Dewey and friends, FALLing in the Leaves

Yes, you are seeing things right. Yes, I already did a post today, Tuesday’s Thoughts, but do you remember what I said in the beginning of that post? That maybe some surprises would come your way today. Here you go! It is not Saturday, but I decided to do another Dewey story. I didn’t think anyone would mind. Why early? Consider it a bonus feature. Saturday’s story will still be coming. Enjoy the surprise today and find out what surprises Dewey and his friends have coming their way. Nice surprises? Guess it depends on which character you are, eh ? 🙂

The man-servant had been watching Dewey and Jaxon intently as they finished their breakfast. He had overheard them talking last night abut how they had plans for the day. That suited him just fine, for he had plans as well. When he saw them sneak out the door that he had purposely left partially open, he smiled and went about getting ready for his outing.

Jaxon was excited! They were headed into the woods to hunt for squirrels and to jump into huge  piles of leaves. Fabulous Fall was here once more.

“Jaxon LOOK OUT!” Dewey’s words were a little too late. SMACK! Jaxon ran straight into the tree.He saw rainbow colored bubbles as he fell backwards, landing on the ground. He laid there for a little bit as Dewey watched him with concern in his eyes.

At last Jaxon spoke as he struggled to get up.”Did you see that Dewey, did you see the tree jump right in front of me?” Dewey nodded, although he really hadn’t seen it happen that way. The next thing he knew Jaxon was pointing at the tree and saying some strange words. POOF! There was red smoke all around and then the smoke cleared. Dewey stood there wide eyed looking at where the tree had been. It was gone! All that remained was a small stump. Dewey had heard Jaxon speak about his magic powers, but he had never seen them up close like that.  Jaxon smiled and with a gleam in his eye said how that tree would not be jumping out at him again! Always stay on Jaxon’s good side, thought Dewey, as he made a mental note of it.

Meanwhile back at the house the man-servant was ready to leave. He chuckled and smugly smiled as he thought of how he out-witted Dewey and Jaxon once again.

When he walked out to the back yard he saw Odessa sitting on the gate with her wings fanned out. The man-servant wondered if this was really going to happen, he was excited.

He walked over to Odessa and she asked if he was ready. He said definitely! He was going to fly for the first time ever! They were only taking a short trip this first time, had to see how it would go, but who knows where all they could go eventually. The sky was the limit.

Picking him up with her claws she took off. The man-servant was speechless as they got pretty high. The sensation he felt from looking down over everything was incredible. Yes he was nervous, but this was so very fun! Who else could say that they  went soaring with a Wise Owl before??

Yippie! Woo-Hoo! We are having a blast ,thought Jaxon and Dewey, as they jumped until their hearts were content. Suddenly Jaxon’s ears perked up and he sensed something. He told Dewey the time was drawing near, that they had to prepare. Dewey was all ready for it and he joined Jaxon as they silently walked further into the woods.

They piled a vast array of colored leaves into a grand pile that looked so inviting. Standing back from it they gave one final look. Shared a conspiratorial wink and moved behind the tree.

Odessa loudly spoke so that the man-servant could hear over the wind. “And now we will come in for a crash landing!” The man-servant’s heart skipped a beat but he knew Odessa was only joking. At least she better be! Yes, she was, they landed very smoothly. The man-servant didn’t even stumble as he landed on his feet. Nope wasn’t until he tried to walk that he fell forward with his face landing in a mud puddle! He stood up sputtering and Odessa tried her hardest not to laugh, but he did make quite the funny sight.

The man-servant tried to clean up as best he could and Odessa regained her composure ,though she was still silently laughing. Dewey would have loved to have witnessed that she thought.  While smiling she heard the man-servant shout, Oh No! Now what did he do?

“Look at that!” The man-servant proudly pointed to the largest pile of leaves he had ever seen.  “Well what are we waiting for,  let me get on your shoulders and you can take the big jump!, said Odessa. The man-servant let her land on his shoulders and with a 1-2-3 he jumped!

“Now!” shrieked Dewey and Jaxon pulled the magic cord by the tree. Instantly a net dropped over the man-servant and Odessa. As it snugly held them it carried them high up. When it got high enough it stopped and just swung back and forth at a pretty fast rate. The man-servant felt like he was back at the fair again on one of those spinning rides. This was not good!

