74 thoughts on “Friday’s 6 word stories!

  1. Just so everyone knows, today’s 6 word story was essentially plagiarism. Just examine the following evidence:

    Exhibit A: This morning I sent Carolyn an email that said, “GML! How’s my favorite Dalmatian? I hope you don’t have a ruff day! Have a yippy day instead! 😉 Luvya! (P.S. — “See Spot run”)”

    Exhibit B: After the aforementioned email, Carolyn sent me this text: “Ha ha! I tried to twist your smart email around this morning for my 6 word story. ..but thinking I made a mistake. Was too early for me to think of someone else being “witty’ about commenting on it! 😛 love you!”

    I rest my case.

    Now, perhaps y’all are curious enough to petition Carolyn to share the picture (mentioned above by Colin) that prompted these comments. 😉

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  2. Brad really does seem to like the doghouse, maybe that’s why he’s so obsessed with wanting a picture of a dalmatian. I for one know what a dalmatian is and don’t need to see a picture as my brother had one when we were growing up and I’m sure plenty of us have seen 101 Dalmatians. If not there is Google, Netflix, Bing, etc to look up dalmatians or the aforementioned movie.

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  3. You know, I don’t see what all the fuss is about – I think that picture is super cute! 🙂 Those snapchat filters are all the rage these days, so really it just means you’re with the times (whether you intended to be or not – just embrace it!). I really think you have the better attitude to just go with it and own it!
    It’s those who feel the need to post the same link 9 times (in just one post) that kinda make the whole thing awkward. Seems like one of those “thou do protesteth too much” situations…

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      • Hmmm..Becky, .what is that line he quoted yesterday to Brad? When Brad was replying back about the plagarizing. OH yes, I know it now, “Oh Brad… be nice to them, they can’t help it if they make wild and ridiculous statements.” Sooooo….to Meredith and Becky : “Oh be nice to Colin…he can’t help if he makes wild and ridiculous statements…He can’t help if he repeats things.. He is OLDer than us you know, so you got to give him a little leeway for when he may repeat things like posting the same picture many times.”
        Oh yes, life is good! LOL! I will at least enjoy the “short-lived” pleasure I am sure, of making a good statement 🙂

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    • Indeed it is a cute picture. I’m still baffled as to why she was soooooooooooo embarrassed by it. I had it as the desktop background on our computer for a few days and she constantly begged me to change it (since she apparently doesn’t know how to do that). 😉

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      • Hi Brad – I am also baffled. I post cute pictures of her (and cute was confirmed by her friends). and yet she sends me “colorful” emails making all kinds of veiled threats as to what is going to happen to the man-servant in the Dewey stories! If you can figure that one out, please let me know AND, just for the record, I had written permission from the owner of the pic to publish it!
        She is a rather impulsive person isn’t she but then, a few of her friends do seem to encourage her by supporting her in these impulsive moments. Some friends eh!


      • Yes, I know I baffle you as well my friend! OH Gosh,, yes I did send such “dang”, “freaking”, “colorful” emails to you didn’t I. As for the “threats” made, oh trust me they weren’t threats my friend, they were promises. It wasn’t only threats that cause things to occur to the man-servant in my Dewey stories. No, a little more REAL then that, just saying…. 🙂


  4. I counted one, two, three… And then lost count of the links that were calling to me to click on them. I gave in, clicked and saw the cutest picture ever! (P,S joy, I am not just saying this so Odessa doesn’t get stuck in a tree again).
    And Someone once told me, stealing from family is not “stealing”, so, I think it applies to this as well. 😄

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