden he heard someone yelling. The door to outside had been left open for it was a beautiful morning. It almost sounded like a animal yelling, Dewey didn’t know what to make of it. He left the remainder of his food in the dish and went running outside to check out the source of the strange sound. What he saw made him slink back inside. He told Jaxon to quickly gulp down his food and they had to get out of there pronto!  Jaxon was an obedient friend and had also heard the yell.  Swallowing his last gulp he ran with Dewey out the door and over the gate to find Odessa.

Dewey stopped Jaxon halfway to the woods, he had to take a breather. Too much excitement first thing in the morning. He still couldn’t believe what had happened. He and Jaxon had watched from a safe  distance to make sure all was alright.  He guessed the man servant would be out of  commission for awhile, but he saw that he was in good hands with the men in the white coats. Hey the man servant should have watched where he was going. Wasn’t Dewey’s fault about what he chose to do. The man servant usually didn’t walk beyond the gate much,  so why did he choose to do so  today??? Dewey didn’t always understand why the man servant did what he did, he could be perplexing at times for sure. Well the man servant won’t be walking anywhere for awhile now. Not after falling into the deep hole that Dewey had made.

Oops thought Dewey, but yet he couldn’t hide the smirk he felt inside of him. He had often heard the manservant speak of someone digging holes and he would laugh about it. Dewey thought it funny that now he had fallen into one of the holes himself and Dewey was the one that felt like laughing. Dewey remembered the manservant laughing at him quite a few times for mishaps that he would get himself  in. What was that saying he heard him say a lot? Oh now it came to him. “What goes around comes around!” Dewey thought that sounded  pretty close to being right. The man servant should actually be appreciative towards his furry friend.  Be thankful that Dewey hadn’t dug deep enough yet in the hole to find water.

The 3 friends had finally made it to their favorite place and Dewey was very ready to lay down and work on his cat tan. He was tired after his night of digging and his exciting morning. They all laid on top of the hill basking in the sunshine, surrounded by wildflowers.

Suddenly Dewey was awakened by Jaxon jumping around pointing below into the valley. Dewey and Odessa looked below and they all were aghast as they saw a lot of smoke and and flames coming from the big farmhouse that they often visited. Jaxon was already running down the hill, and Jackalopes run fast, so it took Dewey and Odessa a little bit to catch up to him.

They made it to the house,  and heard the lady crying Lucky’s name. OH NO! Lucky must be trapped inside the house. Lucky was the kitten that lived there with his servants. Before Dewey and Odessa knew what was happening Jaxon had run into the house!

Dewey and Odessa stood there in silence as they watched. It felt like their hearts had stopped beating. Would their dear friend be OK? Time passed and still no sign of Jaxon, despair started filling Dewey’s heart. Odessa’s wings were starting to flutter out of nervousness. It was going too long, they were afraid that the hope of seeing their friend again was getting very slim. Dewey hung his head as a lump grew in his throat. Jaxon had always been so brave.

What was that? He heard Odessa’s shrill cry of delight! Quickly he  looked up to see Jaxon coming out of the burning house carrying Lucky. Immense joy soared through Dewey as he and Odessa ran to greet Jaxon. The lady was overjoyed as she took Lucky from Jaxon and she gave Jaxon the tightest hug he had ever received. Jaxon liked hugs, they made him feel so good. Odessa and Dewey smothered him in hugs as well.

As the 3 friends were walking back home their hearts were joyous and content. What a day it had been! One thing persistently nagged at Dewey though, and he had to turn to Jaxon and ask him. He wanted to know why Jaxon didn’t have a mark on him! He had been in a burning house for too long, but you never would have known it. Was Jaxon magical? Jaxon smiled as he explained. The red-eyed Jackalopes were a special, rare breed. Their fur had a protective glaze on it. A glaze that protected them from ever being burned by fire.

Odessa let out a cry as her wings fluttered in excitement. She looked at Dewey with beaming eyes.  Dewey at once understood what she wasn’t saying. Jaxon was saved from the devious plot that Odessa had uncovered. The plot she had shared  with Dewey that night in the woods. Jaxon was forever safe from being BBQ for anyone! That plan was totally foiled and the 3 couldn’t be happier! They walked home feeling like they were walking on air. Oh yes today had been quite the day. A day like no other!