Dewey and Jaxon were doubled over with laughter. They got to the point where they couldn’t stay standing anymore and fell on the ground. Oh Yes, the man-servant and Odessa should have known how they cannot outwit a clever cat and a magical jackalope! What were they thinking??

They saw Odessa’s flashy wings trying to flutter, but the net was snug, so she couldn’t spread them far. They heard the man-servant sputtering. Jaxon turned towards Dewey and said, “Should we feel sorry for them?” , Dewey shook his head with his cat grin and said, “Nah!” They think they are so wise and sly, let’s just give them a little time to see what they do.

At the same time Dewey was also thinking at how when they do figure a way out, it would be best if Jaxon and him were nowhere in sight! So waving good-bye to their dear friends they turned to leave. Dewey remembered a saying he had heard the man-servant say recently. “The secret to humor is surprise!” Hmm….the man-servant definitely had a point there, for Dewey was pretty certain that Odessa and the man-servant had been very surprised as to what just happened.  By them being caught completely off guard it sure  did give Jaxon and Dewey quite a wonderful laugh!!!  Yes, that was a very wise quote, wise INDEED! With that thought Dewey ran to catch up with Jaxon and his laughter was echoing back to his dear, trapped  friends as he went.



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning my friends! What is on your mind today? A new slate ? A chance to make mistakes again, but a chance to make good choices as well. Another day to count your blessings and who knows, a day perhaps of some surprises coming your way! Whatever the day holds for you may it be good! Enjoy the quotes today and go make someone smile!

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Daily Prompt: Perplexed

via Daily Prompt: Perplexed

How did she turn the spoon into an airplane     500px / Photo Perplexed by Ashley Vincent:    This is what Buddy looked like when he was a puppy. But with smaller ears and they were down. But OMG he is adorable! Rat Terrier.

We all have our perplexed moments! Some things you find the answer to rather quickly, but with others you sometimes have to have that dreaded “P” word…..”Patience”! There are also the times that you will never have an answer.

Some human behavior perplexes me very much. The things I read in the paper or see on the news make me and my husband shake our heads at each other, saying , “What were they thinking?” I could give so many examples and I am sure you could as well! Some examples are just downright scary when you think of what people say or do, but you also have the examples that make you laugh out loud.

There were 2 news articles this past week that I saw. These are real! The first was “West Virginia Man Charged in keeping 2 deer captive in his home for a year!” Really?? I loved the movie Bambi….BUT I knew even as a child, that deer were not meant to be pets! The 2nd article had to do with animals as well. “Dog recovering after eating a bag of Heroin at Doggy Daycare!”  Yes, you read that right. Apparently 17 bags of Heroin were thrown over the fence and 1 dog ingested a whole bag. I am very glad the dog is recovering, for that is awful. At the same time, I am just like WHY?? Why did someone throw 17 bags of heroin over the fence? Can you imagine being the owner of the dog and getting the call that your pet ingested Heroin. The owner said that she had to ask them on the phone to repeat themselves. I would have been asking the same thing.

Then you have this kind of news story, “Til Data do us part: Man marries his cell  phone in Vegas Chapel!” I think I heard it all now. He said he was doing it because the longest relationship he has ever had has been with his cell phone. “Hmmm”….I am not even going to say it. He had a ring attached to the back of his cell phone case so that he could slip it on his finger. I tell the truth! Which brings to light that it is a true fact that society is going crazy. Yes I use my phone a lot. I am glad I have it. BUT I can very honestly say I never once thought of marrying it. It makes way too many mistakes!

OH and college has recently begun. Apparently one young guy wanted to really make a memory of his first year at college. He wanted to impress a girl and pretend to be Superman. He tried to jump from the roof of one building to the next. He got stuck as he fell into a narrow crevice in between the buildings. Firemen had to come get him out. Not sure where he stands right now with this girl. Maybe he thought he was Rudolph trying to jump so far. Rudolph did a better job of impressing his doe and impressing Santa. I am not quite sure who, if anyone. this guy impressed.

