The baby bird pecking away at its shell, wondering if all this pecking  is worth the effort? Will  it ever see what is outside of this egg?  Surely there must be an easier way.

The caterpillar was tired,  he felt like his energy had been all used up as he struggled to break free of its cocoon. Was he really capable of this ?  As of now he surely didn’t feel like it!

The male Emperor penguin huddles against hundreds of others to keep warm as he protects his most valuable egg. The egg that holds his precious baby penguin inside it. He endures -60degree temps, with 100 mph winds in Antarctica. The female meanwhile is walking 50 miles over the ice to the sea, to gorge herself on food that she will  bring back to her little one.



Crack, goes the egg! The baby bird sees the light of day. He feels the love of his Mama as she cuddles him against her body, under  the softness of her wing.  He  rests contently after being fed, enjoying his reward from the endurance he showed ,at his  perseverance of chipping away at the egg.

WOW! She is flying! Oh how great this feels to  not be crawling on the ground. She can soar in the air and what great  beauty she sees as she gazes at the other butterflies. Warmth passes through her as she identifies with them. Now her days are filled with flying and drinking sweet nectar from the  flowers.  The days of enduring being  in a dark cocoon and fighting to get out are now a distant memory.

What was that? He hears her call, a call like no other penguin. Each has a unique call of its own. His mate is back, she made the long trek back from the sea and is now ready to embrace her mate. She is anxious to  lay eyes on her child for the very first time. The joy of the reunion makes the days of shivering in the bitter cold and walking the long miles all worth it. They are a family now and the strength of a family endures, whatever comes their way!


Break on through to the other side:       Butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.  It needs to go through the struggle of freeing itself in order for it's wings to grow strong enough to fly.:     EMPEROR PENGUIN holding his egg on the tops of his feet to keep them toasty warm..:

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