Last but not least are the warning labels you find on some devices. For instance, a lawn mower. “Do not use inside.” If you have need of a lawn mower inside your home, something is wrong.  On a hairdryer, “Do not use while sleeping”,”Hmmm”….. I have done things in my sleep before, talked in my sleep, even walked in my sleep a few times, BUT I can say that using a hairdryer in my sleep  never occurred to me.This warning was  found on a chainsaw, “Do not hold the wrong end of chainsaw while operating,” No comment needed! On an iron, “Do not iron clothes while on body,” I can see how that wouldn’t  be a very good idea! So “grateful” for all these warnings, aren’t you.

There you have it, some perplexing thoughts to start off your week. What things perplex you? What things make you go “Hmm…”, make you  wonder how, why, or what??? Feel free to share below!




The Healing Tears

This was not the post intended for today, I had one half written but….. I believe this was meant to be. I had a visit from a close friend, a heart to heart visit. It was a refreshing visit, one that made me cry. I wasn’t expecting the tears.

I have shared my story of the struggles in this past year before with others and this friend knew the story, but there were things she didn’t know as well. I was sharing from the heart and I could feel the emotion building as my hands started moving quicker. Yes, my hands are connected to my mouth . My poor Yorkie jumped off my lap to get away from the moving hands. I still was OK as I shared, my voice was strong. It wasn’t until she started speaking. It wasn’t until I was hearing her sweet, caring voice that the emotions built up and slid down my cheeks, and she wrapped her arms around me holding me tight.The love resonating from her heart!

I know I said this before, but it is worth repeating. I am so thankful for the people God has placed in my life. I have the absolute best family and friends, (sorry if you thought your friends were the best :)) I am talking about the ones that can give me hugs up close and the hugs I get through words from a distance. They are both important in helping me and my family walk through this valley right now.

One more thing, if you are one who thinks tears are a sign of weakness, get rid of that thought now! They are healing, they are needed, they are cleansing.


Dewey Misses out!

The night glowed with the bright light of the moon. The sky was clear with an array of stars winking at you from above. A purrfect night for an adventure, but adventure was the last thing on Dewey’s mind tonight.

Dewey was moaning as he laid on his back. He realized he had eaten way too much, but he had no choice. The man-servant had kept loading his bowl down with Carp and Dewey was not one to stop him. For some reason the man-servant was being very generous. Dewey didn’t know why, he grew even more curious when the man-servant presented him and Jaxon with golden bowls! Bowls for royalty and filled to the brim with Carp. Why? One thought did come to Dewey’s mind. He thought perhaps this was the man-servant’s way of thanking Dewey for the “Brilliant Creativity”  that he had shown last week-end in something he had done.  Dewey could understand his gratefulness, and was more than happy to be the recipient of the man-dervant’s kindness. The debt was due to be paid, and Dewey wasn’t too proud to say that he “deserved” every piece of that fish.

For now Dewey had decided though that he had definitely had enough Carp. The drone of the TV Dewey only half heard as it was fading more and more into the distant. Dewey’s eyes got increasingly heavy. Jaxon had already succumbed to dreamland. Dewey tried to count and he knew he wouldn’t make it to 10. One of the last things he remembers seeing was the man-servant watching him. It had seemed like there was a gleam of mischief in his eyes to match the smirk on his face. He didn’t have time to really contemplate it before a deep sleep had overtaken him with Dewey only making it as far as 5.

The man-servant sat there watching for a little longer as his smirk grew bigger. He turned off the TV. He didn’t need adventure on TV. Tonight the man-servant was all ready to embark on his own adventure. He crept quietly towards the door. The very door that Dewey and Jaxon had so often crept out of for their nighttime adventures. Tonight roles were reversed for a moment in time.

Headed to the woods the man-servant’s heart felt light. His plan was working well so  far. That sleepy juice that he had injected into the Carp had affected Dewey and Jaxon pretty quickly. They were sure to have one of the longest and best sleeps of all. The man-servant chuckled as he kept walking. Yup, no one got the best of the him, that just couldn’t happen. Tonight was his night!

The man-servant arrived at the big Oak tree a little early. He was eager for his wise friend to soon arrive. It had been awhile since he had seen her. While he waited he pulled out his little flashlight along with a little book. The light of the moon wasn’t quite bright enough for him to read his poetry, but the flashlight worked just fine as he sat under the tree to read. He was so intent on reading that he didn’t notice Odessa fly up behind him until she let out a big “Whooooo” making him jump! Odessa could be sly just like him. She mentioned to him where she thought they should go and he totally agreed. They took off for their destination as the man-servant told Odessa how he had made certain that Dewey and Jaxon would have a blissful sleep. She couldn’t help but to laugh at the sly trick that they were pulling off on Dewey and Jaxon. They couldn’t always be the ones to have the adventures every time. How fair was that?

Reaching the top of the hill they saw that they had almost arrived. Odessa was leading the way. Her wings had a iridescent glow to them in the moonlight. Her beauty matched her cool name.

They made it to their destination and walked over to what they had been longing to see. Now that they saw it they both got a little hesitant look in their eyes. It really couldn’t be as bad as Dewey and Jaxon had made it out to be though, could it?  Bravely they stepped onto the Magic Wheel. They sat there for a little building up courage and then Odessa flew over to the lever and pushed it. At once it started moving and the man-servant grabbed onto the side. Odessa landed beside him and they went higher and higher. It didn’t take long for their fear to pass. In fact soon they began to enjoy it! It was a nice, calm ride and they plotted as to how they could perhaps trick Dewey and Jaxon into getting on this Magic Wheel again. To give them a chance to overcome their fear. The man-servant always enjoyed being helpful when he could to others, and this could be a helpful thing he could do for his friends.

After the Magic Wheel they chose another ride for they were feeling daring. This was a spinning one. Well Odessa tried her hardest not to laugh as the man-servant was a little wobbly after that ride. He told Odessa he had to stop and get a rock out of his shoe and he sat down on a bench nearby. Odessa patiently waited as she noticed him taking some deep breaths. For the next ride she chose the carousel, that was more the man-servant’s speed.

After one more spin on the Magic Wheel, they decided to head back. On the way back they thought it would be fun to stop at the lake and get refreshed by the cool water. Odessa dove right in when they got there. The man-servant was still standing by the lake when she came back out. She proceeded to shake her feathers off spraying him in the face and quickly diving back in again. He laughed and got in the cool water enjoying just paddling around. He wondered what kind of dreams Dewey and Jaxon were having.

They were at the lake for a little while. After being in the water they rested on the bank before parting ways. They agreed that the night had been a success and needed to happen again.

The man-servant made it home and quietly crept in the door. He gazed at Dewey and Jaxon who were still deep in sleep not having a clue as to what they had missed out on. The man-servant chuckled again to himself as he went to his bed. He didn’t make it past the number 3!

The sun was in mid sky before Dewey woke up. He couldn’t believe he had slept that long. Jaxon was starting to move beside him. Wow! They must have both been really exhausted last night. Dewey looked out again seeing how bright the day was and he listened. Why wasn’t the man-servant walking around or sitting in his recliner? He knew the lady was out on a special mission, but where was the man-servant, didn’t he know it was past breakfast!

Ding Dong!! OH MY! Today was the day! Dewey laughed as he saw the man-servant emerge from his bedroom rubbing his eyes. He sure was going to be surprised when he opened the door. He opened the door and in burst lots and lots of people loaded down with gifts. It was a surprise birthday party. A BIG surprise for the man-servant’s birthday wasn’t for a little while yet, but that was a guaranteed way to surprise him. Excitement filled the room as he opened wonderful gifts. Dewey wasn’t really impressed though, for none of them were food and he was getting really hungry by now.

Ahh!! Dewey saw the man-servant coming over to him, and he had his golden bowl filled with his favorite treat, next to Carp that is. He was ready to devour it just as he saw his wonderful friend Odessa fly over to him. He was thrilled that she made it there today. He wondered what the man-servant would think of her being here. Dewey was trying to think of the last time the man-servant had seen her. He knew it had been awhile. Wait, what was that?  It looked like Odessa and the man-servant had just winked at each other. Like a conspiratorial wink as they grinned. No, Dewey had to be imagining things.  What kind of secret could they share, they rarely saw each other. But yet he still sensed that there was something he was missing. Something he was in the dark about perhaps. Oh this was not good, didn’t they know what curiosity did to a cat!! With that thought, he thought no more and concentrated on enjoying his food.




Mixed up words

I'm up! If you are expecting bright eyed and bushy tail, you can go catch a squirrel! Hate mornings, can't be good lookin all the time!:

Some days you wake up ready to take on the world, alert, wide eyed and bushy tailed! Or you have the other days. The days where if you make it out the door with matching clothes and you  didn’t “terrorize” your car mirror on the way out of garage then you are doing really good! The days where the dog food actually made it into the container and you didn’t try to feed the floor. Which day is it looking like for you?

Are you going to put sunscreen on so that your skin doesn’t burn the sun? Yes that was actually said by my co-worker this summer. We were putting sunscreen on our little ones and she was singing so as to distract the kids and make them hold still easier. Well I couldn’t keep the laughter in when she came out with, “so that your skin doesn’t burn the sun!” She looked at me, not even realizing what she had said at first, but it  didn’t take long til it dawned on her. Gotta love those times. Not sure which is worse. Her saying that, or me telling a child to come so that I can change their milk and then they can ….Yes, fill in the blank. Part of the morning routine is changing their diapers and then they drink their milk and eat their little snack. So glad that there is not a hidden video camera in our room. We do provide laughter for each other! We confuse the poor little ones. “Go to the table and sit on the floor!” And the list goes on.

What words have you mixed up? Feel free to share below and give us all a  laugh today!

Have a great day, whether you are feeling wide eyed and bushy tailed or eyes half shut and bushy skied! I am sure some of you saw that lovely word in a comment on my blog post this past week-end, thanks to a certain blogger! HA! What can I say….my phone doesn’t like operating really well at 5:30 in  the morning! It apparently makes up its own words 🙂


Dancing Through Life!

When I think of the word “Dance”, there are 2 songs that come to my mind. The first one is Anne Murray’s “Could I have this Dance”.  In a few short months my husband and I will be celebrating 21 years. As this song says I plan on having many more years! I plan on sharing this dance for the rest of our lives.<3

The second song is my wish for my precious children, as they are growing way too fast! It is another well known song,  “I Hope You Dance!” by Lee Ann Womack.

And it wouldn’t be right to not give recognition to what really started me thinking about the word Dance in the first place. It really has nothing to do with these 2 songs, but isn’t that what happens a lot. Our minds think of one thing which leads us to something totally different.

There is no song for this next story, sorry I tried, but couldn’t come up with one. For those who saw my “Dewey” post on Saturday and were entertained by the comments on Sunday, you will know exactly what I mean. You all have seen how witty a certain blogger friend of mine can be on here, but you don’t get to see how his daughter is as well! She may stay behind the scenes in that you don’t hear from her on here, but trust me she does her part in this “Dance”. Yes I said that word.  After receiving her text Sunday and talking more about it last night this  is why the word Dance was on my mind. Somehow from the very beginning this Battle of Wits has been referred to as a “Dance” between them and I. So in being aware of the fun that  her Dad was having on Sunday with his “comments” on my blog post she had to do her part and text me. Here is only a portion of the texts that I was receiving .

“What is going on, have you left? Is this dance over? Oh I can’t bear the agony of that thought. Oh I am “so sorry” for all the things that have been done.  I know you have been questioning your own sanity. But don’t give up hope. It makes me so sad to think you have given up. I know things look dark right now  but happy days will come again. Remember those right? The ones that made you feel like there was hope of taking us down. Oh how I ache for you!”  

Oh yes she has learned from her Dad well. Of course all these texts were dressed up with all those “lovely” emoticons that are out there. I assured her that No, I hadn’t given up! She had it all wrong, this “dance” was far from over!  Don’t worry readers,  I am sure you have more entertainment coming your way 🙂

So whether you are enjoying a “dance” of love, or wishing a “dance” of joy and hope for your loved ones, or partaking in your own “dance” of  wits with someone, I wish you a Wonderful Wednesday! Keep Dancing! Dancing your way through this journey of life!

PS. I heard that a certain blogger is supposed to be away from the computer all day today. What a shame! That is what made this the perfect day for posting 🙂



Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning! Is it Saturday yet? 🙂 Have a delightful Tuesday! Find some gold nugget today that can make your heart smile, and share your smile with others. Spread your smile around, let it be contagious. Happiness and smiles are 2 things that should be spread as much as possible!

1.Leave a good mark wherever you go. Smile at that random person on the sidewalk. It could make their day.

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Behind the Scenes

You never know the whole picture unless you go behind the scenes, for what appears in front of you usually is not all there is. Most of the time there is a lot more to the story! That can be very true about magical Jackalopes as well! Remember my post about , The truth behind the Dewey stories , in it I mentioned about how there is more to Jaxon’s story, but that it would take a whole post in itself. Well here is the post. Sit back and enjoy getting to know Jaxon a little better and more of the truth behind the scenes.

If you are a new follower within the past 2 months you may not be aware of the Crazy Canadian Duo that I met back in April, (though it really feels so much longer). I met them through Colin’s blog. Yes Colin the one AKA the unlucky “manservant” in the Dewey stories. Through him I met his daughter and after knowing each other for just a little while we realized something that we all have in common, HUMOR!  If you haven’t noticed yet, you definitely will soon notice the witty comments that Colin will leave on certain blog posts of mine. In case you ever wonder about some of the comments, trust me I am fine with them. The readers laugh, I laugh, and then I write my Dewey story and the “manservant” gets his due 🙂 My cheeks may get hot when reading some comments, especially ones from the latest Dewey post, BUT…no one can see my cheeks, so all is well. My family and friends will tell you from the time I was young that  I don’t get upset at jokes, I get EVEN! 🙂 Laughter is the Best Medicine!

One of our very first jokes had to do with Jackalopes. Through texts and emails I was given a hard time about the Jackalope so I figured why not send them some special packages. In one of those packages yes there was a Jackalope, and that is how Jaxon was born.

If you read the comments on my last Dewey post you will see Colin saying how I messed up! How I have  been calling Dewey’s new friend a boy Jackalope when in fact it really is a girl! He based that information on a email he and Melanie had received from me a while back. It was talking about the Jackalope and  how the Jackalope  was shipped to Canada in such luxurious conditions. I had  said how she she was pregnant when she was sent. We all know guy Jackalopes can’t be pregnant, so according to Colin I  must have been really confused when I named Dewey’s pal Jaxon! Colin really thought he had one over on me, was smirking about that email as he revealed it to other readers. I hate to burst his bubble, but the explanation is simple. Yes a girl Jackalope was sent and yes she was pregnant. Halfway en route to Canada she gave birth to a boy, the boy who traveled the rest of the way to his new home! His Mom was told she could travel no further til she recuperated so she stayed behind, (for now). See nothing confusing  about it 🙂  Canadians are easily confused, eh?

Oh and Colin tried to argue with me about the “luxurious” conditions that I said Jaxon was shipped in. I was told that I had him put in a bag where he had no room to stretch, no air, no food, etc. I didn’t even give him a phone so that he could make calls to his Mama. How rude of me right? Wrong! My friends, that is just another area that he was confused about. Remember Jackalopes are magical!! All Jaxon had to do was close his eyes and wish and everything he wanted appeared. A plush couch to lay on, plenty of popcorn and skittles (favorite food of the Jackalope) plenty of water and yes believe it or not even a phone. You can’t keep a child from talking to their Mama. Colin says that there was no phone with him when he arrived. This goes back to the magical part. The phone was there, but only other Jackalopes could see it! At times humans can see it IF they are highly intelligent! Hmmm…..that may perhaps explain why Colin didn’t see it 🙂

The idea to add Jaxon to the story seemed natural since he was very close to the “manservant”. And yes Dewey finding him at an abandoned house wasn’t that far off.  He didn’t exactly end up at his destination on time. He took the long roundabout way, but he made it!

There you have it, now you know the main characters in the story. Well there is still Odessa, the Wise Owl, but as I said before her story has to be secret for she is a spy. Dewey has to protect her!

You know the characters in the Dewey story and you found out a little about the Real Canadian Characters!! All jokes aside the Canadian characters have made my life richer in many ways! Words aren’t enough to say how even though we only known each other for close to 6 months and we have never met face to face, that our  hearts have a strong connection. I wouldn’t want to be without their friendship!  <3! Friendship is a Priceless Treasure…just ask Dewey 🙂